Nade Iz Inkubatora ‎– Nocu Mom Gradu

September 12:th 2012 – Serbian punk

Nade Iz Inkubatora ‎– Nocu U Mom Gradu

Ne! Records – NE004 – 2012- LP “Blue Vinyl” + CD

Another great release from NE! Records – as usual packaged very well with a lot of info of the band and with an CD as well.

Nade Iz Inkubatora (translation: Hope from the incubator) was formed in 1979 in the City of Subotica in Serbia on the border to Hungary. The front man Dragan Jakosevic was inspired by bands like the Clash and Sex Pistols but the band developed their own sound. Of various reasons they were not able to put anything on vinyl with the exception of participating on a compilation LP.

This LP contain both studio recordings from 1984 and 1986 but also live recordings from the club Alkatraz in 2010. Here is a song to get a feel of the band Devojka Iz Predgradja (128 kbps)

All picture is taken with my crappy camera. As usual you can click on the images to expand them to higher resolution. Also the music rips is from the my actual record. I never take music from other sources.

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