Crücifix / Rune And The Rockers ‎– Sista Hoppet (1987)

November 1 2014 – Mikael Sörling’s favorite band

Crücifix / Rune And The Rockers ‎– Sista Hoppet

M.F.D Tapes ‎– 003 – 1987 – Cassette

Side 1 MP3 320 kbps

Side 2 MP3 320 kbps

I have many times got the question, why the hell do you collect those shitty tapes? Well – I collect Swedish hardcore tapes up to 1989 [more] of three reasons. Many tapes are really good, okay the sound quality might have been bad over the years and in many cases the audio quality was junk to start with. I also collect them so save the audio recording and the artwork. Most of my tapes have been recorded into FLAC files and I take pictures of them. I feel like these tapes are cultural artifacts worth saving. My third reason is simply that I am a collector-scum and love the collecting itself.

Crücifix was from Norrköping in Sweden, this is their second demo and according to two more followed. The band also made an EP “Innan Vi Dör…” on Mikael Sörlings label Profitblaskan (which also was a zine). The vocalist Ricky Balkert later formed hardcore act Bizzarré Scums in the early 90s. And Rune And The Rockers? It’s appearently with Mr Sörling on vox, that’s all we know!

Considering that Mikael Sörling both out a tape and EP he seems to be less of fan today as he sold this copy number 1 to me.

Click on the images to expand the higher resolution.

The Cassette

Inlay, front

Inlay, rear


  1. TheAbortus

    Great work!! Greaaat! 😀

  2. yakare

    beautiful song!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Jason

    Hello lad, could you reupload the mp3 (I would prefer wav recording quality though but mp3 is okay). Link is not working.

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