Massgrav – Still the King (2012)

June 2:nd 2013 – Still the King?

Massgrav – Still the King – Black Vinyl

D-Takt & Råpunk Records ‎– DTAKT043 ‎– 2012 – 12″

I guess there are few bands that play so fast that they wear out drummers. With respect of the earlier drummers, Indy and Grind-Ove, both got problems with their wrist after many years of extensive playing – that serious for real. Currently the drummer name is Fenuk. Ola manages bass / vox and Norse guitar / vox.

Swedish (Stockholm) Massgrav has been around since 1996 but did not get serious until 2002. There are a bunch of political correct bands out there – but that has not been the case for Massgrav, more of grumpy old men go hardcore / fastcore / thrashcore. I Love it. The lyrics on the first song Sell Your Hole For Rock N’ Roll go: “Lentils, Cheap Beer and Bedrolls – We don’t wanna play at your shitty festival”. Ha ha.

A couple of the songs was on hyper-limited tape Too fast for Ove, only made in 100 copies on Ljudkassett. This released was pressed in 500 copies, 400 on white vinyl and 100 on black vinyl.

♬ Two first songs (MP3 320 kbps).

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Click on the images to expand them to higher resolution. The rips and images are from my record. I forgot to take pictures of the printed inner sleeve, sorry!

Front and rear sleeve



  1. Chrille

    Grind-Owe from Thrash Palace? Same guy?

  2. anonymous

    Jag förutsätter att du köpt både den svarta och vita vinylvarianten. Du missade Släggan som var första trummisen, om inte minnet sviker mig.

    • the editor

      Right. First drummer was Släggan (the sledgehammer). And yes. I got both the white and the black vinyl.

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