Punk Rules – Compilation (1983)

March 26 2016 – Skåne råpunk

Punk Rules – V/A

Zenzure Tapes ‎– 01 – 1983- Cassette

Side A MP3 320 kbps

Side B MP3 320 kbps

This is a great little compilation from Skåne (Sweden) – råpunk out of 1983. It features the most known band, everyone with a killer bass-sound. It contains early records with bands like Bristles, Puke, Råttgift and Moderat Likvidation.

The following presentation is from the inlay:

“Bristles is quite recognized and they are from Landskrona. They have released a single and a 15-song tape on Ägg Tapes.”

“Råttgift (translation: Rat poison) is a punk band from Arlöv. They started to play in the autumn of 1982 under the name Grodslukarna (Frog eaters). Since that there have been several line-up changes. Bengan and Frippe have been in the band the whole time.”

“Puke is a punk band with two guys from Malmö and two guys from Hörby. They rehearse in Hörby. They have had several line-up changes since they played under the name P.M.N (which means Punk Mot Nationen or Punk Mot Nazism).”

“Moderat Likvidation is according to me the best band in the Malmö region at this time. They have released a tape on Ägg-Tapes and are planning to make a single.”

As usual with old tapes there are always issues. On this one the right channel is much lower than the left so you need to tune your balance. I think that Bristles is magic on this one and the live recording from Gothenburg in 1983 by Moderat Likvidation is a killer. SKÅNE RÅ-PUNK!!!!

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  1. Patric Andersson

    It was nice to see this. I put out this tape.On punk rules 2(zt 03) it was DNA,Faxe,Stures Mjell,Pöbel Möbel. In beetween i put out “Tårtan”(zt 02). It was a split with RåttGift and S.S.S. Each tape was given out in 50 ex and was sold in Musik & Konst a record store I Malmö

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