The most collectable Swedish punk records

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There have been two Swedish books released which covers Swedish punk records. First out were Peter Jandreus book The encyclopedia of Swedish punk 1977-1987 (2008) and in 2012 Peter Kagerland released the book Ny Våg – Svensk Punk / New Wave / Synth 1977-1982 . Both books have grading system from 1 to 10. Records with the grading 10 is the most collectable or at least the most valuable.

In this article we will cover the most valuable records (graded 10) and sort them from the least rare to the rarest record. This list will only contain official releases. Rare sleeve versions, vinyl colors, labels, misprints, mispresses and records that only made it to a test press or acetate will be presented in an APPENDIX below.

We believe that the value of a record is determined simply by supply and demand. We see a few factors that will establish the value of a record:

  • Uncommon: Obviously the value of a record is determined of how rare it. However, as you will see below – it’s a large difference of a Swedish punk record from 1978 in 100 copies and the same from 2010.
  • Context: The context is how the record fits in collectors’ scope. It’s not uncommon that some collect on Swedish punk between 1978 and 1982. Any punk record (even though they sound similar) outside that scope or context is not interesting for such a collectors. Typical records early in the development of a genre (for genre collectors) are more interesting for collectors.
  • Quality: For records above there are certain views on quality. All collectors (even completist collectors) like music and have no urge to own records with bad bands
  • Size of the collector community: A record might be rare, have the right context and be good. However – for some genres (like noise) there are few collectors in relation to the number of available records – and therefore the prices are low. For punk or metal however, there is a lot of collectors
  • Macro economy: We admit that we are stereotyping stating that the taste of music is developed when we are relative young and it sticks as you get older. When you are young, the records are new and cheap, and when people get older (and the down payment of that car or apartment is done) the record collectors have more cash and by so the records become more expensive.

This list has been compiled by the editor of this site and KBD Martin at Killed by Death Records. To support we have used the most knowledgeable persons in Sweden. Both Lars Sjögren and Joakim “Mint Condition” Gävert have contributed with images and ranking. Anders Håkansson has contributed with releases on the appendix and added valuable comments to the 30-list. Stefan Renström (owner of Trash Palace in Stockholm) has supported with valuation. Both Peter Jandreus and certainly Peter Kagerland have given valuable input and rare images to the appendix. We owe them both everything, this list would be impossible without their fantastic books, thanks!!!

February 6:th – Adding rare Bristles sleeve

January 25:th. – Correcting information about labels on Homy Hogs

December 16:th 2012 – The first version

All rips and images are from your own collection, expect where other sources are mentioned.

It should be noted that there are for sure incorrect statement in this article, if you know more – drop us a message below. Also – all records in this list are for sale. Any bids above 1 million dollars (per record) will carefully be considered by me (the editor) and KBD Martin.

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Crucified By The System

Not On Label – 002 – 1984 – 7″

Glöm Aldrig Hiroshima

Avskum is a D-beat band from Kristinehamn that was inspired by bands like Anti-Cimex and DNA. Formed in 1982, but the band took a pause as from 1988 to 1995. The later due to: quote; the result of the search for a “new musical direction” was so horrible that we decided to give it all up. end quote.

This 6 song EP was a self-release. True originals sleeves have the second “C” in “CRUCIFIED” changed from S to C with Tipp-ex as the cover was misprinted as “CRUSIFIED”. Also the record shall have Matrix URAN 222 Aˈ LP LR/CR on the A-side. There is Belgian bootleg from the early 90’s and Prank records also made a re-issue in 1997.

Fold out sleeve with credits and lyrics printed on the inside.

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Jag Vill Må Bra

EFMD Records – EFMD 1 – 1981 – 7″

Jag Vill Må Bra

A little pearl from the suburbs of Stockholm. Tuppjukk was a short lived trio that did punk rock their own, made some 10 local gigs and released their own record (300 copies). They also formed the organization EFMD (translated into – United Front Against Disco). As a label they also released the excellent ABKK “Ronny” 7″. This record has two short and fast punk songs. If you listen to it you realize why the collectors want this record.

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Fredagskväll / Hitten

Not On Label – GWS 7801 – 1978 – 7″


This is one release that I know absolutely nothing about. The record is from KBD Martin’s collection. Good I have the book Ny Våg – Svensk Punk / New Wave / Synth 1977-1982 by Peter Kagerland; Here I read that the band was from Tranås and was headed by Håkan Schüler (vox & guitar) and the members were inspired by the first wave of American and UK punk bands. The record was pressed in 300 copies. After Gollywog quit, Håkan moved over to Nässjö-based Rottweiler.

Looking for VG+ or better. Drop a comment if you have anything for sale.

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Ny Betong – NB 01 – 1979- 7″


This is a really good and solid punk record that many are looking for. It was hard to pick a song as all are good. Pressed in 500 copies (disputed). Skäms was from Kristinehamn and only made this release. The band members split the records between them to design their own sleeves. Of that reason there are three sleeves. The Mona Lisa sleeve is most common followed by the band sleeve and finally the Solider Sleeve which was only made in 30 copies. The rating is for the most common sleeve (Mona Lisa) …[more]

Fold out sleeve. Note that the middle sleeve below is the mid 90’s Xerox and not the 1979 Xerox. The print and paper is slightly different.

