Norwegian Hardcore Records

Here are, to my knowledge all Norwegian hardcore records up 1986. The list contains first presses only. Records that is not in my, the Editor’s, can be found in my want-list, specially marked. Please leave a message if you got anything for sale

Normally I take all the pictures – got lazy this time and downloaded them!

Norwegian hardcore records – sorted by year / Artist name

V/A – Ingenting For Norge

Dødsbra Plater ‎– Baddly-Bini 001 – 1982 – 12″

Norwegian compilation with Allahrm, Terror, Norske Budeier, Fader War. Wrap-around sleeve. With booklet

Betong Hysteria – Spontan Abort

Mind Expanding Records ‎– MES 04 – 1982 – 7″

Siste Dagers Helvete ‎– The Hell

Rock-O-Rama Records ‎– RRR.38 – 1984 – LP

Rock-O-Rama Records is a German record label

Svart Framtid ‎– 1984 EP

X-port Plater ‎– X-001 – 1984 – 7″

Circle around center hole to knock out to large hole. Second press has a square to know out to make a large center hole. Poster sleeve. Some copies came with English lyric insert.

Angor Wat ‎– General Strike

Knallsyndikatet ‎– KS 021 – 1985 – LP

This release got two catalogue codes (both being the same record) – Children Of The Revolution Records ‎– GURT 08

Bannlyst ‎– La Dem Ikke Lure Deg

X-port Plater ‎– X-002 – 1985 – 7″

Poster sleeve. Some copies came with English lyric insert.

Stengte Dører / Proces

X-port Plater ‎– X-004 – 1985 – 7″

Split with Norwegian Stengte Dører and ex Yugoslavia Process. Poster sleeve.

V/A ‎– Nå Eller Aldri

X-port Plater ‎– X-003 – 1985 – 7″

Norwegian compilation with Bannlyst, Psykisk Terror, Kafka Prosess, Siste Dagers Helevete, Angor Wat, Landsvik, Akkutt Innleggelse. Poster sleeve.

Barn Av Regnbuen ‎– Det E’kje Nåkka Artig Længer

X-port Plater ‎– X-005 – 1986 – 7″

Oversized fold-out sleeve

Disorder/Kafka Prosess – One Day Son All This Will Be Yourz

Disorder Records ‎– AARGH 3 – 1986 – LP

Kafka Process split with UK Disorder on Disorder’s own label. Poster sleeve

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