Hanging Around – V/A (1987)

March 25 2016 – Shitty audio quality

Hanging Around – V/A

Hanging Around ‎– – 1987- Cassette

Side A MP3 320 kbps

Side B MP3 320 kbps

I recently bought a small box of tapes from a pal; mainly compilation cassettes. As part of the deal I promised to rip the tapes. Doing so, I thought we could post them as well. Hanging Around was also a zine by Putte Karlsson in Karlshamn, Sweden. I believe he made three issues for the zine. This tape contain: Claptrap (Italy), a live recording of Anti Nowhere Leauge (UK) from Stockholm back in 1981, Condemned 84 (UK), Sune and the Rockers (Sweden), Crücifix (Sweden), Black Uniforms (Sweden), Assult (Finland), M.A. Zukrowsky (Sweden) and Instigators (UK).
The audio quality is quite shitty. Also, some songs play to slow – I don’t think it’s this tape, possible it was the original master comp that sounded like that… punk alright!

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