Icons Of Filth ‎- Not On Her Majesty’s Service (1982)

September 25 2016 – Welsh Anarcho punk

Icons Of Filth – Not On Her Majesty’s Service

Mortarhate Records ‎- M1- 1982- Cassette

Side A MP3 320 kbps

Side B MP3 320 kbps

Anyone who are familiar with UK Anarcho punk from the 80s have for sure heard about the Welsh band Icons Of Filth.

To my knowledge Not On Her Majesty’s Service is the first proper release, initially as a cassette album, later re issued as a record.

The band was active until 1985 fighting the establishment, reformed in 2002 but sadly folded as a consequence of the lead singers death in 2004. Bands like Icons Of Filth and their followers has never been more important given the current dark international political backdrop

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Inlay and Cassette

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