Systeemi Ei Toimi E.P. on P. Tuotanto

August 9:th 2012 – Rare 1982 Finish HC compilation

Systeemi Ei Toimi E.P – Compilation

P. Tuotanto – PTEP-2 – 1982- 7″

Everyone interested in Finnish hardcore must have heard about the P. Tuotanto label [Website] Owner Vote Vasko released early stuff by Kaaos and Riistetyt and also made the compilation of the two first Terveet Kädet single sided 7″. Most early P. Tuotanto releases are rare as Vote only pressed 200 copies of them.

There is a 1990 re-issue of EP which is easy distinguished from this copy. The matrix on this one is PTEP-02 A on side A and PTEP-02 B on side B. Today – I’m a happy guy as I open a California stamped parcel with this compilation EP in EX condition. On this release there are three bands – Laahaus / Kaaos / Vapaa Pääsy of which Kaaos is the only band that made more vinyl to my knowledge.

Laahaus have four hardcore songs on this EP. They did not put out any more on vinyl but some members moved on to thrash metal later on. Here is ♬ Kohta Aikuinen (128 kbps).

Kaaos was one of the more successful finish HC act. They started out with a split with Cadgers (who later became Riistetyt) and sold a bunch of copies of Totaalinen Kaaos on Propaganda records. They are doing four tracks on this EP and is sure the best act. Here is ♬ Isänmaalliset (128 kbps).

Vapaa Pääsy have four tracks on this EP. I believe the band name means Free Entrance – most likely a dirty reference! I don’t know what happened with the band after this release. Here is ♬ Ei Oo Enää Aikaa (128 kbps).

To put it simple – this is a great EP. Un-polish and even primitive hardcore full of energy of a gang of really pissed-off finnish punks. That’s what it’s all about! – If you don’t like it- find another web-page to steal broadband.

All images is made with my crappy camera. This release comes in a “wrap-around” sleeve (A3 format). The labels are hand written. As usual you can click on the images to expand them to higher resolution.

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  1. valtionvankina

    nice job…, you have writting skills, i reckon it would look nice to see posts of p. tuotanto aswell as other rare label releases next to each other.

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