Three sleeve versions:

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Regerings Stödda Mord

Not On Label – 001 – 1984 – 7″

Regerings Stödda Mord

Another great early Gothenburg hardcore band – active at the same time as Anti-Cimex and Mob 47. An overall excellent EP that is on the want list for collectors of hardcore. They made a second EP, Dömd, which is also quite hard to find complete (with the sticker). The sleeve on this release is in two pieces of paper and the record has white labels. There is bootleg out also. The original record has matrix TLA – 001 – A TX.84 on side A. I heard that 1,000 copies where pressed of this release, but it seems a little high. There is a 2012 re-issue from Voltage Records as well…[more]

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Anti Cimex

Raped Ass

A Records – 001 – 1983- 7″

Raped Ass

Yeah – there are two Anti-Cimex records on on the list. The A-record release of Raped Ass was pressed in 1,200 copies making it one of the largest presses on this list. However – being the pioneers of Swedish D-beat – there are a lot of international collectors who are looking for this record. Also – it came in a thick pocket sleeve without inner sleeve – which means that it hard to find a good EX copy as they vinyl got worn as the record was pulled out and put back in that hard sleeve. Raped Ass was also released on Hardcore Horror Records (clear vinyl) in 1986 and also by Really Fast Records. All these released are hard to come by. On top of that there are some tour sleeve versions that are very rare. Some of them will be presented in the appendix below. And finally … for the real collector nerds. It exist one copy of this record with a large center hole.

The images and sound clip is stolen from Bad Good Music as I could not locate my copy. (March 2013 – Found it !!!)

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Shit Kids

Jag Måste Ha Ett Jobb

Viboquette – EVQ 090401 – 1979- 7″

Frösö Sjukhus 1984

The first EP by Shit Kids, from Östersund in Sweden. In December 1978 the EP Jag Måste Ha Ett Jobb (I need to get a job) was recorded and the record was released in 1979. It became an instant local cult record and we love it. Some copies came with and insert is hard to come by. The points are for a complete copy with insert (copies without the insert is still worth 10 points). The band made a second EP as well…[more]

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Huvudtvätt / Picnic Boys


Massproduktion – MASS Z-16 – 1981 – 7″ – Huvudtvätt sleeve

Smutsig Byk / Huvudtvätt

When the two brothers Mats and Torulf Nilsson moved from Sundsvall to Linköping it was not possible to continue with their old band, Massmedia. Mats were very much influenced by the American hardcore scene and Huvudtvätt / Headcleaners was formed. As a band they only made one gig but they were active recording and making records. The EP “Disinfection” (5 presses with different sleeves) was with English lyrics (as Headcleaners). This release is a split with Picnic Boys and was totally pressed in 600 copies split into two sleeves (Huvudtvätt sleeve and Picnic Boys sleeve), all numbered. The Picnic sleeve is also considerd very rare and command more or less similar points. The band also made a compilation EP (ExtremP) with this EP on one side and the A-side of the Disinfection on the other side (there are 4 different presses of ExttremP). Both the first Disinfection and the first ExtermP are also +10 points records. Finally they made an EP on Xcentric Noise Records in 1983. The band had at least 4 different singers during their 4 years of existence. The editor of this site is a big fan of Huvudtvätt and all seven inch releases can be viewed [here]

The sleeve is glossy and is folded over the record.

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Missbrukarna / Panik


Forsaljud – FOLS 12 – 1980 – 7″

Du Är Inte Du

When I (the editor) and KBD Martin listed the top three records on this list we noted that we both had this one the list. This EP is a split with Missbrukarna / Panik, both from Hudiksvall. It was pressed in 1,000 copies and many in the collector community are looking for this split and I guess find the Missbrukarna side most attractive. Missbrukarna also made a killer tape in 1983 that I still play regularly. Missbrukarna have also made a compilation LP. To command top price the slightly oversized sleeve needs to be in EX condition and it has to be one of the 100 copies that had the insert. Otherwise is less than 10 points. “Zooma in en Zombie” …[more]

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Desperate Livin’

Stilla Natt

Desperate Records – CTR1081 – 1981- 7″

Stilla Natt

Desperate Livin’ was a short lived band from Stockholm and they made their gigs in the Stockholm region. This EP has 4 great songs and Stilla Natt is a really great proto-hardcore tune. I don’t know what happened with the members after the band quit. I have heard that they preferred they demo-tape that made. I would love to hear that. This record was pressed in 300 copies and to command full points the insert must be included….[more]

The insert came in various colors

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Demo (Correct press)

Heartwork Records – HW 14 – 1980- 7″


There are two versions of this release but the one that command high points is the the version that the songs Kamikaze / Discobranden / Tågbangården on the label and these songs on the record as well. Only 50 copies of the correct pressed release exist and it’s this release that command the high points. These copies has matrix HW14 A CR (A-side) and HW 14 B CR (B-side).

There was also a mispress with the song Chock instead of Discobranden. They are relative common. These copies has matrix 14 A CR on the A-side and HW-14-B3-CR on the B-side. The Kamikaze is the same version but there are two different takes for Tågbangården which that also is 30 seconds longer compared to the correct press..

Not issued with picture sleeve, but a stamped jacket should be included (see picture). Both records above have PD carved and GP-1 stamped on the run-out area.

Looking for VG+ or better. Drop a comment if you have anything for sale.

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Kitchen & The Plastic Spooon’s

Serve You!

Kitchooons Plastics – IK 001 – 1980- 7″

Happy Funeral

Kitchen and the Plastic Spoon’s was a synthesizer based punk band from Stockholm with members from Psycho and Porno Pop. A few gigs was made but in 1981 some members left and the band reformed into Kitchen and somewhat changed their sound. This 7″ was pressed in 300 copies. The sleeve came in the following colors: Red, beige, white, green and yellow. It was also released later the same year with another sleeve which you can see here. I don’t know if that was a re-press or not. On top of this, they also made a testpress of this release with 4 songs but decided to go for a 2 song record instead.

