Areas of the editor’s collecting mania

One reason starting this site was to fully understand my obsessive–compulsive personality disorder, the first article I wrote was So You want to become a collector-scum?. After two years of thinking I have to the final conclusion that these are my collection areas. It is noted that this are completist areas; i.e I want EVERYTHING! Of course I buy records outside this scope but that’s not “collecting”. Here’s the current wantlist by the way.

Areas of collecting

First press vinyl

Up-North punk up to 1982

The Northern counties had a great scene. Certainly Finland and Sweden was good but I really care for the bands out of Norway, Denmark and Iceland as well. Around 1982 most punk became watered down pretentious post-punk crap which I can’t stand.

First press vinyl

USA punk up to 1982

I don’t know, I just find the US bands more interesting that they UK scene at the time. I’m fully aware that I am in minority. I guess I just like USA and dislike England.

First press vinyl

International hardcore up to 1986

I just love hardcore and collect everything up to 1986 whilst the year up to 1983 are for sure the best period.

First press vinyl uo to now and tapes up to 1989

Swedish hardcore

Still Sweden got a great hardcore scene. I love to get my hands on all records as most of it is good. There are certain melodic hardcore and SXE that is out of scope however.

First press vinyl

Youth Crew up to 92

I really think the New York scene re-vitalized in the mid-late 80’s with bands like Judge and Gorilla Biscuits. I never fully grasped the point of straight edge, but hell – music is good.

First press internatinal vinyl and Swedish demo tapes

Death Metal up to 92-94

I thought the Stockholm death metal scene was the most refreshing thing that ever happened to Swedish music. I collect international Death Metal vinyl (first press) only up to 1992 and Swedish up 1994. Swedish tapes to that year have recently become a new collecting area.

First press vinyl

Black Metal, first and second wave

Well, it fast, brutal and nihilistic, fitted well in a period in my life. Sadly I parted out a large part of my collection a few years as I needed money. Time to get it back.

On the genres I only collect the first press. There is also a period up to 1990 which I don’t know how to classify (that’s important for a person like me with an tendency for Asperger syndrome diagnostics to have proper classifications) which include grindcore and powerviolence. Here I would add bands like Heresy, Infest and Napalm Death. I guess it’s the first wave of grindcore and powerviolence I am shooting at.

There are however three bands I collect everything available on vinyl (all presses etc.); Shitlickers aka Skitslickers, Anti-Cimex, Terveet Kädet and finally Huvudtvätt aka Headcleaners. And too many peoples surprise. I collect the official studio albums by Sonic Youth

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