Troublemakers – Göteborg (1981)

December 9 2014 – Gothenburg anthem

Troublemakers – Göteborg

Not On Label ‎– SLASK 002 – 1981 – Cassette

Side 1 MP3 320 kbps

Side 2 MP3 320 kbps

The “smoke on the water” of Swedish punk is for sure Perverts “Ronka”. I guess many Swedish aspiring punk guitarists started with that song. For punks in Gothenburg, Troublemakers’ Göteborg (MP3 320 kbps) is for sure the local anthem. Interesting is that Christer Blomgren sings on both songs. Troublemakers was formed in the ashes of Perverts and Göteborg Sound. Christer came from Perverts and Lars-Olof “LOB” Bengtsson (guitar) came from Göteborg Sound. Add Janne “Esso” Ohlsson from Göteborg Sound on drums and Anders Puke from TT Garderob 100. The later band that made one of my favorite Gothenburg punk song: “Mitt Liv”. They are all interesting characters. Interviews with LOB are quite funny (seems like he was attracted to bands that was willing to give him beer). He also wrote three books (Excelsior, Biblia and Exitus) which are must read. I have no idea if they are translated into English.

In the first years up to 1989 this is the only recording I am aware of. With the support of Jonas Almquist (Leathernun) the band made this recording of Swedish radio show “Ny våg”. The band was active into the late 80’s but was later reformed in the mid 90’s, now with Christer as the only original member. They still play and do great shows. Check ’em up!

If you think there is something strange with the sound, I am sorry so say that one capacitor on my tape machine is broken so the fidelity is low on the right channel. I make new rips as soon as the machine is repaired.

Click on the images to expand the higher resolution. The sleeve exist in blue or red colour

The Cassette and inlay


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