The Kids – S/T (1978)

June 19 2016 – The best? punker from Belgium

The Kids- S/T

Philips ‎– 6320 041 – 1978 – LP

I had a conversation with a KBD collector on which is the best punker out of Belgium. After tossing pros and cons it became a draw between P.I.G.Z and the Kids.

The Kids was formed in 1976 and was heavily influenced by the UK scene. The band’s guitarist / vocalist, Ludo Mariman, saw bands like the Ramones but also Eddie & The Hot Rods which influenced the sound. What I like with The Kids is that the band has a punk attitude but frankly sound more like a rock band just playing too fast. This band was from Antwerp and had originally 3 members, Ludo Mariman and two brothers Danny (bass) and Eddy (drums) De Haes. Apparently Danny was only 12 years old when the band was formed. Later Luc Van de Poel was added as guitarist. Some of the members worked as dockers which I find cool. This LP was an attempt (I presume) for Philips to make some money on the punk movement. As for The Kids, I recommend their second LP, Naughty Kids and the No Monarchy seven-inch.

For the verdict if this is a great band, here is three songs (MP3 320 kbps) This Is Rock ‘n Roll / Do You Love The Nazis / Bloody Belgium.

…this is a collector-scum site so keeping an eye on the pressings details is as important. The first pressing is on Philips (Belgium) got a slightly different alignment of of the “Side A” and “Side B” on the label compared to the second pressing. It also state “Stereo” on the label and there are tracklisting only for 5 songs. The 2nd press got a rim on the label whilst it is flat on the first one.

As for the 2nd press, the legend says that the guy operating the press at the time just throwed some red and blue pastie in the machine. A few red circulate whilst the blue is über-rare!!!

There is also a bootleg / couterfeit out out there…

Click on the images to expand them to higher resolution. As usual, the rips and images are from my record.




  1. mark

    great lp and their second lp is really good aswell..pigz is great but I think
    chainsaw seesaw ep/raxola lp/cell 609/hubble bubble 1st are better but theres loads of good stuff from Belgium..

  2. mark

    top Belgium KBD is all by:plastic bertrand

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