For more check out the database.

The images are from the web. The audio clip is from Killed by Death Records.

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PF Commando

Svenne Pop

Comm Records – COMM PF 1 – 1978- 7″


PF Commando was the first punk band out of Gävle (about 2 hours car drive north of Stockholm). As a band they influenced the local punk scene. On top of that there was a cheap studio in Hille where a lot of local bands made recordings. This excellent release was pressed in 365 copies. It holds two songs in Swedish and one in English. PF Commando later made the first self-released LP in 1979 (Manipulerade Mongon) which is given in any serious Swedish punk collection.

The only available information we have on alternative sleeve is that 4 sleeves was made which had parts the live picture from the later released album glued on the sleeve. This sleeve was sold at Skivbutiken in Gävle in conjunction of the release of the LP. We have not added them to the appendix as we can’t fully link them to the band. This sleeve is a glued pocket sleeve but a few fold out sleeves are in circulation as well.

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Åminne Punkfiesta


Åminne Räckårds – SKLP 002 – 1981- LP

Vanvett – Kurts Klagoord

Compilation records are normally not in the focus of collectors. Here is a great one however. Åminne Punkfiesta is a compilation LP from Värnamo in Sweden. For most bands this was the only official recording. Its unclear how many copies was made but it have to be very few as this record rarely shows up.

Tracklist: 1 Nu Är Det Slut with AKUPUNKTUR, 2 Nollställning with MAHATMA POP, 3 Barn I Bland with TVÄRTOM, 4 Liv Eller Död with ABSTRAKT, 5 Kurts Klagoord with VANVETT, 6 Hr Andersson with TVÄRTOM, 7 Släng Ditt Våpen with ABSTRAKT, 8 Pansarvagn with MAHATMA POP, 9 Värnamo Stad – AKUPUNKTUR, 10 Arbetarblues with VANVETT, 11 Ensam with MONO

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The Moderns

The Year Of Today

Not On Label – EUEP 010 – 1979- 7″

The Year of Today

Well – maybe not punk, but a great mod / power pop EP with a band that played on the same shows as the first generation of punk bands. According to us – this record deserves to be on the list. Moderns from Malmö was both inspired by the Who and the Jam and this is their debut (self-released) EP, pressed in 500 copies. They did not only do gigs in Sweden, but managed to make a successful UK tour. If you liked it check out the KBD Records post to listen to the whole record.

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Kriminella Gitarrer

Vårdad Klädsel

Kloaak – MPGK 001 – 1978- 7″

Vårdad klädsel

The debate which was the first Swedish punk record will be an endless event. In our view this record was the first with a true punk sound. Kriminella Gitarrer (Translation – Criminal Guitars) from Klippan was formed in 1977 and made a four channel recording in January 1978 and the record, in mono, was released in February the same year. It was pressed in 500 copies and the sleeves were done with a professional xerox machine. The line up was Stry Terrarie (later Besökarna, Ebba Grön and Imperiet), Sticky Bomb (later Torsson and Wilmer X), Affe and Mats. The full story is here (in Swedish)

The title song “Vårdad Klädsel” is a reference to the expected dress code for the “dance-restaurants” that were common in Sweden in these days. The band is pictured outside one of them on the front picture sleeve.

There are two sleeve versions for this record and the most common is pictured here, while the rarer version is in the appendix below. The sleeve is a fold out sleeve.

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En Våldtäkt I Vinyl

Rebel Records – RLP 002 – 1983 – LP

Gävle Spelar Bara Jazz

Of the middle sized Swedish cities, Gävle had a lot of punk bands. First of was PF Commando, a band that inspired Bizex-B to form a band in 1980. First the band made a demo tape in 1981 but instead like other making seven inch records, Bizex-B made two LP’s. The first one was “Vi Lever” from 1982 which has a quite proto-hardcore sound. It was followed by “En Våldtäkt I Vinyl” (A rape on vinyl) in 1983. At this time the band had a slower beat.

The name Bizex-B is a joke with the dance-band Wisex. They played mainly in the region as the vocalist, Sluggo Pop, did not like to travel. They stopped playing due to mildly said “difference in religious views”, but are now active again. This record was pressed in 300 copies. These were stored in a shed which burnt down so only 100 records survived, explaining why it’s so rare.

The record has either white labels or orange labels (with track list). At least one copy has Njurmännen labels. A few sleeves are black and white. The paper is glossy.

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GBG 1982

Not On Label – SL – 8206 – 1982 – 7″


The first and most mythical Swedish D-beat band, recorded already in 1982. The very specific guitar sound was created by pushing a syringe through the speakers in the amps. The title GBG is acronym for Gothenburg. A must-have for any serious collector of hardcore punk and it’s the editor’s favorite record on this list…[more]

The record has white label. There is a bootleg circulating as well.

the editor is interested in most releases by Shitlickers, drop a comment if you have anyting for sale

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Blodig Stad

Bullshit Recordz – 002 – 1983- 7″

Statens Maktspel

When Absurd started to play hardcore in Gothenburg in 1982 they did not get to much respect. However, they went into the studio and magic happened. To everyone surprise they spit out this hardcore burner. I think the sound is quite unique compared to the d-beat band that came at the same time. The band was relative short lived band and quit in 1983. In 1993 Absurd did a reunion for the Gothenburg hardcore CD. The vocalist Måns had at that time become a priest and did the gig in his leather stud jacket and his priest collar tab. As the original bass player was not interested in a reunion Måns brought is priest colleague to play the bass. Those who made the show are lucky dudes …[more]

The record is a white label. Matrix is SL – 8211 – A LR/CR. An insert should be included to get full points.

