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Record-playerWe will of course not post everything we buy or trade as we don’t have the time but we will try get as much out as possible. Hopefully someone will find records they like and other can check exactly how the releases look like. For us these pages are a great opportunity to document our “research” of the records we acquire. Neither the editor and Cod is posting records that are already sits in the collection. This – as we’re trying to understand our obsessive behavior when it comes to buying records. It should mention that we don’t have any professional camera so the pictures tend to have a touch of yellow. Also – the audio clips are just teasers. They are all very compressed mp3 files. Get the CD’s or vinyl to get the best audio quality!

For some rare stuff where it is more or less impossible to find the record and there is no CD release FLAC are available (as we record everything on FLAC).

As from November 2014 I use a Technics SP-25 with an SME 3009 II tonearm armed with an Ortofon MC20 Super cartridge. Before that I used a Technics SL-1310 MK2 with the original tonearm. The cartridge and stylus is from the Grado Gold Series. A Furutech GT40 is used as A/D converter and recording is done using the Audacity software. All recordings are made without any digital enhancements.

Record archive – sorted by date [recent posts first]

December 26 2016

Tranquilizer ‎– S/T (1985)

No-one made noise hardcore as the Japanese in the 80s and the first (single-sidede) flexi by Hokkaido’s Tranquilizer is for sure proof of it. In typical Japanese manner the pacifistic message is packaged in a violent artwork addressing the cruelty of war…[more]

June 16 2016

The Kids – S/T (1978)

I had a conversation with a KBD collector on which is the best punker out of Belgium. After tossing pros and cons it became a draw between P.I.G.Z and the Kids…[more]

May 4 2016

Gauze – Equalizing Distort (1986)

Gauze, Gauze, Gauze – for sure one of the best, but also one of the most uncompromising hardcore bands out of Japan – could be seen as the yardstick for 100s of other hardcore bands…[more]

April 3 2016

City-X – Ude Af Drift! (1981)

Hard punk or hardcore, well at least one first Danish band that took punk one more notch…[more]

February 14 2016

Brontophobia – Hey / Motorcar (1979)

Alright – a Swedish garage-punker, private press from 1979. This band had Michael Thimrén on guitar who later played with Bitch Boys…[more]

February 13 2016

AK-47 ‎– The Badge Means You Suck (1980)

Awesome punker from Houston, TX, on police brutality. …[more]

October 8 2015

TT Garderob 100 – Mitt Liv (1979)

Gothenburg had for sure the most consistent punk scene. This is a politically incorrect punker which just make it more punk!…[more]

Octomber 3 2015

The Comes – No Side (1983)

It was a long, long time we posted a record. So why not with what we really like. Female fronted, Japan, hardcore in the best years. This one is a killer, promise!!!..[more]

December 14 2014

Antidote‎– Thou Shalt Not Kill (1983)

There was a “friend” of Facebook that wrote a long comment about how bad this record was. Let’s say we are not friends anymore. New York and the Jersey Shore had the best hardcore scene on the planet. In the first years of the 80′s there was not a single bad record pressed. Period! – And this is one of the best!!!…[more]

December 13 2014

Execute – S/T (1983)

Tokyo 1983 – The EXECUTE flexi (aka A-Z flexi or Go To Hell flexi) is one of the most brutal thing that came out of Japan in 1983. In my mind it shreds most stuff out there. A rare flexi worth every dime. If you have not heard it – it about fokking time to you do so. If you heard it, you are possible such breed that you enjoy this site…[more]

December 11 2014

Feber – S/T (1981)

Norway might not have the most well-known punk scene on the planet, but there are a few really good records out there. This one is really interesting as it the first band with the Norwegian punk legend: Vocalist – Gunnar Nuven. Enjoy!..[more]

November 29 2014

Mellakka ‎– Itsenäisyyspäivä (1985)

I have always found the Finnish hardcore scene more interesting than the Swedish one. Maybe because they sounded even more aggressive than the Swedish peers, but also because they wore more leather clothing and by so looked cooler. This record will also have the honor to be the first rip from my new turntable, armed with a moving coil cartridge, a royal needle for a royal band…[more]

