The Worst – Time Zone (1982)

November 11:th 2012 – Pure Hardcore

Worst – Time Zone

Mutha Records – MUTHA 001 – 1982- 7″

Of the last 100 records posted this is the first american hardcore punk record I post. I have been lucky starting my record collection with US HC 25 years ago. This one was not sitting in the collection however – until now!

The New Jersey hardcore band, The Worst, made their debut 7″ on Mutha and it was the first release for Mutha as well. It was pressed in 1000 copies. At the time was the first release on Mutha records. It came out 1982 a year after the Heart Attack EP but same year as Urban Waste first EP. Antidote, Abused and Agnostic Front cut vinyl in ’83.

It was not easy for a south Jersey hardcore act to flirt with the New York scene. The full story is on the their compilation CD – “The Worst of the Worst”. Instead of me repeating it you can read the liner notes by Stuart Schrader here.

There are in total 5 songs and I prefeer face A. Awesome stuff, pure hardcore with cheeky lyrics just they way I like it. Just listen to the second song High Velocity. In 1983 they released the 12″ vinyl titled “Expect the Worst”. Great stuff too.

♬ Full EP – Songs: Time Zone / High Velocity / Futur / Frustration / Don’t Be Afraid (MP3 192 kbps.)

This release has a fold out sleeve but nothing printed inside. Click on the images to expand them to higher resolution. As usual all images and audio clips is from my record.

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  1. mike trezza

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