City Kent – Blixtar (1981)

October 16:th 2012 – Listen to the debut single instead

City Kent – Blixtar

Heartwork Records – HW 18 – 1981- 7″

I actually head about City Kent a long time ago on the KBD Records site which posted their first EP Cancer from 1979. On that site it did not get too much attention which surprise me as both the A and the B side is good.

In 1981 they released this EP which frankly is not a step forward. However – I got to pay respect to band where the singer used to unzip his pants and hang his dick in public while singing and a band that in general was quite drunk and disorderly when doing shows. This despite that the band was from the university city Lund in Southern Sweden (Skåne). As a guy in Northern Sweden I used to disqualify any acts from Skåne. However – I’m older now.

The record is released on Heartwork records, a label which was headed by Henrik Venant a guy that had large impact on the Skåne music scene. He would deserve an article himself, but not by a guy from Northern Sweden.

Face A is 45 rpm while face B is 33 rpm. Not often you see that! I got this on a Swedish on-line auction for a buck.

Side A Blixtar (MP3 320 kbps)

Side B Bomb Av Gråt & Lektyr (MP3 320 kbps)

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