October 22 2014

Kuro – Who The Helpless (1984)

I promised myself not start collecting Japanese hardcore, but a man gotta do what a man gotta do. Here’s Kuro, an awesome slab…[more]

August 5th 2014

Harass – Innocent (1995)

You know for sure what you get when a band have song titles like (translated): Warsystem, H-bomb, War Children and Why must Children Die?. D-beat strongly influenced by the mightily Discharge. This band was from Uppsala, Sweden and I realize that I know little about them…[more]

July 22nd 2014

P-Nissarna – Jugend (1980)

Hailed from Falun Sweden, P-Nissarna put out one of best punk EP’s. I rank it in the top 10 in Sweden….Our favorite is Benzin but both Jugend and Plastic rocks…. enjoy!!…[more]

July 16th 2014

Flirt – Don’t Push Me / Degenerator (1978)

Smoking hot punk by the couple Rockee Re Marx (vox) and Skid Marx. A punk rock song leaning to hardrock and slammer in the veins of MC5 – enjoy…[more]

June 14th 2014

Rattus – Toilet Blows Up (1984)

Few bands made the transition from punk to hardcore. Finnish hardcore gods Rattus did do the transition but did on top of that set the blue prints for trashy Suomi hardcore. Some might argue if this is their best release or not. I argue it best bloody LP in the Nordic Countries at the period of time…[more]

June 9th 2014

Discharge ‎– Realities Of War (1980)

Hey!!!, this the best punk release in Europe ever. A defining and iconic EP. It still pulverize most stuff out there. Period! Check it out or get out!!!…[more]

April 17h 2014

Ambulance ‎– It’s All Up To You / I Remember (1980)

Among all punk, hardcore and black metal – here is a New Jersey powerpop pearl – I real heart breaker…[more]

April 13h 2014

Filthy Christians – Mean (1990)

A post on the Swedish grindcore pioneers and more on grindcore in Sweden in the late 80s…[more]

February 21h 2014

VKTMS ‎– Midget E.P. (1979)

Awesome female fronted (Nyna Napalm) San Fransisco punk. Their debut EP – love it…[more]

January 12th 2014

Agnostic Front – United Blood (1983)

If I could turn back time and beam myself to a place, it would be with no doubt the first years of the 80′s in New York City. I would then be able to see bands like this…[more]

December 26th 2013

Ice 9 – Out Out Out (1979)

Portland, USA, a good place to be back in 1978-1980 if you like punk. Here is a release with three print versions of the sleeve, hard to know which this exactly is…[more]

December 21th 2013

Razzia – För Vår Frihet / Depression (1980)

♬ För Vår Frihet with Razzia (Stockholm, Sweden) is a punk-rock song that leaves a little more to wish for. What’s interesting with this 7″ is the B-side. The song ♬ Depression is real D-beat slammer anno 1980…[more]

December 10th 2013

Zouo ‎– The Final Agony (1984)

This Japanese hardcore gang only made one record, but what a record!!!….[more]

December 8th 2013

Totsugeki Partisan Rocker – Compilation (1987)

I believe that at least two of the bands on this Japanese compilation flexi were from Morioka City and one is from Akita City. A really hard-to-find flexi…[more]

December 7th 2013

State Children ‎– Bomb Shelter For Money Making (1984)

Few have ever heard about this Japanse noise / hardcore band, fewer like it. The few of us to have it thinks it’s brilliant…[more]

November 8th 2013

Think Again ‎– Never (2012)

On occasions you run into a record that you never thought would be on heavy rotation. This Yokohama / Tokyo trio surprised us…[more]

October 26th 2013

Machines, The – True Life (1978)

On back on the sleeve you can read: “recorded in 1/2 hour at 8 quid an hour” which for me is the first indication it got to be an awesome record…[more]

October 5th 2013

Ruidosa Inmundicia – De Una Vez (2005)

Solid Austrian HC band with spanish vocals. I like it!!…[more]

October 4th 2013

Pusrad – Test Piss (2013) – Testpress / Mispress

In interviews this Linköping / Stockholm (Sweden) duo have been asked about the link to Raped Teenagers in which both used to play. Their answer is that it was really this sound they aimed for but never was able to create 20 years ago…[more]

