Krunch – Hello Bob (1983)

September 11:th 2012 – Top Swedish hardcore band

Krunch ‎– Hello Bob

Massproduktion – MASS Z-22 – 1983 – 7″

I got to admit it. Krunch is on my top 5 list of Nordic Counties hardcore bands. One day I will make an article honouring these guys. But not today!

The band was from Timrå in Northern Sweden which is a paper mill city. Their slows was legendary and I lucky to have seen a few. A couple of them where set-up like a shift in the paper mill with the whole band dress in workers cloth. The set included a lunch break where the vocalist Thorsten sat down and had a sandwich and drunk coffee of a thermos while reading the newspaper.

I find Krunch having a quite unique sound, taking hardcore to a new level. I’m not much for reunions – but I would kill to see Krunch again.

Hello Bob is the first EP (4 songs) that Krunch released on Massproduktion. They put out two more 7″ EP’s and a couple of 12″ up to 1989. There is also a must have compilation CD from Massproduktion called “Were Back…But We’re Evil – The Almost Complete Krunch, But More…” that can be found at good prices on sites like discogs. This EP is good but their later releases are fantastic. It took a couple of years for Thorsten to develop his voice and attack and it was the same with the music. Again – if you like it – go and find the compilation CD.

Here is the title track Hello Bob (320 kbps)

I have upgraded my copy to this Near Mint copy. The old thrashed one will be for trade.

All picture is taken with my crappy camera. It comes in a fold-out sleeve, size European A3. As usual you can click on the images to expand them to higher resolution. As usual the music rips is from the my actual record. I never take music from other sources.

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