Tåm Box – Sweet Innocence / Quiz Kid

September 11:th 2012 – A purchase on chancee

Tåm Box – Sweet Innocence / Quiz Kid

Strawberry Music (2) – Kjøp 2- 1980- 7″

I heard a song by the Norwegian band on a party in Trondheim (Yeah in Norway) ages ago, when the mandatory Dum Dum Boys was not played.. I don’t remember if it was an LP or 12″ but the song was Pløy Skolegårrden or something. I have not seen that record since. However – I bought this 7″ but frankly it did not sound as i remembered. Quiz Kid is the best (B-side) whilst Sweet Innocence (both (128 kbps)is not my cup of tea (garbage honestly). I know that they made a 7″ in 1981 was well. Checking my trusted Norwegian Pop and Rock Encyclopedia i read that the band was from Halden (outside Oslo close to the Swedish border). Anyone knows anything more about Tåm Box??

I bought this record at Thrashpalace Stockholm, I need to go there again to see if they have that 12″!!!

All picture is taken with my crappy camera. The rear sleeve is somewhat out of focus, sorry. As usual you can click on the images to expand them to higher resolution. As usual the music rips is from the my actual record.
I never take music from other sources.

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  1. Does anyone follow this post ? My dad played gitar in this band from Horten(!). (:

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