September 22nd 2013

Siste Dagers Helvete ‎– The Hell (1984)

Few countries had such a solid hardcore scene as Norway, at least measured on the standard of the records. Here is one of those great ones…[more]

September 20th 2013

The Join – Total Tystnad (1987)

Umeå, northern Sweden. There was a time before straight edge and hardcore invaded the city and bands like Refused reigned. It was when the Join played punk rock in the 80s…[more]

September 12th 2013

Discard ‎– Death From Above (1990)

You get what you expect buying a tape or record with a band that is called DIS-something. It is going to be some kind of Discharge influenced band. Discard is claimed to start the Swedish DIS-band….[more]

September 8th 2013

CPg – Umcacca (2010)

This is the early 80’s demo of this Hungarian legends – now released on vinyl…[more]

September 7th 2013

Sex Dwaft – Full av Aska (2013)

I am not a nomenclature expert, let’s call it noise-core. Expect music de-construction – Japanese influences – and no guitar riffs….[more]

September 6th 2013

Roach Motel – Roach & Roll (1982)

Self-claimed to be first punk band of Florida, US. On Roach Motel’s web-page the band claimed their first gig was opening up for the Bazookas at a tiny, out-of-the-way dive for about six people and a toothless bartender…[more]

September 3:rd 2013

Dream Police – Demise (1981)

Many of the first wave punk Danish bands became softer over the time, Johnny Concrete however did not, this record is claimed to be the first Danish Hardcore EP…[more]

August 30:th 2013

Vains – School Jerks (1980)

Solid Seattle punk with Duff McKagan, more famous for playing bass in Guns N’ Roses….[more]

August 18:th 2013

Charles Bronson ‎– Youth Attack! (1997)

As a band Charles Bronson has its genealogy tracked back to Infest and powerviolence hardcore. Formed in Illinois with Mark McCoy on vocals. He was later in Das Oath and run the record label Youth Attack…[more]

August 4:th 2013

Nifelheim – S/T (1995)

So, the first black metal album to be posted. So I picked a really great one…[more]

August 2:nd 2013

Asta Kask ‎– För Kung & Fosterland (1982)

This post started out writing about the record, however – I realized there has not been any exhaustive written about Asta Kask in English, so it became an Asta Kask post in general instead…[more]

July 27:th 2013

Ex-Pop ‎– Oh Rosalyn (1980)

Ex-pop started as Janne Ricknell’s (PF Commando from Gävle, Sweden) solo project, not bad…[more]

July 24:th 2013

Impalers, The – S/T (2012)

What happens if you take Fast Eddie from Motörhead, the drummer of Anti-Cimex plus a vocalist from the first wave of the Stockholm Death Metal scene and form a band? My guess is that they would sound like Austin’s (TX, USA) pride The Impalers….[more]

July 23:rd 2013

D.T.A.L ‎– A Beautiful Day (1985)

The second and best EP by this Landskrona based (Sweden) hardcore band. A 300 copy press, on blue vinyl…[more]

July 18:th 2013

The Eu’s Arse ‎– Lo Stato Ha Bisogno Di Te? Bene, Fottilo (1982)

Northen Italy, early 80′s. A good place to be if you like hardcore. MaximumRocknRoll though this EP was a blend of tight and repeating riffs combined with vocalist in rage and madness. Not bad for a bunch of seventeen years old kid…[more]

July 11:th 2013

Sarah Coffmann – Retro (1980)

Okay, this is the first record we post that is on obscure record-collector-guru Johan Kugelberg’s top 100 list. Also thanks to “Farbror Punk” there are some stuff on early Örebro (Sweden) punk scene, enjoy…[more]

June 29:th 2013

Discolokosst – S/T (2007)

Geneva, Switzerland around 1981, three guys and a drum machine. Said to be some brutal types, both musically and in the real life. Studio and live recordings from 1980 to 1981 – Check it out…[more]

June 24:th 2013

Raped Teenagers – Jag gillar blommor. Jag gillar träd. Jag gillar naturen som den är. (1986)

