Up-North Hardcore

This section of the site is dedicated to the bands, venues, zines, labels and fans for the early hardcore period in the Nordic countries. It is work in progress and more article will be added.

The 20 most essential Nordic countries hardcore releases

Find out about the best and most essential hardcore records and tapes before 1986 in the Nordic Countries….[more]

Norwegian Hardcore Records

Check out the complete list of Norwegian hardcore records up to 1986…[more]

Really Fast Records

Interview with Patrik Jonsson at Really Fast Records, a label that is most know for its series of Really Fast compilations. An article about being true to DIY and the first wave of Swedish hardcore…[more]

Interview with Helena Johnson, zine editor

Helena made 9 issues of the Banan – a Swedish zine issued between 1985 – 1989 – here is her story…[more]

Headcleaners aka Huvudtvätt Interview

The Headcleaners was active in Sundsvall and Linköping, Sweden, between 1981-1984. As a band they pioneered Swedish hardcore and was one of the first Swedish band to cut vinyl and was quickly recognized by the international hardcore scence. – here is the story…[more]

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