SLAM – Ingens Slav

August 8:th 2012 – Swedish 1984 skate punkers

SLAM – Ingens Slav

Not on Label – LP 1- 1984- LP

SLAM was from Gävle, Sweden (a couple hours drive north of Stockholm) and the whole band were skaters. They was also featured on one of Thrashers compilations. SLAM made a couple of additional 7″ as well. In 1987 they made an LP on Subcore – a label that also released Accüsed – Martha Splatterhead. The co-operation resulted in an US tour where they made about 30 gigs playing with bands like Circle Jerks, Gang Green, JFA, SNFU, and DRI. For a Swedish punk band that’s a quite big thing.

The copy seems unplayed and comes with some goodies like a release material and a poster – I guess it was used to market the band. There are a re-issue of the release the same year with a darker cover.

I have selected two tracks (both 128 kbps) of the 14 that is on this record ♬ Jorden Den Är Vår (the earth is ours) which was also on the Thrasher compilation and the title track ♬ Ingens Slav (No-ones slave).

All images is made with my crappy camera. The inserts are in A4 (two pices) and the poster is in A3 format


  1. Martin

    Is it possible for you to make the whole album available?
    Would be great, it’s really hard to find!

    • the editor

      Sorry, I can’t do it! We try to avoid being a file sharing site.

  2. Martin

    I understand. Personally, I think it’s ok to share music that no longer can’t be bought for money and which are not available through various paying streaming services.
    But I understand and respect your point of view .


  3. Mark

    Martin, this album (minus one track “Ensam”) is available from Drunk With Power on CD, packaged with another album, “End of Laughter”. Hope that helps.

    (so, I personally would just like to have the track “Ensam”, to complete the album, but who knows where I might get that from…)

  4. Martin

    Wow, great! Thank you very much

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