Raped Teenagers from Linköping in Sweden was quite an unusual bird in the country where everyone seems to have d-beat in their blood. On the early hardcore scene there where in my opinion three bands that had a unique sound (outside d-beat): Huvudtvätt (influenced by US hardcore), Missbrukarna (well … Rolf Revolt…) and later Raped Teenagers. – Check it out…[more]

June 24:th 2013

The Reactors – Meltdown (1979)

After the nuclear accident in Harrisburg it popped up a bunch of Reactors around USA. The best one was from New York, but California put out this garage punk masterpiece as well…[more]

June 2:nd 2013

Massgrav – Still the King (2012)

Awesome Swedish thrashcore. This is the black vinyl which is harder to find than the white vinyl…[more]

May 29:th 2013

WBT ‎– Får Vi Vara Med…? (1980)

Excellent Swedish punk. WBT made an LP in a time when most bands made 7 inch EP’s….[more]

May 18:th 2013

Cause For Alarm – S/T (1983)

Cause For Alarm first EP is one of my favorite early New York hardcore releases. Mats Nilsson of Huvudtvätt seems to think the same and I believe that’s a good advice to follow…[more]

May 11:th 2013

Minor Threat – In My Eyes – “Gary Cousins Sleeve” (1981)

The second EP from Minor Threat is top notch. A twist on the first press was that the 125 first sleeve was xeroxed as the real sleeves was not ready and the band needed someting for a show. In that – they made a small typo which make collector-scums go apeshit….[more]

May 5:th 2013

Hangover – Sick Society (1978)

Here is a little pearl for you! I had this record for a while and had to rip it, so why not post it? ♬ Sick Society by this Stockholm act is an amazing song…[more]

May 1:st 2013

Nebenwirkung / Dis-Organized Bunch Of Fuckers – S/T (1985)

I have since a kid developed a serious aversion against German punks – however this two Bremen band might change that…[more]

April 27:th 2013

Electric Deads – Mind Bomb (1983)

Electric Deads from Denmark made 3 EP’s. This – the last is the best and possible the best hardcore release out of the first wave hardcore. As the collector-scum I am I had to combine a couple of records to get a complete release with the lyric insert but also a promo flyer. Check it out … You love this record…[more]

April 19:th 2013

Bad Brains ‎– Pay To Cum! (1980)

You could argue which record is the holy grail of hardcore. This is a good candidate. A post mainly about pressing details, sleeve and insert details for the collector-scums but also some mp3’s and some about the band…[more]

April 18:th 2013

No Security ‎– 40-Talisterna (1988)

A solid hardcore debut from the notorious Eskilstuna (Sweden) hardcore band. Keep your eyes open for their other records…[more]

April 11:th 2013

WC – Polis, Polis (1983)

Punkrock from Eskiltuna Sweden. A nice sleeve (and possible expensive to make). I don’t know much more….[more]

April 7:th 2013

KSMB – Aktion (1980)

Few bands have influenced me like KSMB from Skärholmen, a suburb South of Sweden. As I kid some older boys played it at school and it was the first hard music I ever heard. It blew me away. I got a copy quickly and it’s one of the few records I actually have worn out…[more]

April 1:st 2013

Bad Boo Band – Knulla I Bangkok (1979)

This little punk / kbd act from Hedemora, Sweden, managed to be condemned by the Swedish Board of Radio. A quite rare record as well. Check it out!!…[more]

March 8:th 2013

Arsenik – Bad Girl (1980)

A little punk gem from Sweden by a bunch of kids…[more]

March 1:st 2013

O! Kult – Mladi Imajo Moc (2012)

Proto anarcho punk from Ljubljana on a nice release from NE! Records. …[more]

January 20:th 2013

Proces – Illusions Are Bleeding – Iluzije Kravare (2012)

A nice release from NE! records. Contains the 1985 Demo by Serbian hardcore band PROCES…[more]

January 15:th 2013

Poison Idea – Pick Your King (1983)

To put it simple – the debut EP is a real destoryer – don’t miss it…[more]

January 11:th 2013

Wretched / Indigesti – Split (1982)

