Gauze – Equalizing Distort (1986)

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Gauze – Equalizing Distort

Selfish Records ‎– BEL-12002 – 1986 – 12″

Gauze, Gauze, Gauze – for sure one of the best, but also one of the most uncompromising hardcore bands out of Japan. Formed in 1981 from as a punk act but turned into their unique hardcore sound over time. Furious speed (for the time), no guitar solos and very clever and angry arrangement – music for the soul and not the mind. I would see them as a milestone for Japanese hardcore. 100s of band have later been compared with them. For us in the West there are limited information of the band as they did many interviews. A tour was made in USA in 1996 and some lucky bastards were able to see the few shows they made. They have also played in

The band released Fuck Heads in 1985 on ADK records (Buy EVERYTHING you see on that label) and Equalizing Distort in 1986 on Selfish Records. 1991 the band released 限界は何処だ followed by 面を洗って出直して来い in 1997. Every single one is a must have. Some are LP’s and some are 12″ but they all clock-in on approximate 20 minutes. Get ’em all!

Side A (MP3 320 kbps) Pressing On / Crash The Pose / Thrash Thrash Thrash / 勝手にさらせ / Fact And Criminal.

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  1. Kran

    Great record! My favourite one fron them.
    Please, add link to Side B)

    • the editor

      Sorry, I only ripped side A

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