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Some years ago I was not really a collector of cassettes but I have for sure always enjoy much music that origin from tapes like demos and various local punk compilations. I hate that the stuff get lost or that other will not get the chance to hear some of the great stuff. Over time interest has increased and one day I realize that I am a collector. The current collection is about 600 tapes. The focus area are Up-North hardcore and Swedish Death Metal and Swedish / Norwegian black metal. I am always interested in rare tapes preferable with provenience.

Vinyl is a format that will last for many years – no one really knows how long. Tapes however will slowly be de-magnetized over the time, therefore the need to save it to a format that will last. The current estimate is 50 to 100 years. The answer is of course to digitize the audio and to take pictures. All recordings on this will be raw and the main files will be stored as FLAC-format. On this site the audio will be available as compressed MP3 (128 kbps up to mid-March 2013 and 192 – 320 after that).

We respect artists requesting music files to be removed – just post a comment asking us to do so.

We will focus on just recording and taking pictures. All tapes are recorded from the start and ends so for the MP3’s there will be just a side A and B. You need to check the images for the track list. Furthermore – we will focus on tapes which have not been later released on vinyl or CD. You should be aware that some tapes have really shitty sound quality – in some cases they had bad recordings to start with and in some cases they got worse over the years of storage and frankly in most cases both.

This might be a project that starts with great energy and enthusiasm and fade away some month later or we go on as long we find good tapes and like to listen to the stuff we have. Well – that’s punk – future will tell!!!

You want your demos here (pre 1990). Leave a comment below and we will contact you. You send the tape and we return the tape after a week.

For recording before March 18:th 2013 we used a Pioneer CT-W300 Cassette player. For recording after that we are using a Nakamichi BX-300E or a Nakamichi CR-4E. A Furutech GT40 is used as A/D converter and recording is done using the Audacity software. All recordings are made without any digital enhancements.

Tape archive – sorted by date [recent posts first]

December 27 2016

V/A – Direkt Från Vardaxrummet (1985)

This cassette has live records from Ultrahuset outside Stockholm. The recordings are from 1982 to 1984….[more]

December 18 2016

Vilse ‎- S/T (1987)

Melodic punk rock from Åkersberga in Sweden…[more]

September 25 2016

Icons Of Filth ‎- Not On Her Majesty’s Service (1982)

With the Trumph backdrop, band such as Icons of Filth has never been more valid….[more]

March 27 2016

Lärmattacke – Compilation (1983)

Alright – a hardcore compilation with European bands from 1983 – sweet. This is the first of two compilations issued by the Anti System zine (Klausdorf, Germany)…[more]

March 26 2016

Kekkonens Heroes – Tveksam Existens (1984)

This Kekkonen Heros came from Borås, Sweden, not to be confused with the Stockholm punk band with the same name. The title of the demo is Tveksam Existens which translates to “doubtful existance”. It could not be a more perfect title as some of the members sadly moved on to some white power band…. fuckers!!! ..[more]

March 25 2016

Punk Rules – Compilation (1983)

This is a great little compilation from Skåne (Sweden) – råpunk out of 1983. It features the most known bands, everyone with a killer bass-sound. It contains early records with bands like Bristles, Puke, Råttgift and Moderat Likvidation. Some songs are new to me!!!…[more]

March 25 2016

Hanging Around – V/A (1987)

Another tape I was asked to rip. With Claptrap (Italy), a live recording of Anti Nowhere Leauge (UK) from Stockholm back in 1981, Condemned 84 (UK), Sune and the Rockers (Sweden), Crücifix (Sweden), Black Uniforms (Sweden), Assult (Finland), M.A. Zukrowsky (Sweden) and Instigators (UK)…[more]

December 29 2015

Panikbazill – Live (1985)

I was asked to rip this this tape – so I did. For more info about the band, check out this link[more]

November 25 2015

Martial Mosh & Horse Laugh ‎– You’re Not Better Than Me (1988)

Here is a rip of a split tape. Two bands were not very famous outside Sweden. It comes with with an extensive interview with Martial Mosh who hailed from Västerås…[more]

October 24 2015

Svart Snö – Demo & Live (1988)

Alright, another tape post. Here is the Svart Snö demos, a radio interview and a live gig. We also managed to drop a few questions to Peken and Fabbe in Svart Snö, the band that held the hardcore banner in Stockholm for some 10 years…[more]

October 11 2015

Gods of Masturbation – Words Of Wisdom From The Gods Of Masturbation (1984)