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Vås Punx

TST Records – 001 – 1980- 7″

Väktarnas Värld

T.S.T. is an abbreviation of The Shock Treatment, a flirt with the Ramones. T.S.T was from Västerås (Vås in the title). This 4 song EP was brutal stuff in 1980 and was self-released record that was pressed only in 300 copies. It always used to quite rare here in Sweden, but as the international hardcore collectors learned about it the price went up to the sky. So those of you who bought in cheap some years ago should smile now. TST later cut an LP and two 12 inch as well.

The sleeve is printed pocket sleeve.

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Homy Hogs

Nöje För Nekrofiler

No Records – HH 1- 1981- LP – Single Sided

(When The) Butcherman (Is Smelling A Hog-Cunt)

Notorious (at least locally) and cartoonish punk, proto-hardcore band from Bro outside Stockholm. This record was pressed in 150 to 200 copies.

Correcting earlier text – Some copies comes with stamped labels, according to the band the records was stamped random meaning that there are no release order that can be retrieved by stamped or non-stamped labels.

The sleeve is a plain white sleeve with the artwork paper glued onto it. [More]

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Ebba Grön


Efel – SEF 7840 – 1978- 7″


In Sweden I don’t know about anyone who hasn’t heard about Ebba Grön. For those of you that are completely illiterate of Swedish punk here is the short story: The band was formed in Rågsved (Southern Stockholm) by Joakim Thåström (Pimme), Fjodor and Gurra in 1978. They made 3 LP’s and moved from underground to mainstream. Later Stry from (Kriminella Gitarrer, Besökarna etc) joined. In 1983 the band decided to quit, Fjodor decided to do something else and the other continued with Rymdimperiet, later Imperiet.

This record was recorded in 3 hours and was self-financed by the band. Apparently they were not completely sober during the recording despite starting 9 o’clock in the morning. With pictures taken in a coin photo-machine a sleeve was made. It was pressed in 200 copies with black sleeve and 300 copies with blue sleeve. The black is considered the first sleeve. The rating is for the black sleeve. A re-issue was later done on Mistlur Records. There are two kick-ass punk songs (Profit / Ung & Sänkt)- enjoy!!!

The images are from the web. The audio rip is from the Mistlur press.


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Anarkist Attack

Bullshit Recordz – BULLSHIT 001- 1982 – 7″


Anti-Cimex is the most sought Swedish hardcore band among the international hardcore collecting community. First based in Skövde this Discharge influenced primitive d-beat band put out the first EP in 1982. The EP has four songs and it is quite primitive hardcore. It’s the only Anti-Cimex release where Nillen did the singing. What make it so rare is that (for EX condition) is that the fold-over sleeve didn’t come out right as the front and the back are not aligned (the back sleeve was at a 90° angle compared to the front sleeve), so the band/label (and fans too) cut them out so a one-piece sleeve is hard to come by. A cut sleeve whatever nice condition can never be graded higher than VG. However – even split-sleeve command top points. This release was pressed in 500 copies but it’s still hard to find.

The insert is in size A4.

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Bad Boo Band

Knulla I Bangkok

Bad Productions – GB-7210 – 1979 – 7″

Knulla i Bangkok

Few have heard, and less has seen Bad Boo Band from Hedemora. This record was made without having played the songs live. Most sources mention 150 copies and other 300. I myself believe the first due to the fact it never shows up. The title song translates into “Fucking in Bangkok” and is a critic of prostitution. There is no picture sleeve. The band releases a second seven-inch but had stopped playing that time. [more]

The images and audio clips is not from our collection

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lemaj Skivor – IEMAJ-003 – 1980 – 7″


Shas was a short lived punk band from Åsa. They played 77-punk at a time when everyone started to play harder punk. They mainly did local gigs and a show with GLO in Southern Sweden. A gig for the local radio station was done as well. It’s unclear how many copies was pressed but after selling a few records the band went to a bridge and used the remaining EP as frisbees. This explains the few copies that circulate among collectors. There are 4 songs on this EP of which one is more ska than punk. By the way – it’s KBD Martins favorite release on this list.

The sleeve is a glued pocket sleeve.

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Kessler Jugend G.m.b.H.

Full Insyn

Golden Shower Records – GS 002 – 1985 – 7″

Ge Fan I Moppen, Hej

Kessler Jugend GmbH was from Stockholm had played together some years before this and the previous record Shoot’zem (On The Spot) / Vistrohajre (For A New Germany) came out. Some awesome tunes and a very small release. Most sources mention 150 to 200 copies. The song “Ge Fan i Moppen, Hej” is based on a true event as the band (under the influence of alcohol) stole/borrowed a moped …[more]

The sleeve comes in two pieces. The paper is thin. The labels are glued on the white labels from the pressing. This record was also release under the band name “Dödgrävarakademin”

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Kessler Jugend G.m.b.H.

Shoot’zem (On The Spot) / Vistrohajre (For A New Germany)

Golden Shower Records – KJ 1 – 1983 – 7″

Shoot’zem (On The Spot)

A quite avant-garde version of punk with strange lyrics with references German Nazis?. First time I heard and saw this record on the web I thought it was some kind of a prank record by some students in either Lund or Uppsala. However – the band is from Stockholm and their second seven inch (above) is good. The full meaning of this record however is buried with the members. Anyhow – it’s very rare (and it extremely rare that I play it) – and stuff like that get’s the collector scum going…

This release comes with a wrap-around sleeve. The record (not pictured) is white label. My copy has no writing on the label.