Essential early Italian hardcore, top notch…[more]

January 6:th 2013

TBC – Musik I Plast (1978)

KBD record with the music in the progg-movement and at least one the lyrics being punk…[more]

January 2:nd 2013

Kafka Prosess / Disorder – Split (1986)

Kafka Prosess – top notch Norwegian HC formed out of the ashes of Svart Framtid…[more]

January 1:st 2013

Mizz Nobody ‎– Smittad / Ganja (1978)

Swedish Mizz Noboy was project by Eva Brusquini who summon a gang to make this record punk record…[more]

December 27:th 2012

The Squirt – Men And Their Masters (1985)

It’s sad that this great Swiss hardcore band seems almost forgotten now. Here is the chance to hear some tunes….[more]

December 25:th 2012

Massgrav / Disease Process – Split (2012)

Massgrav is doing a Mob 47 medley. On the other side some Aussie grind…[more]

December 24:th2012

Last Right – Chunk’s – Hitler Sleeve (b/w) (1984)

With Choke from Negative FX. A political incorrect sleeve as well…[more]

December 22:nd 2012

Sub Alert – What Makes You Go On? (2008)

Heavy hardcore from Tidaholm Sweden. Their first EP…[more]

December 18:th 2012

Mopo Mogo – Pouvoir (1983)

Great French one-man punk act. A rare and mythical record…[more]

December 11:th 2012

Etiquette Mona – Amsterdam (1980)

Great punk / power pop from Motala Sweden. This was their only release…[more]

December 3:rd 2012

Olho Seco ‎– Botas Fuzis Capacetes (1983)

Awesome hardcore burner by the pioneers of Brazilian hardcore….[more]

December 2:nd 2012

Skäms – Konfirmationen (1979)

Värmlands (Sweden) first punk band. 4 great songs and interesting sleeve versions…[more]

November 28:th 2012

Riistetyt ‎– Laki Ja Järjestys (1982)

Finnish Hardcore Pioneers – This EP got everything I love with early hardcore…[more]

November 22:nd 2012

Mandarines ‎– E.P. (1978)

When Four Manadrines busted, two members continued with Mandarines. At least one catchy tune….[more]

November 21:st 2012

Angor Wat ‎– General Strike (1985)

Full length debut by this Norwegian hardcore band…[more]

November 20:th 2012

Massgrav – Stampa Takten Alla Bokstavsbarn (2006)

On this record they call themselves the undisputed kings of Scandi thrash-fast-core. Well – buckle up, get your crash-helmet on – here is Massgrav…[more]

November 19:th 2012

Skanstull – Inga Pengar Ingen Mat (1980)

I’m posting mainly punk, hardcore and grindcore records on this web-site, but I like this ska band from Stockholm, so…[more]

November 17:th 2012

Rattus – Khomeini-Rock (1980)

The first cut on vinyl by the grand dame of Finish punk and hardcore – Rare stuff too…[more]

November 13:th 2012

57 Kez – Punks (1980)

Rare Swedish Low-Fi punk…[more]

November 11:th 2012

The Worst – Time Zone (1982)

Cheeky, fast and genuine hardcore – from New Jersey. I love it!!!…[more]

November 10:th 2012

Totalitär ‎– Luftslott (1989)

The long-standing act Totalitär put out 12 EP and 4 LP’s during their 20 years of service – here is the second EP…[more]

November 7:th 2012

G-Anx / Filthy Christians – Split (1988)

Early Swedish grindcore split. The Swedes would possible say: Vilket jävla mangel!!! about this record…[more]

November 4:th 2012

Mopot – First EP (1980)

Hiton hyvä bändi tämä!!! Awesome Ramopunk – 1-2-3-4…[more]

November 3:rd 2012

MaximumRocknRoll – Noise Ordinance (2011)

Well – to put it simple – you can’t go wrong with an MRR compilation record. With mainly Bay Area bands…[more]

November 2:nd 2012

Leben Und Leben Lassen – Således Elskede Gud Verden… E.P. (1985)