Here’s the proof: All punks are wankers! Gods of Masturbation was formed in January 1984 when Nillen from D.N.A and Mika from Produkt Assar had not much to do with their orignal bands. To my knowledge this is tape is the only release by this Skövde (Sweden), HC-act…[more]

October 10 2015

Fleshmess – S/T (1993)

I did not plan to post this tape, but as someone asked for a rip – so here it is. Fleshmess from Gothenurg featured people from T.A.S.K, Nisses Nötter and Bumsen Muss Mann. When the drummer, Senap, heard I had this tape his here is his statement; Oh fuck… shit!!!…[more]

September 20 2015

Various ‎– Swedish / Philippinian HC (1990)

Marko Orava was one of Sweden’s most persistent guys in the compilation tape “business”. He issued 30 tapes between 1995 and 1993. This one was released in a period when some bands went for metal and just before the “trall scene” emerged…[more]

August 20 2015

No Security – Live & Demo (1987)

Alright, here’s tape post. Among the late 80 / early 90 we Swedes thinks that Eskiltuna’s NO SECURITY reserve even more recognition and credit. So here is a post of their second demo (from early 1987) and an awesome live recording from Club Dolores on December 28th 1986. This tapes shreds in our humble option….[more]

June 14 2015

PF Commando – In A Pose (1979)

Legendary band – this is the tape it took 20 years to cut to vinyl. This tape got a few more songs. Also some stuff on punk in Gävle….[more]

May 30 2015

Sadistic Gang Rape ‎– Massdevastation (1992)

Cool but weird band. Started with Death Metal and went to Crust. 3 crazy chicks from Avesta Sweden. As almost all demos are lost I had to make a decent rip…[more]

May 11 2015

Disrupters – Self Rule (1985)

I was checking out a box of tapes in a Stockholm record store and quickly grapped this tape. I noticed it was released by a Tony Sundstrand of Sala, Sweden. He is the dude who put out his own band Project X on Survivors Tape. I thought this was another project of him but quickly realized that this is the anarcho-punk act Distrupters of Norwich, UK…[more]

May 8 2015

Raped Teenagers – Warchild (1984)

Swedish hardcore is famous for their “Råpunk” band, D-beat style in the vein of the mighty Anti-Cimex. However, there were a few one with a quite different sound: fast like hell but no so heavy. The best by far was Linköping’s Raped Teenagers…[more]

April 6 2015

Pain, The – Churchyard / Ambulance (1981)

Rare tape with The Pain, release a year after the band folded…[more]

December 30 2014

Vertex, The – The Last Sessions (1987)

This might be one of the oddest posts on the site. Psychedelic pop! There is a reason. In the small “city” of Ockelbo a Lars Lang was active…[more]

December 25 2014

Los Bohemos – S/T (1988)

This band pretty much “saved” punk rock in Gävle, Sweden in the late 80’s. Interesting, two members was also in the mighty hardcore act WAX. ..[more]

December 20 2014

Afflicted Convulsion ‎– Beyond Redemption (1990)

Afflicted Convulsion was from Stockholm, Sweden, and put out a demo in 1989 “Toxic Existence” followed by this in 1990. It’s really brutal grind / death stuff. It was the last release with Martin Holm on vocals..[more]

December 10 2014

Riistetyt ‎– Raiskattu Tulevaisuus (1984)

Alright! More Finnish hardcore. This is a great combo. Riistetyt on the Gothenburg tape label Ägg Tapes. Raw stuff!..[more]

December 9 2014

Troublemakers – Göteborg (1981)

November 2 2014

Joon Erektion – Notice To Skinheads (1983)

Yupp – there was a hardcore scene up in the permafrost part of Sweden, or at least a band. But what a band – killer!…[more]

November 1 2014

Crücifix / Rune And The Rockers ‎– Sista Hoppet (1987)

Hardcore from Norrköping Sweden. Issued on Mikael “Profitblaskan” Sörlings tape label. He put out an EP the following year. These tapes are numbered and this is copy 1, Sörlings’ old tape…[more]

October 26 2014

Strebers – EP (1986)

A great demo which is quite hard to find. And, idiots, its melodic hardcore, not trall….[more]

October 19 2014

Patrol ‎– Another Fiasco Demo (1982)

UK PUNK – I got this demo in a box with some other stuff. Never heard about the band but to my surprise it’s awesome. As I don’t collect UK punk demos this one had to go – I just had to rip it first and share the world…[more]

