Terveet Kädet – TK II (1981)

September 28:th 2012 – The second EP from TK

Terveet Kädet – TK II

IKBAL – 004 – 1981- 7″ Single sided

The second EP from Terveet Kädet is just called TK II. It’s awesome!!! I made a long post on Terveet Kädet which you can read here.

This record is like the first one single sided and on the IKBAL label (which is the singer Läjä own label). There are four songs on this EP : Mull On Liian Lyhyt Sanky / Ei Enaan Koskaan Sotaa / Kaks’ Vihreaa Polkupyoraa / Torino Blues: N.Y.T. so please enjoy it – for me TK is the best finish punk act – period!!!

♬ Full EP 320 kbps

TK II was only pressed on 200 copies. The sleeve comes in two pieces. There is a re-press from Höhnie records in 2007. That is numbered in 500 copies. The first press has matrix IKBALL S-004 and the sleeve is slightly smaller than the re-press. This record is from a finnish punk collection that is currently sold out.

Click on the images to expand them to a higher resolution. It came with three notes, 1. Old customers new order, 2. Note that P.Tuotanto release their future materia, 3. Promo review copy for SOUNDI music magazine.

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