Agent Orange – Your Mother Sucks Cooks In Hell … (1983)

August 29:th 2012 – Amsterdam Thunder

Agent Orange ‎– Your Mother Sucks Cocks In Hell…

Graaf Hendrick Records – g.h 001 – 1983- 7″

Close your eyes and imagine an Amsterdam hardcore show in the early 80’s! Among the early Dutch hardcore bands like Gepøpel, Lärm and B.G.K I can guarantee that Jesus and the Gospelfuckers was the most notorious and memorable. Chaotic gigs with the band fighting both the audience and themselves (Swedes can imagine Anti-Cimex!). Later they change the name to Genocide Express and made a demo. The final transition was into Agent Orange and under this name they made this EP and another 7 inch before vanishing into darkness.

This four song EP from 1983 is rare gem with total lack of melodies, insane guitar sound, blasting drums and a female? back-up vocalist. It’s dirty as the gutter in an Amsterdam red light alley. It’s the only release by Graaf Hendrick Records and it’s a quite rare record. It often circulate low numbers (certainly among collectors) but the guy who released it, and currently is running Kangaroo records, say that it was pressed in 500 copies. Of course a lot of them have disappeared over the years. If you would find a copy be glad because they are not easy to find. This copy is anything than perfect but I have been searching for one for a while and glad just to find a copy – whatever the condition

I have been told that a few copies should have a lyric insert. In this case I’m glad I don’t have one. If I had one I would be able to read the the lyrics and it would for sure piss me off. Luckily it’s impossible to hear to lyrics behind the thundering guitars and the blasting drums. Checking the facts on the web I ran into an old post by Eric at GoodBadMusic who made the perfect summary of this EP: You know my rule of thumb: Nice people make nice music, but it takes a bunch of idiots to make a great HC burner.

Anyone interested in the early European hardcore scene and Agent Orange can buy the LP / CD from Kangaroo Records with all stuff they made under all names including rare demos

There are four tunes on this EP. On the A side you will find &#9836 Your Mother Sucks Cocks In Hell... and ♬ Lingerie. On the B-side both songs &#9836 Feminist / Nothing blends together (128 kbps).

There are an insert in a few copies but not in this one. All picture is taken with my crappy camera. As usual you can click on the images to expand them to higher resolution.

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