October 11 2014

Skänninge punk – Vol 1 & Vol 2 (1982-1983)

Really Fast released two compilation tapes from the little idyllic village of Skänninge. This is an article about the birth of Swedish hardcore on the plains of Östergötland, Sweden, with an interview of Staffan from the mightly Kurt i Kuvös. And don’t miss X-traz and Destroy as well, cool bands….[more]

September 30 2014

Sötlimpa – Kaka Till Middag (1982)

Yupp – it’s the first demo of Sötlimpa. Great punk-rock from Mölndal Sweden. We love it…[more]

September 27 2014

Picassos Barn vol 1 & 2 (1982 – 1983)

Kristinehamn, Sweden was hit by Sex Pistols on July 19 1977. It was possible the smallest show on the tour. It made punk explode in the small city and two awesome compilations tapes was put out a few year later. Check ’em out. By the way – thanx “Farbror Punk”…[more]

August 31 2014

Various – Eskiltuna Punk (1983 – 1995)

Homemade Eskiltuna (Sweden) demo compilation from the 80’s. With WC, SS Dase, Rune Läpp, Yngve Ramsné and Abnorn Ångest. Great stuff….[more]

July 16 2014

Cruel Tape 003 – Flygande Chipspåsarna / Captial Scum / Instigators (1986)

This is the most complete recordings of the Swedish punk band : Flygande Chipspåsarna. From Ängelholm Sweden, active 1984 – 1986….[more]

July 13 2014

D.T.A.L – “Time To Die” EP complete session 1984 (With 10 tracks) (1984)

This tape holds the full session of the recording of Time To Die (1984) with additional 4 tracks, totally 10 tracks. I have been waived that there is an 11 track version as well circulating. I would also like to know the name of track 7 to 10 if anyone knows…[more]

July 8 2014

Dödsknarkarna – S/T (1985)

It started with a post on the acoustic duo Dödsknarkarna – translation “the Death Junkies”, but ended with a post on the DIY venue Ultrahuset south of Stockholm…[more]

June 1st 2014

Tatuerade Snutkukar – Hardcore Trash ’83 (1983)

Well, if you can’t be the best musicians, you can for sure the the wildest band around. A story from Gothenburg, Sweden- the craddle of the Swedish rå-punk bands in the 80’s. And a noisy tape as well, AWESOME!…[more]

May 24h 2014

Katalysator – Zombie Destruction (2005)

Awesome death metal form Uppsala. Two of the members was later in the more famous In Solitude…[more]

May 26h 2014

Total Armsvett – Deoderant Räcker Inte (1983)

This tapes is all about Swedish (Gothenburg) rå-punk. Total Armsvett later morphed into the more well known Disarm. It’s also a tape that is quite hard to find and on many råpunk collectors want….[more]

May 20h 2014

Chaos Cassette No 1 – Eater/ Incharge – Split (1983)

This demo split is based on recordings that the bands did at the Kloakens Studio in 1983. This studio recorded a lot of the early Swedish hardcore acts…[more]

May 2nd 2014

Svart Parad ‎– Hur Fan Kan Man Tolerera Grymheter Som Slakthus (1985)

Yupp, we love Svart Parad here at the site. This is the third demo of this Hedemora (Sweden) hardcore band. A rare tape for sure, and awesome….[more]

February 28th 2014

HUD – Ner (1993)

Industrial punk mayhem from the forest for Nortern Sweden – for those who like moonshine, chevys and suicide thought – Love it…[more]

February 28th 2014

Uncurbed – The Strike Of Mankind (1992)

The area of Avesta / Hedemora / Fagersta (Sweden) were a seedy place back in the late 80’s / early 90’s. Most of the bands had some heritage from mighty. Avesta’s Uncurbed formed in 1990 put out this great tape in 1992, later released on CD…[more]

February 1st 2014

Scurvy – Demo 1 (2000)

The first demo with the three dudes of Scurvy is brutal and awesome, we call it Deathgrind…[more]

January 29th 2014

Sötlimpa – On the Streets Again (1983)

Essential melodic early hardcore. From the outskirts of Gothenburg, Sweden. This is their second demo, vinyl followed…[more]

January 26th 2014

Radioaktiva Räker – Ur Askan Ur Elden (1991)

This the the pride of Hofors, Sweden. Melodic punk model “trall”. This is the first demo…[more]

January 25th 2014

16 Blåsare Utan Hjärna ‎– Från Det Ena Till Det Andra (1987)

Tranås Sweden had a lively hardcore scene. This band held prominent members like the Mange Grehn and Löken of Rövsvett…[more]

