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Welcome to the international section of this site, only dedicated to punk, KBD and hardcore records and Tapes.

This site has been up since mid June 2012. Hopefully it will satisfy all punks with Asperger syndrome as it’s focussed on lists and records details.

We will also post some the Editor’s record purchases / trades and Zed’s tape recording project. You will also find various record lists – well just check out the stuff below.

Lists and more
The most expensive / rare hardcore records… more

Check out the 10 most expensive hardcore records on the planet

NEW!!! – The most collectible Swedish punk records… more

See the 30 most rare and expensive Swedish punk records. Also with an appendix of test-presses, misprints / miss-presses and rare sleeve versions.

Other stuff… [More]

Here I’m posting whatever comes up, books, interviews, observations and concerts

Record and tape collecting
The record archive … more

Look at all purchases and trades and recommendations on on-line sellers

So You want to become a collector-scum

Read all about this obsessive–compulsive personality disorder and how to treat it

Picture by Joan M. Mas

the Editors vinyl wantlist

Open the link and drop a comment if you have anything for sale (your comment will not be public)

The tape archive … [more]

I’m not a big collector of tapes but I take the opportunity to digitize anything I run into. This section is mainly focussed on Swedish tapes prior 1990… more

Areas of the editor’s collection mania … [more]

Once reason starting this site was to fully understand my obsessive–compulsive personality disorder towards collecting, this is what is believed to be in scope… more

Picture by Robert Crumb

Record grading – a quick quide … [more]

Here’s a quck guide on how to grade record sleeve and the vinyl. And for your Swedes – it includes translation of the English term into Swedish… more


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