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57 Kez


Rockslaget – ROSLA 1 – 1980 – 7″ – Glued Sleeve


Punk act from Southern Sweden; started by some really young kids. Only 150 to 200 copies were made. On top of that most records were thrown to the audience during the concert. What makes it even rarer is that there are two main sleeve versions, the glued pocket sleeve (slightly oversized) considered be the first. Finding a copy in EX condition is hard…[More].

The second sleeve version is two pieces of paper. Two various pink shades exists.

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Framför Flötet

Tro Inte På Allt Du Läser / Vemod

Not On label – FF-S-1 – 1983- 7″ Single Sided

Tro Inte på Allt Du Läser / Vemod

Possible the most mythical record and much disputed if it even existed. For many collectors it showed up the first time in Peter Jandreus book from 2008. The band name is a joke with an expression of being stupid and the first songs actually means “Don’t believe everything you read”. With that background several collectors though that Peter was pulling a prank. On top of it all the re-issue was released on April Fools Day in 2012.

Interviewing the author, Peter Jandreus, he told us that the met one member by co-incidence on holiday abroad and got a copy. It was a short lived band that worked in the mine in Kiruna in Northern Sweden and pulled together a punk band for a few months. The press must have been very small, either a larger test press or a promo-press. Few copies have surfaced. We have been in contact with the label that made the re-issue in 2012 but have not received any answers on the original release. The owner of the record pictured here was told that the record was given away on a private party (second source). As said – very little is know. Original records has matrix FF-S-1.

Of the two copies of the original release we know about one have a large center hole and the other a small center hole (pictured here). The audio clip above is from the re-press.

Any condition. Drop a comment if you have anything for sale.

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Vicious Vision

I Beat You / No No’s

Not On label – NM-001 – 1983- 7″

I Beat You

For sure the holy grail for any collector of Swedish punk. Vicious Visions was a two man band from Halmstad but the members moved later to Berlin and took part of that scene. This industry-punk single was released in only 109 copies and it’s great. As with most rare records it never shows up on any on-line auction. Most copies are traded within the collector community. [more]

There are some copies with misprinted cover giving it a psychedelic design. 15 test-presses were made as well according to the band. There is no insert with this release. The front and rear sleeve look the same.

A few of the titles on the list actually have a lower rating than 10 in the books mentioned above but they still command top prices. An observant reader will also notice that occasionally records are sold to prices (at EX condition) that should guarantee to be on the list. However – it is important to look at many transactions. Some records has been sold at very high prices but the same record has later also been sold to a very low price. We are conservative in the rating here were we have not seen a repeating high price level. Records that were discussed as “close calls” were: Sötlimpa, Onkel Konkel, DTAL, Trogsta Träsk, Mob 47 with the sticker, Swankers PMS, Nomads – Psycho, Von Gam, Brontophobia, WC, Quizz Kids, Tre Man Stark, Spy, Existenz and Tejp. It should also be noted that a few über-rare records was not considered being punk enough. That is Rävjunk – Uppsala Statshotell Brinner, Both Tötenkopf LP’s and the Insekt – Färskingen flexi.


Rare sleeve versions, misprints and testpresses / acetates that never made it to an official release. All these records are ranked at least ten points or more.

We have limited this list to releases from 1992 or earlier. The reason is that after this year, some labels more or less systematically started to make super limited editions. adding those would make this list endless.

It is important that rare items have a strong provenance, certainly for sleeve versions. It should be noted that collectors are very suspicious when “new” rare sleeves are discovered. Without provenance these sleeves are often considered to be fakes and therefore worthless and not collectable.

We have focused mainly on pre 1987 releases and earlier, but we have a long list of 1987 to 1992 releases to be updated when we got more time. If you know something more …drop us a comment below.

An Acetate (also lacquer disc or master disc) is the “record” where the grooves are cut from the master tape. From that a stamper tool is made which later is used to press the actual vinyl record. The test press is a short run press which often is returned to the label to check the sound quality and that it is actually the correct recording

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Bristles – Don’t Give Up

Alternate sleeve

Bristles Punk And Skin Records – 1983 – 7″

Images from an European collector.

This sleeve was the first suggested sleeve but it was discarded. There are 3 known copies of this sleeve. For more pictures: Front Sleeve, Rear Sleeve, Insert and Record

Click to expand the image.

Kriminella Gitarrer – Vårdad Klädsel

Alternate sleeve

Kloaak – MPGK 001 – 1977 – 7″

Images from our collection.

This sleeve was released before the official release. Looking at the details, the glued text pieces (from the original) are quite visual (on the official release the background is whiter). Also the rear sleeve only folds 2/3 on the rear. This specific copy also has a letter and two photographs enclosed.

Click to expand the image.

Skäms – Konfirmationen

Soldier Sleeve

Ny Betong – NB 01 – 1979 – 7″

Images from our collection.

This is the rarest of the three Skäms sleeves. Approximately 30 of the 500 copies came with this sleeve. Beware of 90’s Xerox copies!!!…[more]

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Grisen Skriker – Grisen Skriker’s Sista EP

Red Vinyl

Silence – ZING 107 – 1989 – 7″

Images from a Swedish collector.

Even hardcore collectors have not even heard about this one. Some few copes came on red vinyl

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The End- Snutjävlar / Krossa

Fingerprint Inner Sleeve

The End Records – TER 001 – 1979- 7″

Images from a Swedish collector.

The End never came with a picture sleeve. However – 20 inner sleeves with a stamp and a fingerprint was made.

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Dödgrävarakademin – Ge Fan I Moppen, Hej

Alternate sleeve for Kessler Jügend GmbH – Full Insyn

Golden Shower Records – GS 002 – 1985 – 7″

Images from a Swedish collector.