January 10th 2014

Svea Rikes Hjältar – Nästa Steg Världskrig 3 (1984)

Svea Rikes Hjältar only made this demo. The band was from Färila which is a village with about 1,000 people some 4 hours north of Stockholm by car. Some of the them later formed the excellent punk-act Dom Inteligens Befriade …[more]

January 5th 2014

Hymans, The – S/T (1989)

As the self-claimed “The 1-2-3-4! Embassadors of Sweden” this band is cultivating the Ramopunk Up-North. The Hymans got the blessing of Dee-Dee Ramone; at one point he said that the band was so good that they could write songs for the real New York band…[more]

January 4th 2014

Angst – Compilation (1984)

Compilation tape from Denmark with the mighty War of Destruction (Århus), The Razor Blades (Odense), Actions of a Mad Man (Glostrup – Copenhagen) and one of the rare records of Illegal 80 (Espergærde). On the international side there are No Label (Swansea, Wales), The Stoned Rayzen (UK), Hemlösa Hemorrojder (Landskrona, Sweden) and finally Bayonet (Finland)…[more]

January 3rd 2014

Exhumed – Obscurity (1990)

Raw and brutal Death metal from the suburbs of Stockholm. 3 of the members formed Morpheus later on…[more]

December 22nd 2013

Kloak Mix 2 – Compilation (1984)

It’s evident that the Swedish dudes Löken and Rebellen not only released hardcore tapes, apparently some punk and even post-punk was part of the repertoire. On this tape I can accept Galler. As it’s part of the compilation series – here is the rips and images…[more]

December 15th 2013

Dom Inteligens Befriade – S/T (1985)

Dom Inteligens Befriande was a surprisingly good punk rock band. When it was released I thought it was shit, but I was young and too cool for punk-rock at that time…[more]

December 15th 2013

Dom Där – Ett Barn Är Fött (1984)

Dom Där refer to a condescending comments some have about punks, the direct translation would be “Those there”. The band is from the dark forest of the Småland region (Southern Sweden)…[more]

December 14th 2013

Dr. Anti-Skval – S/T (1985)

Here’s a Swedish punk tape where you will find Mart Hällgren (Tumba, Sweden) on drums. He is more known for both Total Egon and Lyckliga kompisarna…[more]

December 7th 2013

Otakt – Demo (1986)

This is to my understanding the first demo of two by this Älvsjö (Stockholm, Sweden) hardcore act. The gang made an EP called “En Alternativ Livsstil” in 1987..[more]

November 30th 2013

Carnage – Infestation Of Evil (1989)

Awesome band, awesome demo. Crappy sound on this specific cassette…[more]

November 26th 2013

Skrumplever – Dömda Till Döden (1986)

Melodic punk rock from textile city Borås, Sweden…[more]

November 24th 2013

Ett Ackord – Ger Ingen Nåd (1984)

The band played mainly in the Stockholm region. Some later recordings ended up on various compilations…[more]

November 21nd 2013

Rea Respirator ‎– Släpp Loss Alla Band (1986)

There were myriads of hardcore bands in the Östergötland-region in the mid 80’s, here’s one…[more]

November 19th 2013

Disrespect – Demo (198?)

Sollentuna grind band, claimed to have the largest spikes in Northen Stockholm at the time…[more]

November 16th 2013

Groteska Taskar / Fiasko – Demo (1984)

Ah, that smell of kids in a rehearsal studio thrashing guitars, screaming their lungs off and blasting their drums: out of tune, stereotyped barre chords, but filled with energy and anger…[more]

November 10th 2013

Unleashed – The Utter Dark (1990)

One of the finest death metal band out of Stockholm. This is their first demo and it’s awesome….[more]

August 24th 2013

Black Uniforms ‎– Straight Edge My Ass (1990)

Black Uniforms was formed already in 1981 in Malmö, Sweden. I have heard somewhere (but can’t remember the source) that the origin of the name is from an event where some foreign people looked at the young punks saying: “Black Uniforms”…[more]

August 21th 2013

Avskum -S/T (1982)

Avskum introduced d-beat to Kristinehamn, Sweden. They were quite early too. This demo is from 1982…[more]

August 19th 2013

Extas – S/T (1984)

There are rare tapes and even rarer tapes. Rare does not necessary mean good! For this tape it’s possible the only existing copy. The punk band never bothers to sell any of their demos and no band member have a copy…[more]

