TT Garderob 100 – Mitt Liv (1979)

October 8 2015 – A Politically incorrect punker

TT Garderob 100 – Mitt Liv

Elbananza ‎– TTG 101 – 1979 – 7″

Of some reason I never found a good copy of this punker, this copy have to do until I found an EX copy. This sleeve is a VG and as heard on the audio file below the wax plays with some surface noise which means that the vinyl is a VG as well.

For punk in the early years (1976 – 1979), the most consistant punk-city in Sweden is for sure Gothenburg. With bands like Göteborg Sound, Attentat, GLO, Slobobans Undergång, Bruset, Pervets, and Liket Lever among other, the city put out a lot of releases in these years. Basically everything was great.

TT Garderob 100 only released one single, pressed in 500 copies as most releases back in the days. Formed already in December 1977 with a line-up that included the twin-brothers Staffan / Göran Lindahl but in 1978 the band had a more stable line-up. Now with Anders Puke (later Troublemakers) and two other guys. It is Anders who does the vocals on the title track. The two songs on this singe might be most appreciated by those who understand Swedish, certainly ♬ Mitt Liv (MP3 320 kbps) given what today would be considered politically incorrect lyrics. In short – the song is about not looking like a disco-faggot , spending the days drinking beer and vomiting as an alternative. This song also appeared on the excellent GBG Punk 77-80 compilation.
On the B-side you will find ♬ Parkeringsdäck (MP3 320 kbps).

Click on the images to expand them to higher resolution. As usual, the rips and images are from my record.

Front and rear sleeve



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