Totalitär ‎– Luftslott (1989)

November 10:th 2012 – A Long-standing act

Totalitär ‎– Luftslott

Loony Tunes Records – TUNE 14 – 1989- 7″

The long-standing act Totalitär (translation – Totalitarian) put out 12 EP and 4 Lp’s during their 20 years of service. They did not make too many gigs however. The band was formed in Hudiksvall (same city as Missbrukarna) in 1985 with Per-Olof “Poffen” Frimodig (vox), Lanchy (guitar), Andreas Lönnquist (bass) and Lennart (bass). For their first EP (Multinationella mördare) Jörgen Fahlberg played the drums but he switched to guitar and Jesper Forselious started to play drums (Jörgen and Jesper had the two-man band TGU by the way).

The swedish D-beat band now released their second EP Luftslott in 1989 with five members in the band. 7 tracks in total. Pressed in 700 copies. The first song is the title track and was recorded in mid 1988 and the others were recorded later the same year. Luftslott translated into english means “air castle” but the deeper meaning is the about politicians talking about visions we know that they will never realize. This EP is a mix of smash-on d-beat hardcore punk with some songs that are more experimental. Here is two examples: ♬ Det Finns Pengar Att Hämta and ♬ Pappamerika – Åk Hem MP3 320 kbps.

Later they same year the band released the Vänd Dig Inte Om EP on Finn Records.

1990 the band took a pause but continued to record in 1994, now without Jörgen and Jesper who whas busy with the Kristet Utseende.

I got this record from discogs seller Emilpunk

This release has a fold out sleeve. It’s was hard to get good picture of the small pinted lyric fold-out. Click on the images to expand them to higher resolution. As usual all images and audioclips is from my record.

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