August 19th 2013

Mob-47 – Hardcore Attack (1983)

This is possible the most sought Swedish tape. Two reasons: 1) It’s an awesome tape, 2) There were only 100 made. And furthermore, it came with a lyric sheet booklet which always is missing. This copy got the booklet as well…[more]

August 13th 2013

Grevious Musical Harm – Compilation (1983)

There are tape labels and there are Xcentric Noise Records and Tapes . Andy Thompson in Hull, UK released his first tape already in 1980. This tape is the 5:th tape in the tape compilation series. 500 copies was made and they quickly sold out…[more]

August 12th 2013

Ugly Squaws S.S – U.S.S.S. – Säg Älg … (1987)

So, a live recording from the Hultfred festival on August 7th 1987 with the band that had multiple names. As a band they were contemporary with the other Fagersta (Sweden) bands like Bedrövlers, Crude SS, Cruel Maniax and Kazjurol…[more]

August 12th 2013

Herraids / Rapt – Hans Lösmohikan (1986)

Herraids was a band in the Lindköping region. They are awesome, inspired by bands like Koro and the Boston hardcore sound. This tape was also released on Deflagration tapes in France. The possible logic is that the other band, Rapt was from France…[more]

August 11th 2013

Albyl – Röster Från Andra Sidan Graven (1983)

Albyl , is a reference to a painkiller brand. From Hässelby south of Stockholm, Sweden. Albyl the represented fist wave of Swedish “Rå-punk”…[more]

August 11th 2013

AB Hjärndöd – S/T (1986)

AB Hjärndöd , translation “Braindead Inc” was from Uppsala which I can read on the inlay. As Patrik Wirén is the band I would assume it’s a recording around 1986. This is the same Patrik Wirén who later fronted Misery Loves Co in’s the 90…[more]

August 11th 2013

Disaccord – Don’t Ask Me Why (1985)

This is the second demo by Disaccord from Kvillsfors (Sweden). This is exactly how a demo should sound like. Total bloody mayhem…[more]

August 10th 2013

TT-Task – 9:e (1988)

Eskilstuna (Sweden) punk: the band was active between 1982 and 1992. Played a little rougher kind of punk rock. Started when two of the members saw a guy with short hair and a safety pin on a moped and they tried to hunt him down on their tandem bicycle, because they needed members for the band…[more]

August 10th 2013

Krunch – När Varje Steg Är Ett Snesteg (1984)

One of mine, the Editor, favorite band. It’s sad that this 18 track tape by Krunch (Timrå, Sweden) never was put out on vinyl…[more]

August 10th 2013

Rövsvett – Demo (1984)

The first cassette with the punk band that got the coolest name; Rövsvett . It means basically Arse-sweat. After this killer demo, this Tranås act (Sweden) made a bunch of killer records…[more]

A:ugust 6th 2013

Snobb slakt ‎– Anti Disco (1983)

Helsingborg hardcore (Sweden) on Ägg Tapes & Records…[more]

May 20:th 2013

Declino / Negazione ‎– Mucchio Selvaggio (1984)

Classic Italian hardcore split. This tape was later released on vinyl…[more]

March 23:rd 2013

Big Willys – Refuse It (1985)

This band was more a project with some 15-16 years old kids that was that went to the same school but some moved out of the city Sandviken (some 2 hours drive north of Stockholm). They met each other on major holidays and recorded a bunch of tapes. Here is one…[more]

March 21:st 2013

Total Armsvett – S/T (1983)

Total Armsvett is know more under the name name Disarm (Gothenburg, Sweden). A rare tape on Really Fast Cassette. Real Lärm hardcore…[more]

March 19:th 2013

The Bristles – Ban the Punkshops (1983)

From Landskrona, Sweden. This is the re-issue on Jungle Hop with different take versus the Ägg Tape…[more]

March 18:th 2013

Nyx Negativ – S/T (1983)

Awesome Rå-punk tape, by Nyx Negativ. An EP followed in 1986 but it’s not as good as this. Love it…[more]

March 18:th 2013

Junkyard – S/T (1984)

On notorious label Ägg Tapes. A few good songs and a few shitty ones – audio quality good however…[more]

March 16:th 2013

Avskum – Live At Blitz (1985)

Poor audio record from the Blitz house in Oslo, Norway…[more]

March 15:th 2013

Desperate Brains – Demo ’86 (1986)

Unknown tape and band…[more]

March 15:th 2013

Svart Parad – Multi Svält (1985)