There are not too many hardcore bands from Denmark. L.U.L.L. from the outskirts of Odense started 1984 and recorded this EP in March 1985..[more]

October 31:th 2012

Søt Hævn ‎– Asfaltparasitta (1981)

Søt Hævn was from Tromsø in Northern Norway a place that was possible the worst punk city in the late 70’s…[more]

October 29:th 2012

Parkering Forbudt – Åbent Brev Til Dronningen (1979)

At occasions I buy records that I have no idea what it is, in this case hoping it would be an interesting KBD record. I paid a dollar for this one so I can afford taking a chance…[more]

October 28:th 2012

Quiet Men / Quiet

Quiet Men was from Gävle in Sweden and started in 1978 with two pairs of brother, the Bjöklunds and the Janssons (from PF Commando). The EP No One is Quiet is a bizarre mix of reggae and punk beat. The second was just reggae…[more]

October 27:th 2012

C.N.T. – Mitaleja (1986)

This is the only release by this Tempere (Finland) hardcore punk band. A quite mixed EP with slow, mid-tempo and fast hardcore / metal cross-over songs…[more]

October 26:th 2012

Homy Hogs – Nöje För Nekrofiler (1981)

There are few hardcore bands that was featured in a comic. Homy Hogs from Bro was one. But reality beats fiction…[more]

October 20:th 2012

Skitslickers – GBG 1982 / Cracked Cop Skulls (1982)

Masken wrote on Bloggasfuck ”One of the most mythical Swedish Käng bands”. He can’t be more right…[more]

October 19:th 2012

Sixten Redlös – Two first singles

Sixten Redlös or 6-10 Redlös started out as Rövens Hämd (translation – the revenge of the arse) in 1981. …[more]

October 17:th 2012

Distortion – Frustrerad (1982)

Awesome title song, otherwise the band is between punk and hard rock…[more]

October 16:th 2012

City Kent – Blixtar (1981)

Listen to the debut single instead…[more]

October 13:th 2012

Missbrukarna / Panik – Split (1980)

You could always argue which was the first Swedish hardcore band. Missbrukarna and Huvudtvätt (Headcleaners) are the main candidates in these discussions. Here’s Missbrukarna with a rare insert as well. Awesome record!…[more]

October 12:th 2012

Terveet Kädet ‎– Ääretön Joulu (1982)

Get your leather pants on, open that koskenkorva bottle, crank up the volume and smash holes in the drywall in your apartment as you jump around – this is what hardcore is all about. Pissaa Ja Paskaa !!!…[more]

October 11:th 2012

Urrk – De É Dax (1979)

Excellent Stockholm punk, cool sleeve also…[more]

October 9:th 2012

Cartoon Rockers ‎– Prostitute (1984)

The side B on this single ♬ Boys From The Bronx is quite average. However – the sweet ♬ Prostitute can make an old hardcore heart melt…[more]

October 8:th 2012

GRB – Estoy Tan Contendo ! (1986)

Barcelona hardcore pioneers…[more]

October 5:th 2012

Dynamo – Hamina On Kaupunki / Emman Pojat (1981)

The A side is a good Ramones style punk song :♬ Hamina On Kaupunki, but the real surprise it the amazing B-side ♬ Emman Pojat…[more]

October 4:th 2012

Brülbåjz – Dödens Apostlar (1980)

Brülbåjz is a reference to the ”raggare” who made best to beat up the punks in the steel city of Borlänge , Sweden. I know some stuff about this band. 1) They are great, 2) It consisted of members that later would form Sator Codex and later Sator…[more]

October 3:rd 2012

Betong Hysteria – Spontan Abort (1982)

Betong Hysteria (translation Concrete Hysteria) was formed in Oslo, Norway in 1981 and existed for a couple of years. I believe this record is the first full-blown Norwegian hardcore EP…[more]

October 2:nd 2012

Giftgasattack – Deadly Future (2012)

I bloody hate flexi-discs these days. Some 20 years ago the quality was not good but these days they are terrible. Noise core band Giftgasattack does a good job however – here with clear Japanese influences. …[more]

October 2:nd 2012

Tejp ‎– Tung Rock / Sanningen (1979)

