Badboll – Valen (1979)

September 4:th 2012 – The first EP by Badboll

Badboll – Valen

Badliv Rekords – B.R. 003 – 1979- 7″

These Swedish kids got inspiration from the Sex Pistols but also bands like the Who. They started up in Nacka outside Stockholm and when all the other punk act choose punky names these kids wanted to do the opposite (Badboll means Beach ball – one of those inflatable plastic things). On this 7″ the song ♬ Valen (128 kbps) is quite good. It could be a minute shorter. The label is their own and despite the catalogue code 003 it was the only release. By the way – their second EP Badboll Lever is a good powerpop that is worth listening to.

This record has been on my want-list for a while and I found it sitting on an auction site in nice condition to an acceptable price – so. Please enjoy!!!

This release was pressed in 1,500 copies but despite that not to easy to find. All picture is taken with my crappy camera. As usual you can click on the images to expand them to higher resolution.

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