Skitslickers – GBG 1982 / Cracked Cop Skulls (1982)

October 20:th 2012 – Shit-Fi – Awesome

Skitslickers – GBG 1982 / Cracked Cop Skulls

Bullshit Records – 003- 1982- 7″

Masken wrote on Bloggasfuck “One of the most mythical Swedish Käng bands”. He can’t be more right. Any fans of Shit-Fi got to love this record. It was first issued as GBG 1982 where GBG is acronym for Gothenburg. This release was a self-release by the band. The record has Matrix SL – 8206 – A on the A side and SL – 8206 – B on the B-side. There is a bootleg with scratched matrixes as well

Shitlickers in 1982 – Bad ass punks !!!!

Later the record was released as The Shitlickers EP! – Cracked Cop Skulls on Malign Massacre Records ,using the same pressing tools (i.e. same matrix). The first issue was a black and white sleeve and a repress was made with a red picture sleeve. There is also a rare green sleeve.

There are also some other bootlegs out there but they don’t have the same track-listing as the records above. One for example have the Anti-Cimex Anarkist Attack on the B-side.

In 1997 a 12 inch compilation was made Distortion records. It’s available as picture disc and CD as well. For more info on Shitlickers / Skitslickers releases you can check out the excellent Shit-Fi page where there is a Shitlickers sleeve gallery. Here you can find 8 version of the Shitlickers sleeves and if you continue there are a couple of more that seems be total fakes.

From left to right, first, second and third issue. Click on the images to expand them to a higher resolution. Note these are not my scans, got lazy and downloaded them

I don’t know how many presses were made of each but a good guess would be 300 of the first press and 500 of the Malign Massacre version. However – shitload of records were damaged and destroyed. A good friend who attended a Shitlickers concert reports a total chaotic event with a very drunk and disorderly band that left piles of records on the floor during the gigs. Some were picked up but bunches got damaged and then tossed away as the place was cleaned up.

Shitlicker was formed in 1981. Tomas Jonsson was playing bass parallel with Anti-Cimex. In Sweden everyone knows he is the one that replaced Nillen in Anti-Cimex for the Raped Ass EP. I believe also he was involved in the artwork of the Disarm sleeves. Lasse or Skit-Lasse did the singing (He also did the drums on a few occasions for Bumsen Muss Mann). “Bob Stacy” played the drums and Jimmy played the guitar. Live, Shitlickers was terrifying experience. With the tall Skit-Lasse and a very aggressive band they basically rolled over the audience which had to be concerned for their safety. Peter Kagerland write in the new punk book “Maybe the word “Käng-punk” comes from the fact that Skit-Lasse knocked some people out at one of the first concerts by kicking them with his boots. “Käng” can be translated into the heavy boots the punks used to wear. My friend told me that it is very rare that he is afraid when going to concerts but Shitlickers was one of those events. Eventually the was tension with the members about choosing between Anti-Cimix and Shitlickers. Material for a second EP was recorded but is was not released until Distortion records made the compilation 12″ in 1987. Mailing with Mats Bodenmalm I understand that a new release is planned in the near future.

This sleeve version is most likely an attempt to release Shitlickers on Bullshit Records. It got the Bullshit 003 as catalogue code. According to Mats Bodenmalm a few sleeves were made (five of them), copied on semi-glossy paper. In the end the release was made on Malign Massacre records. But who knows the story really, it was 30 years ago. I am just glad to have the sleeve. I honestly do not really collect sleeve version, I alway try to get the first press with the first sleeve. But for Shitlickers and Anti-Cimex I have made an exception to my rule. The reason being that they are great bands. There are those they find Shitlickers just to be shit. I consider this EP to be one of my all time favorite.

♬ Side A Warsystem / Spräckta Snutskallar (MP3 320 kbps)

♬ Side B The Leader (Of The Fuckin’ Assholes)/ Armed Revolution (MP3 320 kbps)

More ? Check out this interview on

Click on the images to expand them to a higher resolution.


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