This record is from a collector friend who frankly have everything!!! He has given me some recommendations of obscure records and they have all been good. So when I was offered this record – I took it for granted that it would be good….[more]

October 2:nd 2012

Rock Set – Piteå kommun (1979)

Punkbeat from Piteå, Sweden. The song Piteå kommun have the lyric which is to be expected from a great punk song….[more]

September 28:th 2012

Terveet Kädet – TK II (1981)

he second single sided EP from Finnish Terveet Kädet is just called TK II. It’s awesome!!! …[more]

September 26:th 2012

Shit Kids

1978 – 1980 Östersund punk act – both records in one post…[more]

September 20:th 2012

Wannskrækk ‎– Faen Kuler Treffer Aldri Riktig (1981)

Great Norwegian KBD…[more]

September 17:th 2012

Ženevski Dekret ‎– Neću Da Budem Dio Jebene Mase

Punk in Mostar (currently Bosnia-Hercegovina) was quite dead (or rather not born) in the early 80′s. Habi (the vocalist of Ženevski Dekret) started out with a fanzine and in 1983 a band was formed…[more]

September 13:th 2012

Fear of God – S/T – Picture Disc

This Swiss noise core band origin where nightmares are created. …[more]

September 12:th 2012

Anti-Hund Mina / Pöbel Möbel Split

Both these bands have an international audience as have been asked several time if I have this 12″ when I have been trading hardcore records with Americans. …[more]

September 12:th 2012

Nade Iz Inkubatora ‎– Nocu U Mom Gradu

Nade Iz Inkubatora (translation: Hope from the incubator) was formed in 1979 in the City of Subotica in Serbia on the border to Hungary. …[more]

September 11:th 2012

Tåm Box – Sweet Innocence / Quiz Kid

I heard a song by the Norwegian band on a party in Trondheim …[more]

September 11:th 2012

Krunch – Hello Bob (1983)

I got to admit it. Krunch is on my top 5 list of Nordic Counties hardcore bands. One day I will make an article honoring these guys. But not today…[more]

September 11:th 2012

Åke Octan – S/T (1980)

This record is not punk but the band (name after the vocalist :Åke) was active in the between 1979 and 1981 in Malmö…..[more]

September 8:th 2012

Nasum ‎– Doombringer (2008)

The final release, live from Japan – Awesome, awesome, awesome !!!….[more]

September 7:th 2012

Epidemi – Häftig Brud (1979)

Great KBD – worth ripping….[more]

September 6:th 2012

Terveet Kädet ‎– Rock Laahausta Vastaan (1980)

The birth of ”up-north hardcore” – the first press also….[more]

September 4:th 2012

Badboll – Valen (1979)

These Swedish kids got inspiration of the Sex Pistols but also bands like the Who – quite okay. ..[more]

August 29:th 2012

Agent Orange – Your Mother Sucks Cocks In Hell…

Hardcore thunders and blasts from Amsterdam back in 1983 – awesome…[more]

August 28:th 2012

Livin’ Sacrifice – Their only LP

All girls band go Hard Rock…[more]

August 27:th 2012

Svart Snö’s first EP from 1989

Ren, Säker och Billig! Swedish Käng..[more]

August 24:th 2012

Jonström – P3 (1979)

Great Swedish KBD – at least side A..[more]

August 23:rd 2012

MRR – Welcome To 1984

A killer compilation LP…[more]

August 22:nd 2012

Pain, The – Feel the Pain (1978)

Swedish Sex Pistols, eh?…[more]

August 22:nd 2012


Black and white sleeve versions as I’m an anal collector-scum…[more]

August 22:nd 2012

Front Line‎ – Basic Training E.P.

