AK-47 ‎– The Badge Means You Suck (1980)

February 13 2016 – Police brutality

AK-47 ‎– The Badge Means You Suck

Pineapple Records ‎– – 1980 – 7″

Frankly I should call this post: This record means my turntable suck. During the last year I have had two turntables connected to my stereo. As one broke I’m currently playing with a turntable that is armed with an Ortofon MC20 Super catridge and a SME 3009 II tonearm. On paper – a great combo, in realitiy – a sensitive combo which create a lot of trouble when some records are played. This will be last moving coil cartrige I will use for . As from now I moving back to a moving magnet combo, it fits old punk records better. Of that reason, you have to live with the hiss and distrortion in the audio clips.

This is the only release by Houston’s (TX, USA) AK-47. The title refers to Houston’s police campain “The Badge Means You Care“. However, most people viewed the Houston police force as a racist and violent of organization. The title song is about the police murder of Milton Glover, a black veteran who got shot multiple times by the cops as they claimed he reached for his gun upon being approached. I realitiy he was trying to reach for his bible. Looking at the front sleeve, there are names of other people that the Houston police murdered in the late 70s. It has been claimed that the Houston police tried to sue AK-47 for the statements in the song but that they never were able to identifiy the members of the band. AK-47 was not really a punk band at all, more long-haired guys playing hard rock with an ethical patos that fit in with the scene at the time. However – the editor at this site likes it, punk or not!

This one of the US punk of the songs that I heard the first time on one of those “Bloodstain” or “Killed by Death” compilations that were issued in the begining of the 90’s. Stuff like AK-47 never made it over to Sweden back it the days. It is difficult to find a copy with a nice sleeve as the paper is really flimsly. This copy got a nice sleeve and some extra inserts. However, the vinyl (or the sensivity of my tonearm / catridge) don’t honour this release.

Songs: Side A: ♬ The Badge Means You Suck (MP3 320 kbps) / Side B: ♬ Kiss The Machine (MP3 320 kbps)

Click on the images to expand them to higher resolution. As usual, the rips and images are from my record.

Front and rear sleeve




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