Terveet Kädet ‎– Rock Laahausta Vastaan (1980)

September 6:th 2012 – The birth of “up-north hardcore”

Terveet Kädet ‎– Rock Laahausta Vastaan

Ikbal – IKBALS 003 a – 1980- 7″ Single Sided

This is my favorite Europan hardcore band..

Terveet Kädet was formed in Tornio (Torneå) in Finland up at the arctic circle. Tornio is basically a steel mill city with long winter and little to do. A typical place where great hardcore bands are created. The band name means heathy hands or clean hands. I guess the Finns understand the underlying meaning, I don’t.

They stared out influenced by bands like Discharge. Of the original line-up it’s only the vocalist Läjä left – still leading the band. They have made a lot of EP:s and LP:s and in the mid 80’s they developed a more metal sound. BTW – they are still around.

The 3 song single sided 7″ Rock Laahausta Vastaan (this one) was first out. This was already in 1980 and there where no other hardcore acts in the Nordic counties at that time, except for a few proto-hardcore bands. In 1981 they put out another single sided 7″ – TK II. With their third EP Ääretön Joulu they had established them selves as an iconic hardcore band with HC burners like Pissaa Ja Paskaa and Outo Maa.

I guess one reason I like Finnish hardcore is the Finnish language which is perfect for genre. I don’t understand the lyrics and the non Scandinavian readers must understand that it is nothing similar between Finnish and the Scandinavian languages. Finish closest relative is Hungarian and the Swedish closest is German

Im lucky to find this record. It comes from a Finnish hardcore collection that is currently for sale, hopefully more rare stuff will be posted here. As this release was only pressed in 200 copies a Mint / Near Mint copy require you to send at least one finger together with the cash and trades. It’s a single sided 7″ with a large center hole. The sleeve comes in two individual pieces of paper. Matrix is IKBALS – 003 A meaning it’s the third release by IKBAKL. IKBAL is an acronym of Ismon Karkean Brutaalit Aavikko Levyt (“Ismo’s harshly brutal desert records”) and was the singer Läjä’s own label. What made me glad is that it come with, I guess, a mail order receipt from IKBAL with the signature of Läjä himself. It’s like having John Lennon’s autograph if you like the Beatles.

There are two re-issues for this release. In 1983 P. Tuotanto made the Kädet Suojelee-EP which is the first two Terveet Kädet Releases on one EP. That one is also only pressed in 200 copies. In 1997 the German label Höhnie Records made a re-issue with the original artwork in a numbered limited edition of 500 records. I’m providing scans for both records and audio clips.

Recordings: ♬ IKBAL record and ♬ Höhnie record (320 kbps)

Terveet Kädet influenced a lot of bands but certainly the Brazilian hardcore scene. Fabio of Olho Seco traded tapes and letters with the Finns and the early Brazilian hardcore bands developed a very Finnish hardcore sound. Here is Sweden I remembered the Finnish sound. On the show the Finnish bands were noisier, more filthy and drunker than the Swedish peers.

There are three songs on this one and they all kick ass. It a very simple recording as no real studio was used (it the same with TK’s second EP). The songs are : Minä Haluan PaljonRahaa, Joutukaa Sielut and Vapaa Pohjola. I have by the way never figured out the translation of the title of this EP but got some help from a TK fan.. It’s Rock Against Commercialism.

Below is the IKBAL press (1980)

All picture is taken with my crappy camera. It’s hard to get the exact colour tone. The real thing is slightly yellow (of age) and the pictures looks slightly to grey. As usual you can click on the images to expand them to higher resolution.

Below is the Höhnie press (2007)

All picture is taken with my crappy camera. It’s hard to get the exact colour tone. The real thing has white background but the pictures looks slightly grey. The sticker on the front picture sleeve is glued to the plastic protection and not on the actual sleeve. The size of the sleeve is slightly larger compared to the original. As usual you can click on the images to expand them to higher resolution.


  1. Sammmi

    Hi! The title has nothing to do with “Rock against commercialism”. “Laahausta” comes from laahaus and laahata which are used in punk to repesent “playing slow” , “low tempo” or just “lame music”. So tittle means Rock Against Playing Slow. Unfortunately it does not sound as cool translated as in Finnish.

  2. mark

    What were Ikbals #1&2?

    • the editor

      IKBAL 1 and 2 was two single sided records with “Aavikon Kone Ja Moottori”, a more experimental band. Läjä was in it. Honestly – it was not very good.

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