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Välkommen! Den här sajten är tillängnad två saker vi gillar: Vinylskivor och Kassetter men även svenska punk fansin.

Sidorna om fansin är på svenska medan sidorna om vinylskivor är på engelska

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This section is about KBD, punk and hardcore records and tapes. Find all the nerdy records details and view our posts on records that we acquire and tapes that we record.

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About the hardcore in the Northern Counties (Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Iceland).

Swedish Punk Fanzines …mer

Läs och kommentera Svenska Punk Fansin. Vi har så här långt skannat ca 100 fansin, men har ytterligare 200 att fanzin i kön, och det kommer in nya hela tiden.



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We are three guys from Northern Sweden – the editor, Z and Emil. It’s cold – and we are thirsty and miserable! That’s all you need to know.


  1. Jonas

    “Keep up the great work, it’s folks like you who makes this internet thing seems legit. I love you.”

  2. Tiamat

    Merry x-mas. I read your blog on occations and I like it. Keep up the work and post more US HC.

  3. Yrii

    Cheers from Russia! I collect rare Swedish punk interviews for writing my zine and looking for help to find some stuff about anti cimex, black uniforms and disarm, If you can help me give me know! TACK!

    • the editor

      Hello – we responded to your mail on facebook. Of couse we will help you.

  4. Sean

    Hello, I am wondering if I can either buy dubbed copies of some of the tapes you have or if we can tape trade. me email is [EMAIL DISCLOSED]

    • the editor

      Thanks for your e-mail. I would to start with say that I would never sell any dubbed tapes as I don’t own the right. With regards of trading I will mail you directly….

  5. the editor

    Saw it. Tried to bid but got beaten. It’s a fair price…

  6. Tonyo


    My name is Tonyo from Spain.

    First of all,I love your page!!!

    It´s very interesting one!!!Full of great info!

    Well,the other reason its because I´m looking for a DISACCORD demo

    I´m looking for the same session from DIE FREIHEIT COMPILATION TAPE.

    This is the tracks from DISACCORD;

    40. Disaccord – Yellow rain
    41. Disaccord – Wanted
    42. Disaccord – We’re all the same
    43. Disaccord – Blå gule

    This songs sound really killer!!!Very similar as ANTICIMEX “Raped ass”.

    Can you help me???Do you have this tape???

    I can offer you something from Spain in trade,something you wanted!Let me know!

    And last also I´m looking for a band´s name since 1987.

    I think they are not swedish but they are from 80s.Check out the video I uploaded at youtube;


    Any idea???

    Thanks for your time.



  7. Yra

    Cheers from Russa again! No i’m start to write about Black uniforms. So if somebody have stuff about them, send me a leeter to ripysfacebook@mail.ru
    Thanx! Cheers!

  8. HEY!
    Bristles boys will be boys EP har 2 olika baksidor. Sen har Kassetten Ban The Punk shops 2 olika med låtar sen finns det olika färger

    THe Bristles [e-mail address removed]

    • the editor

      I am translating this into english: The EP “Boys will be boys” got two difference rear sleeves. “The tape Ban The Punk Shops” tape are two different with different songs. They are also in different colours.

  9. Yriy

    Hi! Need help with some stuff. Someone have some zines from that list?

    SUB #7
    UPSET #1
    BÄNGALO #2
    NITAD #2
    PAS-83 NR 2,5
    CHICKEN SHIT #1 !!!
    CRUEL MAG #1

    • the editor

      I got some of them and I will scan them as soon as I have time. I got a sick queeue of close to 200 zines but will change the scanning order for you

  10. Yriy

    Than you! DISILICA #2 (not DISILIRA #2 sorry)

  11. Eric

    Are you still interested in photos of Asta Kask-För kung & fosterland with yellow labels on Pang records?

    • the editor

      Yes. I will mail you!

  12. mark

    re:tonyo`s unknown band request(link to youtube)..band is from`burger corpse`comp..MN area,usa1983.but i dont have a tracklist though!

  13. Bader

    Hey guys
    This is bader from berlin!
    I enjoy your page a lot and as you guys are absolute specialists in the nordic hardcore and punk section and i am working on a list of the best hardcore and punk 12″ up to 1989, i wonder if you re willing to share your opinions and expertise with me!?
    If so i d be glad if you email me 😉

    • the editor

      That’s a brutal list. Are you talking about the whole world or the Nordic Countries ??

