Åke Octan – S/T (1980)

September 11:th 2012 – Not bad for 3 bucks

Åke Octan – S/T

Sonet – SMP-7 – 1980 – 12″

You should avoid bands that make a big thing of having their first concert on a contemporary arts museum. That’s what I read on Åke Octan’s web-page. I also see that there are 6 members in the band. It should be a warning sticker on all records with more than 4 members (punk) or 5 members (metal). It’s a large likelihood that the 6:th member has a saxophone, an instrument that should be banned from all rock music.

This record is not punk but the band (name after the vocalist :Åke) was active in the between 1979 and 1981 in Malmö. This together with some of the punk acts but they had more in common with artist like Karl P Dal (who actually produced this record). This record was sitting in a bin for 3 dollars so I bought it. Here is a song that’s okay (Hey, Hey) Bara en Spegel (320 kbps)

I believe they also made a single in 1981

I only bothered to take a picture of anything else than the front sleeve, click on it to expand them to higher resolution. As usual the music rips is from the my actual record. I never take music from other sources.

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