Black Uniforms ‎– Straight Edge My Ass (1990)

August 24:th 2013 – Cute boys – chauvinistic lyrics

Black Uniforms ‎– Straight Edge My Ass

Strul Tapes ‎– 002 ‎– 1990 – Cassette

Face A MP3 192 kbps

Face B MP3 192 kbps

Face A / Face B

Live, end of the 80’s.

Black Uniforms was formed already in 1981 in Malmö, Sweden. I have heard somewhere (but can’t remember the source) that the origin of the name is from an event where some foreign people looked at the young punks saying: “Black Uniforms”.

There is so many line-up changes I will not even try to get it right. However – the fist set-up broke up in 1983. The members moved into the Bristles and Fjalle was the first vocalist of Moderat Likvidation and so on. This post will focus on 1986 and forward. This demo is basically songs between 1986 1990. On vox Fjalle Wisemark. Other members were Cliff Lundberg and Robert “Lefty” Jörgensen. The two later played in Cimex in the early 90’s. A guy called John played the drums. Cliff later played with Driller Killer by the way.

Fjalle, charming the girls.

As a band they were mixing hardcore and metal and at least some of the girls found them to be quite cute as well, despite the lyrics.

They made one LP on Hardcore Horror Records (Faces Of Death) in 1988 and a compilation a couple of years later. If you wanna know the whole story check out the liner notes on that album – its confusion even holding the record in front of me.

That’s all for now!!

Check the images below for song titles etc, just click on the images below to expand them to higher resolution. This tape came in few colour versions.


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  1. juan diego uribe

    I wany to find more stuff i only know some songs from deliriums tremens from marko orava

  2. Mikael Johnsson

    Trevligt att du har digitaliserat det man en gång
    satt och nötte ner på band.
    Det var många dagar man satt och spelade in kassett för kassett!
    Lite trivia.Det var egentligen meningen att jag och Robban från No Security som skulle ha gett ut ett par kassetter men av någon anledning så kom vi bara till omslaget sedan tog jag kontakt med Marcus som då hade ?-Tapes och vi började jobba ihop.

    Jag stod för den finansiella sidan och all inspelning av kassettbanden.
    Totalt blev det över 500 kassettband som såldes av Strultapes utgåvor.

    Jag stod för omslaget på Strultapes 1
    Marcus stod för det grafiska på Strultapes 3 samt Strultapes 5
    Cliff Lundberg stod för omslaget på Strultapes 2
    Mikael Lindberg stod för omslaget på Strultapes 4

  3. the editor

    Thanks for the head-up. Great tape – good work.

  4. Skånepunk

    The line-up for this re-formed Black Uniforms was Cliff-Bass, John-Drums, Andy-Guitar, Fjalle-Vocals. Lefty was never in Black Uniforms. Only Cliff was in the first original line-up from 1981, the others from 1981 line-up was Puma (later in The Bristles), Lillis and the last member I don’t remember his name.

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