This is an alternate sleeve made in 5 copies. It’s one piece of paper that somewhat folds over to the rear. There is an insert with this release.

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OSS – Falska Rykten

Two song testpress

– – 1980 – 7″

Images from a Swedish collector.

OSS released the 4 song EP “Falska Ryken” in 1980. Before that they made a testpress with two songs instead but with the same label as the 4 song release. At this time we have not received information on the Matrix for this misprinted testpress.

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Unofficial release – Acetate

– – 1978 – 7″

This is actually not an official release. A fan made 5 acetate of a live recording from Dads in Malmö. The reason we add it on this list is that rumors circulate about an alternate take of Problem’s first seven inch but no-one hold a copy. We suspect it’s mix-up with this unofficial release.

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Bumsen Muss Mann – Fri


Folk & Rock – – 1984 – 7″

Gothenburg based band Bumsen Muss Mann (BMM) planned to release this record in conjuction with a Gothenburg compilation record. However, the label Folk å Rock wanted to release it as a promo with a generic white jacket sleeve and the band disagreed. As a result it was not released. 5 or 6 testpresses were made, they have white labels. The songs are: Fri (side A), Dramelech / Automatisk Lobotomering (side B).

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Kitchen & The Plastic Spooon’s

4 song testpress

Kitchooons Plastics – IK 001 – 1980 – 7″”

Images from Ebay.

This is the 4 songs EP that never was released. It contains 4 songs: Fantastic, Blätta, Happy Funeral, In Bars. 12 testpresses was made. Of some reason the band decided to cut a two song record instead. The later became the Serve You single.

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Besökarna – Demo

2 song testpress

Heartwork Records – HW 14 – 1980- 7″”

Images from a Swedish collector.

As seen above this record became a 3 song EP (including a misprint). This is a two song version testpress, 5 copies was made. The songs are Kamikaze and Chock. According to non-confirmed souces these copies has Matrix 14 – B1 – CR on the B-side.

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No Security / Valvontakomissio – Split

Missprinted Testpress

Finn Records – FINN REC. 004 – 1990- LP

Imagess from our collection.

The label sent the wrong master tape for No Security resulting in 14 tracks (the correct press has 12 tracks). Also the recording is from Bålsta Slott while the correct press was recorded in Studio Underground. The label however made a picture sleeve for the 15 testpresses.

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Venerias – Monarki / Problem

Picture taken by this site

Not On Label – – 1978 – 7″

This is the Holy Grail !!!! Venerias could not afford to make a seven inch release. However – they made sure that a test press was made as payment was not expected until the real records were presses. Quite smart, quite punk. Of the four testpresses one is for sure damaged when one of the members became Hare Krishna. Two records are with collectors and the last one … no one knows. Monarki was on the Killed By Death 51 compilation. The rumor is that the B-side is even greater than the A-side but the owners are keeping the secret how the song sounds for themselves.

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Swankers PMS – -77

Colour sleeve / Monster sleeve / Bögpest sleeve

Not On Label – PMS 001 – 1983- 7″

Images from a Swedish collector.

This has to be one of the most messy sleeve version release we found. The record was pressed in 305 copies with a bunch of sleeve versions
A) 20 of these copies had a hand colored sleeve (pictured), insert included.
B) 40 copies had an alternative rear sleeve with the band and a monster (insert included)
C) A few copies were a two piece sleeve with a different back cover (compared to D below). On the rear the song Aids called Bög-pest. On the insert (one page printed on both side) the lyric mention the title as “Bög-pest” while is called “Aids” on the list tracking on the other side of the insert.
D) “Normal” sleeve, black and white, glued pocket sleeve, with insert
E) “Normal” sleeve, black and white, folded sleeve, with insert

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Anti Cimex – Raped Ass

Tour Sleeve

Hardcore Horror Records – HRR002 – 1986- 7″ – Clear Vinyl

Images from a link below.

Another messy release with uncertain facts. What we know is that Hardcore Horror Records pressed between 300 and 333 records. The pressing was made by Grammoplast in Spånga the same year. Of these copies the majority have a Xerox cover which is pictured [here]. For the Anti-Cimex / Agoni UK tour in 1986 Sebastian Todor took a band picture (now with 5 members) and some 80 – 90 sleeves were made based on this picture. The front and rear sleeve is pictured [here]. Finally – to make it more messy. 10 sleeves were made with an image of one band member or each band member. We found one picture [here] with Jonsson pictured.

The main source for this information is the Shit-Fi web-site and a couple of hard-core collectors.

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Anti Cimex – Raped Ass

Sleeve Without the Violin

Really Fast Records – – 1984- 7″

Images from our collection.

In May 1986 Really Fast was licensed to press 300 copies of the Raped Ass EP. First 30 sleeves was printed, then Thomas of Kurt i Kuvös draw a violin on the original and 120 additional sleeves was printed (now with the violin). The remaining 150 sleeves was a Xerox version A-Records release as the Really Fast guys lost their original.

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Skitslickers / Shitlickers

Matrix SL – 8206 versions

Images from our collection and

Skitslickers / Shitlickers holds the Swedish record in sleeve versions. It’s either fun or a nightmare for collectors. Originally a self-released record, but later released on Malign Massacre. We hold the rare Bullshit Recordz release (5 copies) which you can read more about here. For more info on Shitlickers / Skitslickers releases you can check out the excellent Shit-Fi page where there is a Shitlickers sleeve gallery. Here you can find 8 versions of the Shitlickers sleeves and if you continue there are a couple of more that seems to be total fakes. All with Matrix SL – 8206.

