Shit Kids

September 26:th 2012 – Östersund cult punk band

Shit Kids started to play in 1978 and the name was taken from a Johnny Rotten quote (Rich kids = Shit kids). Originally called “Ballycocks mofas and the great lake hemoroids” this Östersund (northern Sweden) band made some local shows, one very successful show at their school. After some line-up changes the members were: Anders “Jånny Kass” Näslund – Vocals, Artur “Sture Skryt” von Schmalensee – Vocals, Per “Ivan Divan Dekadent” Gillström – Guitar, Stefan “Konrad Korgboll” Kauppi – Guitar, Pär “Sune Sadist” Henriksson – Bass, Anders “Penti Pestråtta” Söderberg – Harmonicaa Per “Orvar Oskuld” Orvegård – Drums.

In December 1978 the EP Jag måste ha ett jobb (I need to get a job) was recorded and the record was released in 1979 and became an instant local cult record. Today it’s hard to come by. It was recorded in Vibos Studio and therefore the label was Viboquette. This record has a nice punk beat. The same year they got kicked out from their rehearsal studio. They played shows without rehearsing for some month before finding a new place. The second EP Rik Mans Flicka (Rich Man’s Girl) was released in 1980 and was less punk compared to the first EP.

The band made some 100 shows and made success everywhere they played (except for Sundsvall of course) but the band moved from the city. They made a bunch of reunions and the question if they really have quit. For more info of Shit Kids, check out their web page (and use google translate).

I got the Jag Måste Ha Ett Jobb through a Swedish collection and is happy it had the insert. I’m also posting the second EP so you got both the audio clips and the images in one post. Swedes can listen to an interview with Shit Kids from SR Enjoy!!!

Shit Kids – Jag Måste Ha Ett Jobb

Viboquette – EVQ 090401 – 1979- 7″

♬ Full EP 320 kbps

Songs : Face A :Jag Måste Ha Ett Jobb / Frösö Sjukhus 1984

Songs : Face B Köttmarknad / Ann-Christin

Click on the images to expand them to a higher resolution. The lyric insert is one page printed on both sides.

Shit Kids – Rik Mans Flicka

Jämtängen Musik Produktion – JMP-007 – 1980- 7″

♬ Full EP 320 kbps

Songs : Face A Rik Mans Flicka / Helgen är här

Songs : Face B Alexandra / Harry Hårding

Click on the images to expand them to a higher resolution. Fold-out sleeve with lyrics printed on the inside.


  1. Martin

    Great find! The first ep has been on my want list for years. Been offered to buy it à few times, but way too expencive. And no insert.

  2. the editor

    Yeah it’s the bloody insert – I know – hard to find. I had to beg for this one for a time – like a small child until the other guy gave up !!!!

  3. Tor

    For the completist there is also copies with a pink insert.

  4. boxbox

    Is there anyone sitting on a copy of just the record cover? i got the record but no cover and insert, i´m greatfull if anyone could help me here..

  5. boxbox

    sorry, i meant the cover of the first 7″ -jag måste ha ett jobb

  6. Tor

    I have a mint copy w/ lyric sheet for trade. Looking for Desperate Livin’, Bad Boo Band, Absurd, 57 Kez and Kessler Jugend to mention a few.

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