Sixten Redlös – Two first singles

October 19:th 2012 – Still affordable punk

Sixten Redlös

Photography by Jessica Sjöberg.

Sixten Redlös or 6-10 Redlös started out as Rövens Hämd (translation – the revenge of the arse) in 1981. Origin from the Husqvarna / Jönköping twin-city, the band became quite popular in the region and in Sweden as well. They played a lot of gigs in Sweden and Scandinavia and managed also to make a UK tour. The setting was: Jöjje (vox), Hedda (bass), Johan Lundgren (guitar). They had a bunch of drummers.

As a band, Sixten Redlös reminds somewhat of KSMB but released vinyl a few years later so the hype was kind of over. However – as mentioned above they have a lot of fans and a very popular page on Facebook. The first single was released in 1984 followed by a second in 1985 and an LP in 1987. They made a great gig at the Hultsfred festival in 1987 (the biggest festival in Sweden at that time). I was myself in Hultsfred that year and saw Krunch but I can’t remember if I saw Sixten Redlös. I guess my body was there but since I was quite “redlös”, my brain was most likely somewhere else. After this gig the members moved to other cities and the success could not be followed up. Hedda (bass) moved over to G-anx. In 1994 Sixten Redlös made their first reunion (in conjunction of the release of a compilation CD) and have since that held a several very well received gigs

I originally bought these two singles in the mid 80’s but a lot of stuff got damaged as I had a flood in my basement some 20 years ago. You can still find their stuff including the LP for 6 dollars. I did.!!

Sixten Redlös ‎– Ni Ska Få Ångra

S-Skivor – SNR 008- 1984- 7″

This is the first single. For even earlier material check out the punktjafs MP3 side where there are demo songs with both Rövens Hämd (1981) and Sixten Redlös (1981 and 1983)

♬ Ni Skall Få Ångra (MP3 320 kbps)

♬ Hämd (MP3 320 kbps)

Click on the images to expand them to a higher resolution.

Sixten Redlös ‎– I Wish I Woz An Animal

S-Skivor – SNRS 015- 1985- 7″

♬ I Wish I Woz An Animal (MP3 320 kbps)

♬ Tusen Stöveltramp På Ryggen (MP3 320 kbps)

There should be an insert but it’s missing in my copy. Click on the images to expand them to a higher resolution.


  1. Peter

    The first 6-10 is one of my all time fave swedish punk 7″

  2. Martin

    I wish I was an animal is a huge hit in my book. BTW G-anx used to rehearse the next house from the one I grew up in, so they must’ve been the first punk band I saw playing.

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