Anti-Hund Mina / Pöbel Möbel Split (1984)

September 12:th 2012 – Great Jönköping punk

Anti-Hund Mina / Pöbel Möbel – Split

Pissed Records – BOZ 112 – 1984- 12″

Both Anti-Hund Mina and Pöbel Möbel was from the Jönköping area in Sweden. They shared one member, Peter who was singing in Pöbel Möbel and played the bass in AHM. This is the only vinyl by Anti-Hund Mina while Pöbel Möbel made an LP and an additional 7″ [more]. On this 12″ they have three songs each. Both bands have an international audience as I have been asked several time if I have this 12″ when I have been trading hardcore records with Americans. Most of them really enjoy Anti-Hund Mina. Of some reason I have never owned this release. This record is from Thrash Palace Stockholm.

I have heard the songs before but not the 12″ as whole. I really like it, certainly AHM. Listen to ♬ Pyroman with Anti-Hund Mina and ♬ Feel the Evil with Pöbel Möbel (both 320 kbps). If you like it you can also listen to the whole ♬ record (128 kbps). I normally don’t add a whole record but sadly there is no CD release with AHM.

If you liked this check out another good Jönköping act – that’s Sixten Redlös which Pekka Hiljanen from AHM later joined.

The insert is one piece of paper, printed on both sides. As usual you can click on the images to expand them to higher resolution.


  1. Martin

    Never liked this one, but I’ve had at least 5 copies of it over the years. Always sold it as soon as I found a new copy, but never new that people were looking for it. Thikn the best I’ve ever got for a copy is $25 or something like that.

  2. the editor

    25 dollars – I guess that the going price. I saw a NM copy of 35 dollars that was quickly sold. I kind of like Anti-Hund Mina. As you said it is not hard to get – I just did not bother to buy it earlier.

  3. Mats Haglund

    When playing records for a Sixten redlös-reuniongig i Jönköping one AHM-member came and asked if I knew about them. I only had the split 12″ and thought there were no more recordings.
    Turns out there´s a homepage with 4 more unreleased tracks (Or at least not on vinyl, perhaps on some cassette I don´t know).

    Here´s the link

  4. Mats Haglund

    Also they´ve got two tracks on the Förnekad existens Vol.1. If you´ve got it I´d be really glad if you´d upload it.
    And thanks for four effort with the website.

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