Vicious Visions – a rare gem

August 11:th 2012 – Uber-rare and super-great

Vicious Visions ‎– I Beat You / No No’s

Not On label – NM-001 – 1983- 7″

Swedish Vicious Visions have over they years got more and more attention. Back in 1983 when they released their only 7″ and the vinyl it did not get any major circulation. In a matter of fact – this is the most rare Swedish punk release. The word holy grail is used to often for various vinyl releases but in this case it for sure true. It was pressed in 109 copies only (confirmed by several sources) and it’s claimed that 15 test presses was made (by one source). On top of this it seems to exist a few misprinted sleeve with a psychedelic pattern. A reason Vicious Visions get more attention is also becuase they were a great band.

This purchase started a time a ago when I got a text message that had a picture of the sleeve. For a collector is was like someone would mail me a porn-mag when I was 15 years old. Fuck Yeah – A copy is for sale! 6 month later we where able to agree on price and here it is

There are not to much info available on this two man band. However – Mr Boo have made a couple of interviews on the swedish site punktjafs and it’s also found in English on the Farbror Punk blog. I will avoid repeating this info in details but short – This Halmstad based band with a true anarchistic lifestyle got early on inspiration by live shows like Sex Pistols – and later on Vicious Visions was formed. They moved on to Berlin (Kreuzberg) a city with a a very vital alternative scene at the time. As mentioned earlier Vicious Visions have an international audience as well. I believe this punk / proto-industrial music deserve an even larger audience. Today Mr Boo is engaged in the holy trip an act worth checking out.

It could be noted that another band from Halmstad also made their international debut in 1983 – Roxette. They however get’s less and less attention these days. As opposite to Vicious Visions they do not age with grace.

In most cases I just give you heavy compressed audio clips from my rips (more as a teaser – I want you to buy records / CD’s). For this release I will make an exception. Here is both tracks on this release. MP3-320I Beat You & ♬ No No’. I got the rips in FLAC (lossless) for the real audiophile as well. Just post a comment and I can mail them to You.

There is a live recording that I have not heard (but would love to). Vicious Visions also made a demo with some killer songs that is available here (128 kbps). It should be noted that these files most likey have been copied between various digital formats so there are shit-loads of jitter on them. But – I still jumping around in my house to “Drugs” and want to thrash stuff.

Drugs Anarchy Against Any FuckinaAnother DimensionEscape Funk MeI’m So InsaneKill Him BobLiberty BopMight Be A Good Song AnywaySoul MotionSoul Motion I Want Some No FunThe Heat Is OnThe Odds

All images is made with my crappy camera. The sleeve is silk screened. The front and rear look the same with minor printing differences. The label are red but look orange due to my camera. As usual you can click on the images to expand them to higher resolution.



  1. Octavio

    Thanks for the files! From Buenos Aires, Argentina

  2. JJ

    thanks for this post. kind regards

  3. Vickey

    Hej! Har du mojlighet att skicka latarna till mig? Tack pa forhand! PS Goner har precis slappt en re-issue av singeln.

  4. the editor

    Vickey, the song are in the article. Hover over then, click right button and download.


    Any way I can get the FLAC files?
    Thanks for making this available!

    • the editor

      Sorry, the flac take to much space so I can not afford to have them on-line

  6. Daggan

    Tar gärna FLAC-filerna också om du har de kvar,

    • the editor

      All FLAC files as sadly been corrupted

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