This is the 4:th demo by this Hedemora (Sweden), dark hardcore band…[more]

March 14:th 2013

Svart Parad – Myteri (1984)

Said to be Sweden’s first straight edge band, not really the true. Their first demo with a dark hardcore sound…[more]

March 10:th 2013

Mob 47 – Sjuk Värld (1984)

Mob 47’s second demo. I really love this raw, fast and tight hardcore…[more]

March 2:nd 2013

Asta Kask – The Last Tour ’86 (1986)

This is nothing for audiophiles or even Asta Kask (Sweden) fans. It’s a live direct to tape-recording from Kulturhuset in Jönköping (Sweden) done September 27:th 1986…[more]

March 2:nd 2013

Abstain ‎– Superiority Complex (1996)

Put your crash helmets on – because this is fast…[more]

February 21:th 2013

Banta 1 – Swedish Compilation (198?)

With Asocial (Hedemora), Bad Boys (Halmstad), Kamp (Stockholm), Sinnesfrid (Hultsfred), Vicious Uniforms (Halmstad), Charta-77 (Köping), the Assholes (Unknown city), Tre Små Barn (Kvillsfors), SusAnna (Unknown city) and G-anx (Huskvarna)…[more]

February 20:th 2013

Stress – Compilation (1986)

Compilation with With Kromozon 4 (France), Terveet Kädet (Finland), Büld (Denmark), Societys Problem (UK), Direct Attack (UK), Second Auschwitz (Holland), Bloedbad (Holland), Massacre (Finland) and N.B.C (UK)…[more]

February 20:th 2013

Sauna – El Leiki (1991)

Despite the title this is a Swedish band, from Kalmar I believe. They made a split with Disrupt (USA) a couple of years later…[more]

February 17:th 2013

Rapsodie En France Vol. 1 – Compilation Tape (1985)

French sampler with Les Vandales, Rapt, Final Blast, Kromozom 4, Butcher, Heimat Los, Bloody Fucker and Gonokoko…[more]

January 31:th 2013

Lov & Orden? – Norwegian compilation (1987)

Norwegian sampler with Barn av Regnbuen, So Much Hate, Brent Flagg, Overlagt Drap, Flink Bisk, Utdendørs Klaustrophobi, Kafka Prosess, Angor Wat and Tvang…[more]

January 14:th 2013

Swedish Punk – Compilation (1985)

With a bunch of bands, some well known and some I never heard about…[more]

January 13:th 2013

Tour De Farce #2 (1987)

International punk compilation with 41 bands from 34 countries…[more]

January 13:th 2013

Kill For Peace! – Compilation Tape

Mid 80’s tape with With Indirekt, Peinlich Unlimited, Extrem, Heimatlos, Challanger Crew, Dum Spiro Spero, Emils, The Ewings, Kina, The Ruminants and Circle of Sig Tiu…[more]

November 19:th 2012

Missbrukarna – Krigets Gentlemän (1983)

Any fan of Swedish old school hardcore punk got to love Missbrukarna and this tape in particular. In my opinion one of the top five tapes for pre-86 Swedish HC…[more]

November 18:th 2012

Puke – Ställd Mot En Vägg (1984)

Another great Swedish hardcore band. This is their first tape….[more]

November 18:th 2012

Mögel – Desperata Liv Desperata Skrik (1988)

Another long standing act – this time from Borås, Sweden. Their first demo…[more]

November 17:th 2012

Anti-Cimex and More – Compilation Tape (1982)

This Swedish tape makes me quite confused. The sleeve says Anti-Cimex – Anarkist Attack but it actually a compilation tape. With Kloak, Avfall, Anti-Cimex, Advants and Lobotomi, really early recordings…[more]

November 16:th 2012

Moderat Likvidation – Before Eigthyfour (1983)

Classic early tape debut by awesome Malmö (Sweden) hardcore act….. [more]

November 16:th 2012

Anti-Avans – Demo 84 (1984)

The only demo by this Munkedal (Sweden) band. An EP came later…. [more]

October 22:nd 2012

Došao-Je-Kraj – Ex Yogoslavia compilation (1985)

Early and awesome Ex-Yugo compilation – check it out…. [more]

October 22:nd 2012

Defiance – Live in Warsaw (1995)

Live in Warsaw with this anarcho punk act from Portland, USA …… [more]

October 22:nd 2012

Dvadeset 4 Časa – Rocknroll Je Prošlost, IPAK

This is an ex-Yogoslavia punk and hardcore compilation tape. Year unknown but lost likely 1987 or 1988… [more]

