Epidemi – Häftig Brud (1979)

September 7:th 2012 – Great – worth ripping

Epidemi ‎– Häftig Brud

Stage And Music – S&M7904 – 1979- 7″

I am breaking some of my rules here. I planned to post only what I buy, but his little gem has been sitting in my collection for a while. I was going to play it today and realized that I had no FLAC rips so I had to record it and put it on the server. So – as it here – why not post it?

What I know is that the band was from Nyköping and that this record was pressed in 500 copies. It’s their only release.

What I guess is that the kids in the band was kinda interested in girls (not to uncommon). The title song Häftig brud (translates into cool chick) is about the cool girl at the school. In the lyrics they kind of criticize her for being shallow, but underlying there is an attractiveness. But she is without reach for the guys. Kind of bitter actually.

What I read in the Ny Våg book by Peter Kagerland is that they got inspirations of the early punk scene and actually saw most of the bands visiting Sweden including Sex Pistols, the Clash and the Ramones.

What I think is that the title song is great – what to you think? Häftig brud (320 kbps).

All picture is taken with my crappy camera. As usual you can click on the images to expand them to higher resolution. As usual the music rips is from the my actual record. I never take music from other sources.

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    thanks man. great song.

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