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Traste & Superstararna ‎– Pengar

Alternate Sleeve

Mesrock – TS – 1979 – 7″

Images from a Swedish collector.

There is one known copy of this sleeve. It’s not 100% confirmed it’s legit. But it’s cool!!

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Massmedia ‎– Das Jazz / Jag Vill Ingenting

Alternate Oversized Sleeve

Massproduktion – Z-02 – 1979 – 7″

Images from a Swedish collector.

This is most likely an early version of the sleeve. Two promo pictures are enclosed but no letter has been found.

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Bisex-B ‎– Våldtäkt i Vinyl

Alternate sleeve and labels

Rebel Records – RLP 002 – 1983 – 7″

Images from a Swedish collector.

Some sleeves are black and white (Most copies are blue and white). Some records have white labels, some orange labels and at least one copy has labels from a Njurmännen release.

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P.F. Commando ‎– Rough Sound

Alternate sleeve

Comm Records – COMM 004 – 1989 – 7″

Images from our collection.

Before the printed sleeves arrived, the band made 10 sleeves like this and sold it outside the local liqueur store (systembolaget).

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57 Kez – Punks

Alternate sleeve

Rockslaget – ROSLA 1 – 1980 – 7″ – Two-piece sleeve

Images from our collection.

This über rare record was later issued with a two-piece sleeve. On top of that these sleeves came in two different shades of pink.

Other rare releases where we are collecting images …..

  • Traste & Superstararna – Pengar / Traktor 7″ (1979) -The first press was made by the band. These copies have yellow cover. Later Mamma got involved and the sleeves became pink
  • Traste & Superstararna – Pengar / Traktor 7″ (1979) -At least one copy is on dark green vinyl
  • Stry & Stripparna – Sjunger Stulna Sånger -Mini-LP – (19??) – Testpress of Mini-LP that never was released. 20 to 25 testpresses was made. Includes the following songs: Den nya dansmusiken / Varför lever du / Oh Maria / Johny B Goode / Klubb Kashban / Flickan med det.
  • Bruset ‎– Radioaktiv – 7″ (1978) – Alternate labels exist.
  • Miss Nobody ‎– Smittad / Ganja – 7″ (1978) – Non-censured sleeve (with the syringe visual). There are also copies with alternate labels.
  • Garbochock – Repulsiv / Apokalyps 7″ (1981) – Test press of record that was not released. 5 copies was made.
  • Spy – Spy’s ½ EP – 7″ (1978) – The sleeve was made in 5 different copies. Two sources from the band mention either 5 or 19 copies of the rare white sleeve.
  • Asta Kask ‎– För Kung & Fosterland – 7″ (1982) – A few records (On Pang Records) came with either yellow or pink labels.
  • Grisen Skriker ‎– Grisen Skriker´s Sista EP – 7″ (1979) – A few records have red vinyl. At least one copy has Skäms labels.
  • Pillisnorks – 4 Visitors – 7″ – 1980 – A few records have red and / or marbled vinyl.
  • Anti-Cimex – Raped Ass – 7″ – (1983) – At least one copy on A-records has large center hole.
  • PF Commando – Svenne Pop – 7” – (1978) – At least four sleeves were made using the live pictures from the LP “Manipulerade Mongon” glued on the sleeve. The only information we have is that they were sold at Skivbutiken in Gävle in conjunction with release of the LP. At this time these records are not considered fully legit.

Other releases which currently are not extremely valuable (but deserve to be mentioned).

  • Kontaktlim ‎– Kom Igen – 7″ (1982) – A large misprint of the sleeve (black / white instead of black orange) was made …[more]
  • Ebba Grön ‎– Ung & Kåt / Staten & Kapitalet – 7″ (1980) – Misprint where the labels are flipped.
  • Bitch Boys – Häftig Fredag – 7″ (1979) – A few copies came in yellow vinyl.
  • Bitch Boys – Hela Mitt Liv / Impopulär – 7″ (1979) – A few copies came in green, red or pink vinyl.
  • Huvudtvätt / Kurt i Kuvös – Vårt Fria Land – LP (1984) – 30 of the 1,000 records have reversed labels.
  • Ugly Zquaws Fanor ‎– Holmer Goes To Kurdistan – 7″ (1987) – Some copies have one printed label and one white label.
  • Zeb And The Fast Ones ‎– Raggare Beware – 7″ (1983) – Some copies are misprinted (only red and white).
  • Göteborg Sound ‎– Rik Man, Fattig Man / Man Får Inte Va’ Dum – 7″ (1978) – Three different presses: the “Hamburger sleeve” is the first one, followed the “Collage sleeve” and the “Street sleeve”. The two later was pressed in 300 copies.
  • Göteborg Sound ‎– 1978 / Jag Har Fått Nog – 7″ (1978 – 1979) – Two different presses: the “Band sleeve” is the first one, followed the a sleeve with red text only.
  • Perverts ‎– Ronka – 7″ ( 1979) – Two different presses: the first with a penis in the top and the second the where the penis has been re-drawn into a hand. The first press has printed labels while the second one has white labels or printed labels. It’s unclear to me if this record was pressed two or three times..
  • Incest Brothers‎ – Tre År För Sent – Mini-LP (1974) – A few copies came in red vinyl.
  • N-liners – Knut – 7″ (1978) – 4 different sleeve colors: Blue, white, yellow and red.
  • Kai Martin & Stick! – Binder Min Tid – 7 (1979) – Three sleeve versions: one with the name “Stick!”, one with “Kai Martin &” written by hand and one with “Kai Martin &” Stamped.
  • Jannicke – Weak, poor people / Her own style – 7″ (1981) – This single has been released in Spain with a unique sleeve
  • Besökarna – Demo – 7″ (1980) – The most common is the mispress of this release. These copies has the song Chock instead of Discobranden (the label says Discobranden). These copies has matrix 14 A CR on the A-side and HW-14-B3-CR on the B-side.
  • Skabb – Skabb-78 – 7″ (1978)– The main release had black vinyl, but some copies was made in red vinyl.
  • Kitchen And The Plastic Spooons ‎– Happy Funeral / Fantastic – 7″ (1980) – This release was also released later the same year with another sleeve which you can see here. I don’t know if that was a re-press or not.
  • Uggla, Magnus These records are not really sleeve versions but real releases but few know about them.
    1) Everything you do / Concrete kid -7 (1979), UK press either with blue or orange labels.
    2) Ain’t about to go back / Scandal beauties – 7″ – Dutch release.
    3) German 7″ Promo,
    4) Spanish 7″, only two known copies.
  • Travolta Kids ‎– Veckans Brott – 7″ (1979) – Two presses: the first press has a frame on the sleeve, second press did not.
  • Mackt/On-Birds – Split – 7″ (1980) – According the band 3 limited vinyl colors was made. More has been found but they might change color over time.
  • VA – Live på Verket -7″ (19??) – The sleeve is either pink or green.