October 22:nd 2012

Beograd OK! – Compilation (1986)

This is a punk and hardcore compilation tape from Belgrade (ex Yugoslavia)… [more]

October 21:st 2012

Kävelevä Räkä – Sota Sun Kadulla (2001)

Finnish oi / punk – their only release….[more]

October 21:st 2012

Chron Gen – Live at Leicester (1981)

Chron Gen was formed in the late 70′s and made success with their first EP Puppets of War in 1981. That’s the same year of this recording (however – the tape was released in 2000)…. [more]

October 10:th 2012

Another Kick In The Balls – Female Compilation Tape (1988)

This is an international compilations tape with bands with female members. It’s punk but also metal and more. Some really awesome bands. Figure out for yourself…..[more]

October 10:th 2012

Bannlyst – Angor Wat – Split (1984)

Two Norwegian hardcore acts on one tape….[more]

October 10:th 2012

Medelin – Contra El V Cenetario (1992)

Medelin, Colombia, compilation tape with criticism of the 500 anniversary of the discovery of America.With Desastre, Raxis, G.P, Imagen, Desahogo, Hartos de Ti, Censura and Agresion Social…[more]

October 7:th 2012

Få Framtida Tilbake – Compilation (1985)

With Sista Dagars Helvete, Capital Scum, A/B Hjerntvett, Scapegoats, Landssvik, US Distress, Svart Hvitur Draumur, Section 5, Heimat-los, Moskwa, Cronic Submission, Angor Wat, Kromozon 4, Vicious Cripple, Krigsropet, Flesh D-vice, the Headsmen, Snobbslakt, Mob 47, Abaddon and Total Armsvett…[more]

October 7:th 2012

Kemi Palaa – Compilation (1985)

Finnish compilation, that all I understand – some good bands, with Karsta, Ulan Bator, Kuolma, MAP, Trotski Beat and TNT…[more]

October 6:th 2012

Raped Ass 1 – Compilation (1983)

I don’t know if you can use the word classic for a compilation tape, but if so, this is one! With Nyx Negativ, Avskum, Destruktiva Liv, Rolf och Revoltörerna, Kurt i Kuvös, Sötlimpa, Missbrukarna, Asta Kask, Strawdogs, Sune Studs och Grönlandsrockarna, Moderat Likvidation, Svea Rikes Hjältar, Förbudt Ungdom and Sabotage 81…[more]

September 30:th 2012

Concrete – Prediction – Demo (1983)

Danish Concrete with Johnny Concrete but also Kevin from Electric Deads…[more]

September 29:th 2012

Potas – Basta Ya!!! – Demo (1987)

The band is from Burgos (between Madrid and Bilbao) and delivers a bunch of 1 minute tracks…[more]

September 27:th 2012

Hard Core or what – Xcentric Noise Tapes

This tape was released Xcentric Noise Tapes (UK) which later also put out vinyl. It has an awesome set of hardcore bands…[more]

September 18:th 2012

Varning för punk 2 (1983)

On this Swedish tape you will find N.O.S, Avskum, Mob 47, OI Division, Sötlimpa, E.A.T.E.R, Rattus, Disgrace, S.S.H, Asocial, 6-10 Redlös, Bristles, Svea Svin, Absurd, Fosgen, Destruktiva Liv…[more]

September 18:th 2012

Asocial / Bedrövlers split – How can hardcore be any worse vol 1?

A split tape from Uproar Records and Tapes…[more]

September 17:th 2012

Fetvadd International Tape 1

Fetvadd was a fanzine based in Tranås Sweden by Löken (Rövsvett) and his friends. Some 8 fanzines was made and about the same number of tapes. This is an international tape…..[more]

September 17:th 2012

Svenska Spelmanslag 1 (1984)

This is an awesome Swedish compilation with good audio quality. I love the usage of the Swedish word Råpunk which was used before we got hardcore in the Swedish vocabulary….[more]

September 16:th 2012

Asocial / Distrust – Live at the International Youth Center – April 28:th 1984

Yeah – you guess right – live recordings. Check pictures for track-list. For you who have checked out other tapes need no introduction to Asocial or Distrust….[more]

September 16:th 2012

GBG-Punx – The Ultimate Experience (1985)

Gothenburg tribute band…[more]

September 15:th 2012

Kloak Skrål Nr ETT and Nr TVÅ (1983)

