Nasum ‎– Doombringer (2008)

September 8:th 2012 – Awesome, awesome, awesome !!!

Nasum ‎– Doombringer

Relapse Records – RR 7009-1 – 2008- LP “Clear Vinyl”

Grindcore is a genre where there honesty are, as I see it, a lot of un-inspirational records as many bands did really develop the genre.

Nasum is however an exception. The band was formed in Sweden in 1992 by Anders Jakobson (guitar) and Rickard Alriksson (drums, vocals) as a sideproject to the Death Metal band Necrony. They began writing some material but things got really going in 1993 when they made a 7″ EP split with Agathocles. At that time guitarist Mieszko Talarczyk joined the band.

Over they years the made a lot of 7″ and 4 LP’s all with very high standard. In 2004, Mieszko Talarczyk was a victim of the disastrous tsunami that hit South-East Asia killing over 150 000 people. This terrible event ended Nasum as an active band.

In 2010 the band started to plan a farewell tour. Keijo Niinimaa from Rotten Sound was asked to join the band for the tour. Nasum write on their web-page:

“No cheesy reunion, no new albums, no epitaph for Mieszko. We will play only a few cities and festivals in a limited number of disruptive, unruly concerts. It will be a total blast, and we aim to go out hard. Just you wait”.

That okay by me!!! See you in Malmö on October 6:th 2012.

Doombringer is a live recording from Japan in 2004 but it was not released until 2008. I actually owned a copy earlier. 1,200 copies were pressed on vinyl. The first 100 was on clear vinyl and for promotional use only. This is one of those copies. The old blue vinyl is already sold.

I’m not planning to post must of the grindcore stuff I buy. This site is mainly for punk and hardcore and some random KBD records. The grindcore genre however would not be possible without the hardcore movement. On top of this – Nasum is a great band. Why not listen to the first three tracks from this release Audioclip (320 kbps)

All picture is taken with my crappy camera. As usual you can click on the images to expand them to higher resolution. As usual the music rips is from the my actual record. I never take music from other sources.


  1. 5 oktober i Malmö enligt min biljett. 🙂

    • the editor

      Oh – You right!!! Sorry, crap I almost book flights on the wrong day. Comming down from Northern Sweden – Great zine by the way

  2. Thanks. Im really looking forward to this gig.

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