Homy Hogs – Nöje För Nekrofiler (1981)

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Homy Hogs – Nöje För Nekrofiler

No Records – HH 1- 1981- LP – Single Sided

There are few hardcore bands that was featured in a comic. Homy Hogs from Bro is one however. They were good friends of the cartoonist Joakim Lindengren and I bought all the comics when they were issued.

Cartoon by Joakim Lindengren

I have used various sources which I don’t believe have been translated into english before.

Homy Hogs begun with Leffe ”LT Hog” Thunberg (guitar) and Patrik ”Kirran Hitler-Lenin” Christiansson (vox) moving from hard rock to punk music, thanks to the Sex Pistols. The first band was Kuk which transformed into Shakin’ Hitler & the Kuk and later Little Lenin & the Homy Hogs and finally Homy Hogs . At an early Hitler-Lenin left the band.

As a band they were known for a really bad ass atitude and did the best crank up the punk sound. Leffe said in an interview: “We was the loudest and fastest band at the time. Even the punks complained. They played mainly locally (Bro is outside Stockholm) but got a quite reputation, including not backing down for the swedish raggare. Fights occurred regularly and the hospital had to be visited at several occasions.

Despite that they was formed in 1979 the first release was Nöje för Nekrofiler (translation – pleasure for necrophiles) which is a single sided LP. It was recorded more or less in one session on a portable 4 channel Fostex-studio with Subbe” Söderberg as technician. Subbe was the drummer of Factory as well. For this record plain white sleeves was used and the cover art was glued to it. The label on the recorded side has Homy Hogs spray painted on it. Initially the band sold the record themselves, but in 1983 the distribution company Record Pool bought the rest of the albums and distributed them. Some of these records don’t have the spray painted label. As the sleeves were made it was punk all the way. The track-list on the sleeve is incorrect. The correct one can be found on discogs. There are various sources for how many copies that were pressed, but between 150 and 200 copies is most likely correct.

There is a lot of controversy among collectors with regards of some of the releases so be careful with the following information. A tape was made in 1982, Smash Overdose , which is two-channel recording. In 1983 the 7″ Demolition Beat/ I wanna Destroy was recorded by Billy Madden. The dispute among collector is not that is was recorded in 1983 but if it really was released that year. It was also released as a Maxi, first time as Homy Hogs and later Werewolves on Wheels. It was later released under the band name Werewolves on Wheels. I don’t know if it is the same recording. In 1984 another tape was made, the 4 song Kill the sudden craze released . On that demo featured Nalle from TST. According to some on-line forums there is also a non-offical tape called Ljudfientlighet with recordings from 1979 to 1981. Apparently several tapes circulate with various track-lists. In 1987 a post release was made on 12″ called Homy Hogs wanna destroy on Eat Records.

Homy Hogs transformed into Werewolves on Wheels (after the classic exploitation movie). To add to the confusion; the first sleeves for the first EP was under the name of Homy Hogs, later changed to Werewolves on Wheels. Honestly, some releases are so confusing that I give up. Some stuff was just large test-pressings (according to sources). Honestly I don’t even believe the bands knows its own discography. I myself have just seen a few of these records and some collectors are very suspicious about “new” discovered releases. If you know anything of the releases or see something incorrect, please drop a comment.

For information the members of Homy Hogs were: Göran ”Gördis” Käll (Bass and Drums), Leffe ”LT Hog” Thunberg (Guitar), Palle ”Pål Pot” Krüger (Drums, Guitar), Patrik ”Kirran Hitler-Lenin” Christiansson (Vox 1979 – 1980), Peter ”Pettan Enöga” Danielsson (Vox 1980-1981 and Guitar in 1983), Olle ”Drulle Moschta” Ede: (Vox 1981-1982), Pontus ”Porra” Lindegren: (Bass in 1983 and Guitar in 1984), Nandor ”Nalle” Hegedüs (Bass & Vox in 1984).

In the late 80’s the members moved to other cities and the saga was over.

As mentioned earlier they were featured as a cartoon but in some cases the real thing beats the fiction. There are endless stories about Homy Hogs and their friends. It’s includes sending pornographic pictures to people they not did like asking for the renewal of the Magazine Shit-baths. Others are all the fights with raggare, half the band showing up in the wrong city for gigs due to high alcohol consumption etc. If someone would make a movie about them it would be an all time classic.

Living in northern Sweden the band Homy Hogs was just a vague rumor, it took many years before some tapes got any major circulation. It was not until the late 90’s I even understood that they had cut vinyl. This record is from a Swedish trader by the way.

Sources Sika Äpärä, Punktjafs, Punktipset and The Encyclopedia Of Swedish Punk 1977-1987 by Peter Jandreus.

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  1. Böna Andersson

    Har en gammal repdemo med Little Lenin & the Homy Hogs. Typ samma låtar som på Nöje För Nekrofiler plattan, men med mycket bättre (råare) ljud. Maila om du är intresserad.

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