G-Anx / Filthy Christians – Split (1988)

November 7:th 2012 – Early Grindcore

G-Anx / Filthy Christians ‎– Fri Som En Fågel… / Filthy Christians

Gore Core Records – 001 – 1988- 7″

The Swedes would possible say: Vilket jävla mangel!!! about this record. You got to learn swedish to figure it out.


G-anx (also Gravida Ankor or Pregnant Ducks) was from Jönköping, Sweden. Started already in 1982 but in 1984/1985 they developed into the first Swedish (proto-) grindcore band. 1985 demo was made and a tour to Yugoslavia. This split is their first release and contains 4 awesome song in ultra-speed with slower parts. The line up was Patrik (Vox), Steve (guitar), Hedda (Bass) and Hoccy (drums). This is black and white sleeve with red vinyl. It also comes in light green sleeve with pink, yellow or blue vinyl. It’s my understanding they were all released the same time. As a band they did not make to many gigs (about 20) despite playing in Yugoslavia, Germany and Finland and of course Sweden. I saw them myself in Uppsala at Ungdomens hus but don’t really remember which year it was. The band made 4 EP’s which I rank from good to great. An album was planned as well but of some reason the master tape got erased ?? They stopped playing in 1992. There is a CD from 1993 (Flashbacks) which contains all their EP’s. Hoccy and Steve continued with Counterblast with more of a death metal sound.

Discography 7″ (from left to right). G-anx / Filthy Christians Spit (1988) – Far Out (1989) – Masterpiece (1990) – Reach Out (1992)

♬ EP – G-anx side (MP3 320 kbps)

Filthy Christians

>Filthy Christians from Falun, Sweden, started out as a hardcore band but wanted to play faster. The vocalist Per Thunell was also behind the microphone of Protest Bengt together with Åke from Mob 47. They released the unbelievable 32 song EP with Protes Bengt. Filthy Christians were influenced by bands like Heresy and Napalm Death which you clearly can hear on this split EP. I believe that recording is not done specifically for this EP, it was already released on one of their demo-tapes. Year 1990 they where able to land a contract with Earache and made the full length album Mean .

♬ EP – Filthy Christians side (MP3 320 kbps)

This release has a black and white sleeve. The light green one is pictures as reference. There came an insert with this release, whilst the green sleeve has a note that inserts can be ordered for free. Click on the images to expand them to higher resolution.


  1. Martin

    I think G-anx was one of the very first punkbands I heard as they used to rehearse in the house next to the one I grew up in. Must have been in 82 or 83. I was always so impressed everytime I saw Hoccy with his HIGH mohawk, used to stand in the window and rush out when i saw he was on his way. Probably took me 8 years after that til I actually talked to him

  2. the editor

    Ha ha – I run into G-anx on the train to the Roskilde festival in 1986. The way they looked the scared the shit of the other passangers. They were nice dudes (but noisy). They gave me some home made wine that I had to drink out of a plastic bag as I had no bottle available. Ha ha

  3. Martin

    Yeah, they are nice guys, Steve offered me a horse (the animal) once. Turned down the offer, but it was kind of him to ask. All the records I bought and traded with back in the days still smells the same way his apartment did.

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