A bunch of records from Zoogin (part 2)

…con’t …4 more records from Zoogin to listen to and to catalogue. Here is additional four records, three 7″ and a 12″ – Force Majeure, Faxe, Zynthslakt and Ewing OI.

June 25:th – More listening and cataloguing

Force Majeure ‎– Hundarnas Månskenssenerad

SLAM Records – SLAM 004 – 1985 – 7″

The Gävle band (200 km north of Stockholm) was formed in 1985 and released one EP the same year. Several of the members was also active in the local punk club “Yang & Yin”. They played with both Toy Dolls and DOA and made some gigs in north / middle of Sweden before they quit. The label – SLAM record is obviously a local label managed by some of the people behind the skate act “SLAM”. There are 4 songs on this EP: “Hundarnas Månskenssenerad” (112 kbps) being the best one.

Faxe – 4 Ruggigt Vassa Trudilutter

FHJF Records – Faxe e 01 – 1986 – 7″ EP

I don’t know much about this band except that they are from Örnsköldsvik in Northern Sweden and that the memebers are Robban, Krille and Kotti. This release came in two different sleeves. This one have red lettering and the other is a black/white sleeve with a picture of the band (holding a Faxe beer). FHJF Records is a self-released label. They made some gigs at the local club Musikhuset (at least one with Krunch) but I don’t know if they ever made it outside the town. The music is “trall” influenced but not as distinctive as Strebers.

Looking at the clothing and the obsessive interest in Danish beers it not unlikely that these guys became bikers or are burning rubber with their Camaros on Hamnplan in Ö-vik. There are four songs on this EP and I have chosen Cowboy (112 kbps) as it represents this EP well.

The black and white sleeve is added for reference only. The black and white release also had an insert whilst there was no insert in my copy of the colored sleeve. The labels look the same. The B/W sleeve is a glued pocket sleeve and the one with red lettering is a fold-out sleeve

Zynthslakt – Hit Med Stålarna

Not On Label – None – 1986- 7″

This is a compilation of the two split vinyls that Zynthslakt made in 1984. The matrixes are ZÄTA-1-B2 and SVART-01-B. Johan Granberg the brother of Per Granberg (N.O.S. and Charta 77) played in this band. Honestly this is for me in the completist category. As we are on the topic – there was a bunch of band it the Köping / Kolsva region in the 80’s. If you use google translate (or understand Swedish) you should check out the punktjafs article on the subject. Here is a tune to listen to: Krossa Er! (112 kbps) – sorry about the pops / skips- the record is not in a good condition. Other Köping act worth checking out is Charta 77 – Välfärdens avfall and the Past EP’s

The record is a white label so I didn’t scan the labels. The sleeve is a fold-out sleeve.

Ewing OI – Mår Bra

Eugen Records – PAM-001 – 1984 – 7″

The first release by Ewing OI (Linköping, Sweden) contains three songs. They made a second EP in 1986 called III (Yeah – they are funny guys) which I also like. Quite dirty sound with clear Ramones influences. I looked at the rear sleeve and thought they had Johnny Ramone on guitar. However – looking closely I can see that is not a Mosrite guitar hanging around his neck – so I can’t be Johnny then!
Mår Bra (128 kbps) is the title song of the EP, please enjoy!

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