Angst – Compilation (1984)

January 4th 2013 – Mainly Danish bands

Angst – Compilation

Boston Tea Party ‎– HØ-HØ 3 – 1984 – Cassette

Face A / Face B (mp3 320 kbps)

FLAC files available on request

Boston Tea Party out of Albertsund in Denmark released a bunch tapes in the mid 80’s. This site also got the Stress compilation posted. This is the 3rd tape in the series. Most interesting is that about half of the bands are from Denmark: First of out the Danes are the mighty War of Destruction (Århus) but you will also find The Razor Blades (Odense), Actions of a Mad Man (Glostrup – Copenhagen) and one of the rare records of Illegal 80 (Espergærde). On the international side there are No Label (Swansea, Wales), The Stoned Rayzen (UK), Hemlösa Hemorrojder (Landskrona, Sweden) and finally Bayonet (Finland).

This tape is a mix of hardcore and punk, some of my personal DK/HC faves are on it – War of Destruction and The Razor Blades.

I was trying to find out more about the band Illegal 80 and found this tape on eBay, price was okay and the tape was some interesting Danish hardcore releases – so here it is. And now I know how Illegal 80 sound like, bloody awesome!!!. Check ’em out – it’s the 3 last songs on side B.

Click on the images to expand the higher resolution to see the tracks.

Front of sleeve and

Fold-out sleeve, front

Fold-out sleeve, rear


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