City-X – Ude Af Drift! (1981)

April 3 2016 – Early Danish hardcore!

City-X – Ude Af Drift!

Irmgardz ‎– IRMGS 102 – 1981 – 7″

Fans of Danish punk must of course have heard about bands like Sods and Lost Kids. City-X hailed from the outskirts of Copenhagen (Rødovre, I think) and formed back in 1979 by combining City Roots and You-X. For me they were political driven and possible the first Danish band that could be called hardcore. The band supported Stiff Little Fingers 981 and Dead Kennedys i 1982. As a band they were involved in Ungdomshuset in Copenhagen (BZ movement) and released a support split EP with ADS in 1982. A third EP Dansende Drenge followed in 1983. On the latter record Irmgardz wrote in a letter in the promo-copy that the 3rd EP was City-X’s “Goodbye to hardcore”. However, it’s a great EP anyhow.

This release is on Irmgardz in Copenhagen which was the major independent label in Denmark at the time. As a minutiose collector this release has confused me. I know that those 1,500 copies were pressed but there are a bunch of variations. With some help from some Danish friends and resolved the questionsmarks about the variations. The first version has bræk-coloued wax (puke) and one lilac label and one white label with stamped in black ink. Second pressing have one brown label and the other is a white label with red ink printed on it. Third version is similar black ink. It is assumed that these versions are the same pressing. The fourth version (possible third pressing) got one black label (with print) and a plain white label. There are also minor differences of the print job of the sleeve.

Having clarified the collector-scum details so what about the record. Well – it’s the side one you should focus on; the B-side is some useless ska-song. First out is ♬ Coverboy (MP3 320 kbps) … But the real slammer is ♬ Avis (MP3 320 kbps) (translates into newspaper).

Oh, Ude Af Drift! means “Out of order”.

Click on the images to expand them to higher resolution. As usual, the rips and images are from my record.


Sleeve fold-out

Sleeve fold-out


  1. Martin

    I had no idea this one came in different versions! Very cool! But you’re very wrong about the b-side as it’s an amazing song!

  2. Mats

    1500 ex verkar jävligt skumt. Jag jagade plattor i fem år när jag bodde där och har bara sprungit på den en gång.

    • the editor

      Håller med, något mysko är det….

  3. N

    its a real bummer you dont include songs just because you dont care for them. i like “ONLY COPS CAN” and dont find it useless at all.

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