  14. gaijin

    i got skitslickers gbg with “skitslickers” stamped on the label. never seen that before.. anyone else here got a stamped copy?

    • the editor

      Yes, it exist with that. Not to uncommon on white labels, not unusual that the owners did that!!

  15. gaijin

    tillägg förra inlägget..
    mitt stämplade skitslickers ex är originalpressningen matrix sl 8206

  16. gaijin

    thanks for the info! my copy comes from a band member of arroganta agitatorer. the guy got it from skitslickers and never stamped it himself. maybe the band stamped it for friends? guess we will never find out…

  17. I’m in the process of starting a label releasing vinyl LP compilations of unsigned punk/new wave bands from 1976 onwards – a bit like the Teenage Treats compilations that came out in the 90s except featuring unreleased material.

    There must be a ton of good stuff out there that seventeen year old kids recorded on reel to reels and cassette recorders that never saw the light of day. I was in a band called The Cellophane Boys who wrote such classics as Masturbation Aches (I wonder why we were never signed up?!) Unfortunately the few reel to reel recordings of rehearsals we had are long lost.

    I was wondering if you may know of ways of promoting my site http://www.unreleasedpunk.com and getting old band members to come forward. Do you know of any magazines, fanzines, websites or people out there who may be able to help?

    Thanks in advance for any advice you may be able to give me.

  18. Hi guys,

    my name is Šimon Blaschko and I am from Czech punk-rock band Just For Being. I am going to Stockholm in May (from 16th to 20th May) and I would like to visit some interesting concerts at this period. Do you have some tips for me?

    Btw you can check our video from the tour from last year:
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T_jlCL6nRp8 🙂

    Thank you in advance and have a great evening! 🙂


  19. Want to show your fanzines in an upcoming group exhibition about books and prints in Stockholm? Drop me a line and I’ll be happy to tell you more 🙂

    • the editor

      None of these fanzines are mine. I just scan them an make ’em public to the few people who are intersteed. I pop you a line later this weekend however….

  20. Brian Wells

    Thanks for the way-cool punk site!

  21. dennis

    Hej har fått den stora äran att göra total armsvett t-shirts men ingen i bandet har kvar sina kassetter, skulle vilja göra churchill motivet den på really fast, om du har den skulle du kunna hjälpa mig med en bra inscanning? mvh dennis

    • the editor


  22. Arnold Garza

    Hey S.P.F. I remember meeting one of you guys back in the summer of 2013 in Austin Texas @ the “Chaos in Tejas” fest. Anyway I remember hanging & handed you a CDR demo of my band “Satanical Torment” in trade for a beer! Awesome! Well I finally got a Facebook page (Arnold Garza) please feel free to add, contact me..

    • the editor

      Thanks, I remember that. I friend you, cool to hear form you.

  23. Hey there

    Greg here from Spiral Objective in South Australia. Just happened across your great site. I was tormenting myself by doing a search for ‘most expensive hardcore records’ because a year ago I lost my 25 year collection in a fire, 7000 rekids up in smoke! I’ve given you a link to the photos! I had some amazing records, collecting since 1985…oh well c’est la vie! It’s late gotta sleep…cheers

  24. magnus

    Jag undrar om där är någon här som har eller vet var man kan få tag i Strebers vinylen Bad boys behind bars med både Gulsvart och även Grönsvart fodral!

  25. Bob Stacy

    Træsket gløder ær det absolut bæsta fanzine som har skådats på denna planeten, med vænliga hælsningar från Bob Stacy.

  26. Logan

    Cool stuff

  27. TC

    Really hope you write the most expensive Japanese hardcore records article you mentioned on here a while back…

    • the editor

      Maybe to the summer! I have started work on it.

  28. Tsuf

    Great work here, thanks a lot for all the interesting references!

  29. AC

    Hoping you can help me with some questions about the Execute flexi!
    Great site and thanks.

    • the editor

      Just ask! What is the questions?

  30. Valentin

    How do you think, modern LPs are worth things to spend money on (as we know, because of digital master and compressions modern vinyl record could sound worse than CD) or only pre-digital era LPs are trve (till beginning of 90s)?

    • the editor

      Hi, I agree that there is an issue that many records basically is “CDs on vinyl”. However, mastering is in most cases done for vinyl. As for records there is still an element of collecting making records still attractive as it comes with better artwork. I also guess that the limited edition stuff makes some stuff more collectable.

