V/A – Direkt Från Vardaxrummet (1985)

December 27 2016 – Classic early 80s punk recordings

V/A – Direkt Från Vardaxrummet

Vardaxrummet ‎- 4:AN – 1985- Cassette

Side A MP3 320 kbps

Side B MP3 320 kbps

I was asked to rip this but I thought this cassette was so good that everyone should have the chance to hear it. It’s direct live records from Ultrahuset outside Stockholm done between 1982 – 1984. It is just excellent. The tape holds bands like; Trekant, Unos Kanoner, Ett Anarkistiskt Gapskratt, Trots, Art Of Three, Gå Och Bada, Managin Directors, The Dip, Jeanne De Arc, KSMB, Smaklösa, Rauhfaser, Gerilla Dup, Regn, Kommo, Ritz och Tommy Tunn. Enjoy

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