A bunch of records from Zoogin (part 1)

Zoogin is active on both discogs and e-Bay but also on the Swedish on-line auction site Tradera. This guy sells excellent records with no fuzz. The gradings are spot on. I can for sure recommend this guy. Today I got 12 records from him and I will post 4 of them today, Butter Utter, Totalitär, Rövsvett-Raped Teenagers and Fiendens Musik. Some of it really great stuff and other is for the sad-ass completist I am.

June 25:th – Listening and cataloguing

Butter Utter ‎– Soho

Leonid Brezinev Records – 01 – 1977 – 7″

The only release with Butter Utter (Uppsala Sweden) never had an offical picture sleeve. The few copies that was distributed was delivered in white dust sleeves. However – the band or someone close to the band made xerox sleeves later. I heard that there are three sleeve version, this being the most common. I added another one for reference. So don’t worry if you have the original sleeve or if you have a xerox copy as there is nothing lika an original sleeve. There are various stories about this low-fi band and I frankly don’t know what to beleive. I really don’t understand why I like this EP either, but I do. For more info check out the KBDrecords post on Butter Utter. Here is the title song to listen to Butter Utter – Soho MP3 (112 kbps).

Totalitär ‎– Vänd Dig Inte Om

Finn Records – FINN-REC 002 – 1989 – 7″ EP

Totalitär where the kings of Hudiksvall hardcore in northern Sweden (BTW – it the same city that Missbrukarna came from). This is their third (not sure) EP. This is with printed labels and black vinyl. I beleive you can find it on colored vinyl and there is a repress out with white labels as well. 7 tunes which is a little bit experimental compared to earlier stuff. The third tune on this EP “Kristen Rensning” is a Missbrukarna cover – what about that!!!. The band has a bunch of changes in the line-up (I guess the band existed for some 20 years). The guitarist in this EP, Jörgen Fahlberg, and the drummer Jesper Forselius has a band named TKU that was great. I have a couple of demos but I don’t know if they ever put anything out on vinyl – must browse the web for it. I know that a lot of the guys who likes the early 80’s HC spit on Totalitär but I don’t!!!. The crust-blogs write good things about this EP anyhow. Here is a couple of tunes to check out: Vänd Dig Inte Om mp3 and Kristen Rensning mp3 (both 128 kbps).

The scans it not from my record expect the label insert picture

Rövsvett / Raped Teenagers Split

CBR Records – CBR-109 – 1990- 7″

Two songs by the at the time Hardcore legends from the Linköping region (well Rövsvett was from Transås). I have seen both acts at the club “Skylten” in Linköping. There is no surprises here. Both bands deliver two great tunes. Rövsvett more straight on and Raped Teenagers with some rhythm changes as usual. This is one of these EP you find price of a beer – so please skip that last beer and buy this EP instead. For me it also makes my collection of these bands complete, it was the only release I did not have – job done. I have selected Solhjul by Rövsvett and Bosse Fors by Raped Teenagers for you guys to listen to (96 kbps)

This is a white label record with a fold out sleeve, lyrics and credits are printed on the inside.

Fiendens Musik – Moderata Brudar

Bellatrix – BS 3 – 1979 – 7″

Fiendens Musik (the music of the enemies) had one leg in the Swedish “Progg” movement and another in the early punk. This Lund (Southern Sweden) band had already released two 7 inch vinyls before this one. The 1978 “Pappa har alltid haft rätt” (Daddy was always right) is really good and (also 1978) “En spark rätt i skallen” (A kick in the head) was all right. Prior buying this record, I tried to find a site where I could listen to it, but I was not successful. Bad for me – this record is just horrible!!! Could not find anyone blogging about it neither. End of review – the records goes into a dark corner in my basement. I added a short audio clip on Moderata Brudar (45 seconds – 128 kbps) for you to judge.

I did not bother to make any scans

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