    • the editor

      Sorry, we are not distrubing the sleeves. Furhermore, I only got the images on the site

  31. Tommy Johansson

    Tjena, Tommy från Harass här, jag har några singlar kvar om ni är intresserade…

  32. yakare

    hello! punkx!!

  33. yakare

    hello! I really like this blogs!
    editor have these demos? full effekt and scheikes rebeller cheers

  34. jan

    hello.great place thank you.well i am searching for e mail of
    Fredrik Åstrand so please may you send me to: [e.mail disclosed]
    thank you best regards jan

    • the editor

      I have contacted Fredrik and forwarded your e-mail adress

  35. Joseph Leahy

    Hey guys, I recently go the rights to my old bands (Braskey) album from 2006. I know that the american punk scene is pretty rough now adays, but punk still seems alive and well in Sweden. Do you have any recommendations/advice for how I can get our music heard in the Swedish punk scene? We sort of sound like strung out, rise against, a wilhelm scream…


  36. Bidzo

    Hello SPF; I love the site and your article about becoming a collector scum made me cry. Beyond what you have here can you recommend any market-type places to start for collecting fanzines? What are the most effective search words on eBay?

    • the editor

      I think the best way is to get into the scene and learn to know people throu various social media groups. As for key words, I guess zine and fanzine and punk and hardcore is a given pick. However – I myself buy most stuff from other collectors and from the scene.

  37. Joseph

    hi there!
    here’s Joseph from Perú.
    Need a big help to book diy shows in Sweden for the next autumn.
    We would like to make a huge european tour with my grindcore band called BESTIAL VOMIT and play in Sweden for the first time.

    Thanx to everyone for every kind of collaboration.


  38. nora

    hey u guys, great website. i’m travelling through sweden the next couple of weeks and i could need some recomandations for some good punk diy vinyl shops/clubs/bars/squats/social centers to check out (mostly stockholm, göteborg and malmö). i would appreciate the help!

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  40. Kerstin

    I have the Gollywog record in very good condition, never played. Anyone interested?

  41. Robb Nunzio

    The editor..I have something you may be interested in.

  42. yak

    hello guys will anyone here be able to facilitate the compiled deliriun tremens vol19? please!!! thanx jak

  43. Bidzo

    Hello Ed,

    Appreciate the recommendation above to dig into the scene and find other collector scums… I’ve since sunk my teeth into some good zines. Do you have any recommendations for research into Japanese punk and hardcore scene and history?

  44. Stoffel


    Is there anybody out to do me a physical or digital copy of the “Delirium tremens vol. 18” tape? Would be much appreciated and that person will be rewarded! Write me through [e-mail removed]

    Thanks and horns up!

    • the editor

      I see what we can do

  45. damm0014@msn.com

    Hey is it possible to have a contact with someone from the band swankers pms? I need the lyrics for their song “pensionär”…..

    Also, is it possible to get a copy of delirium tremens 6?

  46. tonyo

    somebody have the DISPENSE demo???

  47. Wille

    Vi har nyss dragit igång ett mangel-band som heter Avfarten.
    Lite inspirerade av band som Missbrukarna, Mob-47 mfl.
    Försöker sprida skiten lite denna dag 🙂
    Avfarten finns bara digitalt än så länge på spotify, youtube (vi spånar på vinyl).

  48. Andreas Videll

    Hej! Jag försöker hitta gamla punk/hardcore fanzines att köpa. Söker även gamla flyers från 70-90 talet. Vet du nån som kan tänka sig sälja dessa?

  49. Gustavo

    Does someone know places that have hardcore/punk concerts in the Gothenburg area? 🙂

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  51. Gunter

    Hi there, are there any printed swedish punk fanzines alive today?

  52. Usman


    is THE NUTS on here? Halloween tape or 26 hours tape. I am sorry if it is and i just havent learned how to navigate.

    Thanks loads!!
    cheers 🙂

  53. Johnny Cäss

    Yes Gunter, there is. For example Flyktsoda, Mission och Väckelse and Gamnacke.

  54. Dr.Know

    Hi great page you are doing for so many years…
    Is it possible to send a scan or put in a new photo of the Slam Ingens lyricsheet…(tried to print it out but unfortunately it s a little blurry)would be nice to have it after 35 years hehehe thanx in advance

  55. the editor

    Here I am (ADK / Comes / Tranquilizer)

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