1982 demos now released, it’s awesome…[more]

August 20:th 2012

Quod Massacre

– 80′s Slovenian punk killer …[more]

August 19:th 2012

Demon System 13 – for my friend

The last three EP’s to complete the collection …[more]

August 11:th 2012

Vicious Visions – a rare gem

Ûber-rare and super-great…[more]

August 9:th 2012

Systeemi Ei Toimi E.P. on P. Tuotanto

Rare 1982 Finish HC compilation…[more]

August 8:th 2012

SLAM – Ingens Slav

Swedish 1984 skate punkers…[more]

August 8:th 2012

F.Z.Ö ‎– Den Felande Länken

Their only EP – quite good…[more]

August 7:th 2012

Contrasto / LeTormenta ‎– La Poesia E” Azione

Like a Japanese parcel…[more]

August 7:th 2012

Colt 45 – Punk / Cowboy crossover

The third EP on their own label…[more]

August 6:th 2012

Red Doves – Debut 12 inch

Another great Swedish HC release from Gaphals – Buy it…[more]

August 5:th 2012

Czech grindcore mania

Posloucháte Jižní Čechy – faster, faster faster…[more]

August 3:rd 2012

Revolt – A 7 inch EP would be enough

Some catchy tunes…[more]

August 2:nd 2012

Twist Off – Good Swedish powerpop

In Mint condition from seller Aku-Aku…[more]

August 2:nd 2012

Kaospilot – For your safety

Norwegian screamo / HC…[more]

August 2:nd 2012

LIK – Bury this record!!!

A purchase for the completist…[more]

August 1:st 2012

Massacre – Tuho EP – Aaargh!!!

Too slow and too few inserts..[more]

July 31:th 2012

Pusrad – just brilliant

Pusrad have taken minimalism hardcore into absurdum – brilliant..[more]

July 30:th 2012

Vomit Visions – Too Late

German Low-Fi and super underground..[more]

July 29:th 2012

Chatterbox – Forgotten Heroes

Charlie!!! – what happened to You???..[more]

July 28:th 2012

Lögnhalsmottagningen ‎– Fina Nyanser I Nya Finanser EP

Great and refreshing – thanks…[more]

July 27:th 2012

the Cretins and Freaks

Buying two unknown act from Fur-Sandwich …[more]

July 25:th 2012

T.S.T – Nice Gatefold Album

Near Mint from Radioaktiv …[more]

July 19:th 2012

Three Poko Rekords releases

The two first 7″ by Vandaalit and Sensurri’s first single …[more]

July 16:th 2012

Ypö-Viis ‎– Energia On A Ja O

The first self-released Finish punk record …[more]

July 11:th 2012

Boring, Old, SicK

Eskiltuna (Sweden) HC – No song titles !!! …[more]

July 8:th 2012

Two female acts

Bought one record and got another one thrown in – Fe-mail ‎– Syklubb Fra Hælvete (Norway) and Swedish Kitty …[more]

July 5:th 2012

More Norwegian KBD records

3 more records – Blaupunkt, Pacific Ocean and Sterke Svakheter – not all of them too exiting…[more]

July 3:th 2012

Kessler Jügend GmbH

From the flea market – repairing a scratchy über-rare record…[more]

July 2:nd:th 2012

Disarm – Regerings Stödda Mord

Finally – this 1984 Gothenburg HC is here …[more]

June 30:th 2012

Oops – not really punk!!!

Pure Mania – Gasoline Baby LP …[more]

June 28:th 2012

A visit to Trash palace

Deperate Livin, Noregs punklag and Jannicke …[more]

June 27:th 2012

A bunch of records from Zoogin (part three)

Pöbel Möbel, Avskum, Asocial and DNA …[more]

June 26:th 2012

A bunch of records from Zoogin (part two)

Force Majeure, Faxe, Zynthslakt and Ewing OI …[more]

June 25:th 2012

A bunch of records from Zoogin (part one)

Butter Utter, Totalitär, Rövsvett/Raped Teenagers – split and Fiendens Musik …[more]

June 22:th 2012

Dom Där – Skrattar Bäst Som …

late 80’s HC goes metal …[more]

June 20:th 2012

GLO – Ljusåret kommer

The only full length release by GLO – quite okay for 4 bucks …[more]

June 18:th 2012

Absurd – Blodig Stad (1983)

Bootleg paranoia …have I bought the real deal or …[more]


  1. Mario

    yeah! Got a bunch of records from canary Islands, Northern Africa to sell or trade; interested?

  2. Pawel

    Interesting Stuff. ……

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