Kloaken Alternativa Antistudio in Töreboda recorded shitload of Swedish punk bands, with Dead Corruption, DNA, Diablesse Grupp 6, Rated, Product Assar, Asta Kask, Anti Cimex, X-Rated, Ernst And The Edsholm Rebels aka E.A.T.E.R, Nyx Negativ, Bristless, Gunner Zide, Avskum, Sune Studs & Grönlandsrockarna, Sixten Redlös and Svea Skandal…[more]

September 15:th 2012

Let’s Burn compilations vol 1, 2, 3, 4

Let’s burn was an excellent fanzine from Växjö (Sweden) [more] by Max Thornell from the mid 80’s. When not making fanzines a set of compilation tapes was made as well. Here are four of them posted…[more]

September 13:th 2012

Egg-mangel – Compilation (1986)

This tape has excellent audio quality live recordings from Järva Folkets park. With Krunch, Disarm, Rövsvett, Total Egon, Disaccord, Ur Funktion, Kazjurol, Raped Teenagers and Svart Parad…[more]

September 9:th 2012

Knallepunk – Vol 3 (1994)

Rockborgen compilation tape with Luskerman, Banal A, TNM, Shitsmell, Vaccum, Rabies, Castor Fiber, Impotent Orgasm, Mögel, Abnorm Agression, Carlstens Kanyler, Kromosom, Baccus Trälar and Misstro….[more]

September 8:th 2012

Dross – Demo (1987)

Dross was a hardcore band from Gävle , Sweden…[more]

September 8:th 2012

Punk för fan Nr 1 – Compilation (1985)

With Mob 47, Asocial, Aska Kask, BMH, AWH, D.N.A Agression, Svea Skandal and Charta 77…[more]

September 8:th 2012

Fanx – Live 83 – Compilation

Live recordings from Linköping with Zeb and the fast ones, Kosmos Pojkarna, Disgust, Bader Meinhof, Destroy T.S.N, Halv UKGJ, Anti-Cimex…[more]

September 7:th 2012

Distrust – A Dream of Peace (1983)

Distrust was headed by Kenneth ”Dåren” Wiklund – great HC…[more]

September 6:th 2012

R.T.S / Asocial – Cassette EP (1984)

With a rare Red-Tape Thrash Survey that is surprisingly good …[more]

September 6:th 2012

Really Fast – Kass 2 Compilation (198?)

With P-Nissarna, Han i fröet, Mob 47, Terror Pop, Bristles, AB Hjärntvätt, Kalas Boys, Asocial, SSG = Sune Studs och Grönlandsrockarna. – Good audio quality aswell …[more]

September 5:th 2012

Really Fast – Kass 1 Compilation (198?)

With Hidden Industrials from Stenungsund – Awesome …[more]

September 5:th 2012

Project A – Anarchy is right for me – Demo (1985)

This is a one man band by Tony Sundstrand …[more]

September 4:th 2012

No War No More Vol 1 . Compilation tape (198?)

With four bands : Kurt i kuvös, Asocial, Distrust, B.T.D. …[more]

September 3:rd 2012

Stockholm’s Mangel – Compilation tape (1985)

Yeah – Mangel – translate that!!! With three bands : MOB 47, Crudity and Agoni.. …[more]

September 3:rd 2012

Kloak Mix 3 – Compilation tape (1985)

With Raped Teenagers, S.O.D, Asta Kask, Asocial, Distrust, Herraids and Mob 47. …[more]

September 1:st 2012

WAX – Punk och Kärlek (1983)

I demand that the master tapes are found and that this demo is released on vinyl!!! …[more]

September 1:st 2012

Kloak Mix (1983)

Early recordings with bands like Disgust, Unter Den Linden, Rövsvett, Snorleifs, Albyl, R.T.S and Raalph. On SPUNK Tapes …[more]

August 31:th 2012

Noize of Norway (1985)

Compiled in 1984 with the elite of Norwegian hardcore. There are some real HC burner on this one – Enjoy …[more]

August 31:th 2012

Punk el Ole Koullut compilation from P. Tuotanto (1981)

Early P. Tuotanto compilation tape. With Terveet Kädet / IDO-59 / Synti / Kaaos / Karsta / Rutto / Rattus / Subhumans / Nukketeatteri / Huvudvätt / Vaapa Pääsy / Ligkapellet….[more]

August 30:th 2012

Bizex-B – Rare 1981 demo prior the two LP releases

Bisex-B was from Gävle, Sweden. This rare demo exist only in 40 copies. It’s great…[more]


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