So you read the whole article and can see this text? Unless you knew it before – You are for sure a nerdy collector-scum, just like us!!! Wellcome to the community …[more]

Do you know about any more rare releases or do you know anyting more about the stuff above, drop us a message so we can add it to the list

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  1. Peter

    About Venerias 7″. I listened to it when An ideal for living had a copy. Too bad I didn’t bring my Mac to the store as I was allowed to rip it. Before my lazy ass went there again it was gone.

  2. PunkRecord

    45$ , need some good luck or hard research to find these without a killer bankroll.

  3. Fabian

    Just owe the absurd 7″ and both anti-cimex 7″s. most of them are unknown to me….

  4. Patric

    I have all the Svensk 80’s hardcore punk destroyers on here , don’t know much about Swedish late 70’s KBD though

  5. LT

    Vad gäller Homy Hogs: Det finns bara en version. Och etiketten är fa-an inte “spraypainted”. Det handlar om suddgummin som skurits ut till stämplar. Det ena med “HOMY”, det andra med “HOGS”. Att det inte är stämplat på alla plattor beror helt enkelt att vi inte pallade. Vilka som är stämplade är helt och fullkomligt slumpartat. Pettan stämplade t ex inte nån i sin bunt. /LT i Homy Hogs.

    – the editors translation into english! Regarding Homy Hogs: It’s only one version and it’s not spraypainted. It was stamps made of rubber. One with “HOMY” and the other with “HOGS”. The reason that all records are not stamped is because it to much time. So it’s random (and not released to first or second version). Pettan did not stamp anyone as an example / Regard LT in Homy Hogs.

    • the editor

      Wow – the man himself.

      Tack för din återkoppling. Vi skall rätta texten. Jag fick den av två andra samlare. De har nog dragit denna slutsats då några av kopiorna som såldes i butik i Stockholm inte hade stämplar.
      En annan release som vi vet väldigt lite om där 7:an “I wanna Destroy”. Jag vet du kommenterade en hel del på men sajten är tyvärr nedlagd. Kom den 1983? Hur många kopior pressades? Kom du ihåg var den pressades (det går inte att utläsa av graveringen / stämpligen på matrix på det blanka innerspåret.

      translation – thanx for your feedback. We will correct the text. I got this info from two other collectors that possible had drawn that conclustions based on the fact that some copies without the stamping was sold in a shop in Stockholm.
      Another release that we know very little about is the 7 inch “I wanna destroy”. I know you made a lot of comment on the site but sadly that one is now closed. Was is released in 1983. How many copies. Did you remember where it was pressed, the later is impossible to understand from the matrix.

  6. Name Not Disclosed

    har ett ex av bad boo band som jag kan tänka mig att släppa

    • the editor

      I have sent you an e-mail.

  7. Jalle, Julle och Julius

    Framför Flötet record is a fake record. The Gothenburg guys or their friends made it before the Jandreus book. Peter also added the fake homy hogs records in this book. It does not exist. The only reason that it exist pictures is because them press the fake. That was Kenrock records. They are also from Gothenburg.

  8. Peter Jandreus

    It´s hilarious that as soon as my book was out the accusations about false records started. Ironically some of the same people looking for stuff that I deliberately left out because I thought it was too anal, even for me are so sure some other records are fake. The funniest accusation was about the Burned Brains split EP, a long time cheepy at flee markets i Gothenburg, and as soon as the book was out the price on that one skyrocketed.
    I will provide pictures of the Homy Hogs 12″ for this site as soon as I can make time for it (I know I´ve promised that for some time now).

    • the editor

      I got the Homy Hogs 12″ and it’s for real (see link below), you might refer to another 12″. It was also around the dates year it claimed to be pressed, confirmed by other people. I don’t know about the other Homy, they exist for sure, i think the argument is when they actually was pressed. Anyhow- I find it strong that someone actually made a book on Swedish punk records. As a result some records got attractive that no-one gave a shit about before. It might be them that have option about the book but honestly they don’t do more than complain. Without Peter there would not be a book and I have myself discovered a lot of bands thanks to it. With regards of Framför Flötet, I never seen it but two people seems to have it. Is it the real deal. Don’t know. I was the same about the Venerias test press many years ago, some people thought it was a fake until the band reconfirmed the story. To my understanding no-one at this point seems to know a contact person for someone that played in the notrious Framför Flötet.

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