Missbrukarna / Panik – Split (1980)

October 13:th 2012 – With a rare insert

Missbrukarna / Panik – Split

Forsaljud – FOLS 12 – 1980- 7″

I have been involved in several discussions about which was the first hardcore band in Sweden. For sure the first song was Krossa by The End (see post on KBD records) which was released already in 1979 (despite the labels saying 1980). Missbrukarna released this split EP in 1980 meaning that it was very early. There are hardcore songs on this EP but some with a more punk beat as well. There are those that would consider Tidens Tempo by KSMB (1980) also to one of the first hardcore band (me not) but In 1981 Huvudtvätt / Headcleaners released the Disinfection EP with was 100% hardcore. I stop the analysis here, let’s move on to Missbrukarna

Missbrukarna (translation – the abusers) was formed in 1978 as the first punk band in Hudiksvall as the Källare fell apart and the Turfs was created. After a chaotic gig in the winter of 1980 the members decided it might be a good idea to rehearse more and change their name to Missbrukarna (Hudiksvall is a small city). The gigs as Missbrukarna was far more popular. The most famous member of Missbrukarna claim that they had influences like the Stoodges, the Damned and they just cranked it up a bit. Skruttmagazine actually have an interview that has been translated into english which is quite interesting.

There are early recordings of the band prior this record but I have not heard it. A tape was released in 1983 and the band is on bunch of compilation tapes. Missbrukarna also influenced the local scene and Totalitär made a cover and other local bands have released other covers. Furthermore they also have an international audience. Rolf Revålt also played in Dagens Ungdom and later other bands. Missbrukarna stopped as an active band in 1988. A compilation LP was released April 2012 titled Zooma In En Zombie which include this EP, rare recordings and other – highly recomended.

This EP was released in 1980 and is actually a split with Panik who have two acceptable punks songs on one side. The label is Forsa Ljud which also released Trogsta Träsk. Missbrukarna have 4 songs (Du Är Inte Du / SFF / Datorstat / De Nakna Och De Döda) of which Du Är Inte Du (You are not You) for sure it the best, however the whole Missbrukarna side is great. For anyone arguing which was the first hardcore band in Sweden we can at least agree that Missbrukarna for sure influenced it.

I have learned that this record was pressed twice (500 copies each time) and both released look identical. Despite this is quite hard to find – a lot of copies have gone to American and Japanese collectors. A few copies (many COLLECTOR sources mentioned 15 copies but Rolf Revolt mention in the comments below 100 to 125 copies of the insert) have the insert. I’m very very lucky to finally find one of these copies that have an insert. This record comes from a private collection.

Wanna know more about Missbrukarna, check out this inteview in MaximumRocknRoll issue 275 (April 2006) by Stuart Schrader.

Side Missbrukarna (MP3 320 kbps)
Side Panik (MP3 320 kbps)

The insert has very vague print so I added a digital improved version to you can read it. Click on the images to expand them to a higher resolution.


  1. Martin

    I’d guess at least half of all copies came with an insert.

  2. RR

    That´s way too many… about 100-125 inserts were made…it was a long time ago,so I can´t remember exactly…/RR

  3. the editor

    Not 150 then – I will change. Thanks

  4. Martin

    Did I missread the first post, I thought it said 15 copies came with insert…

  5. the editor

    That what two serious collectors told me, 15 inserts. I thought I made a real find. I made a typo in the comment and wrote 150 – sorry

  6. Tommy

    There is also about 10 copies without any label at all on the record. 😀

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