Demon System 13

Demon System 13 or DS-13 was the favorite band of a good friend that passed away to early. My wife wore a DS-13 patch on her jacket for a month after the funeral in his memory.

I had a few EP’s but have tracked down all releases so here are the final three. DS-13 was formed in Umeå, Sweden in 1995 and broke up in 2005. They temporary reunited on 2012 to celebrate the 40:th birth day of Dennis Lyxzen (former Refused). That the band broke of was not really a bad thing – all members moved on to other bands in the vital Umeå and Swedish HC scene. DS-13 made shitload of releases and a bunch of tours. Regarding the release some stuff is great whilst other is just average. Well they put out 12 vinyls in like 8 years. Here I will add the three latest arrivals to my collections (Also making the DS-13 collection complete).

August 19:th 2012 – Demon System 17

Demon System 13 / Code 13 ‎– 13 Song Split

Havoc Records – HC7023 – 2000- 7″

These days the releases comes in various vinyl colours. In MRR you find pressing companies with fixed price on 500 7″ of which the first 100 in one colour and the other in black. Well this one can be found on transparent vinyl, blue, white and orange with various sleeves. There are two represses as well on black vinyl. As a collector I have not walk into this mouse trap. There is no need to have them all (but I would prefer the transparent vinyl a separate sleeve design (100 of those only). What I can say however – is that a total pressing of 5,600 copies is not bad for a hardcore act. Here DS-13 contribute with 6 songs and Code-13 with 7 songs. Code-13 is the band of Felix Havec’s – the founder of Havec Records.

Well enough about the collector-scum stuff. Here is DS-13 with ♬ It’s about time and Code 13 with ♬ Hardcore Pride (The American Way) – both tunes in 128 kpbs.

All images is made with my crappy camera. As usual you can click on the images to expand them to higher resolution.

D.S.-13 ‎– Trash And Burn

Enslaved – slave-13.666 – 2002- 7″ Repress

This the re-press, the first press was on 6 inch vinyl which makes the 7 inch kind of funny looking as the first half-inch on the record is blanks. It requires some skills to play it. I like this DS-13 vinyl with a quite noisy sound. ♬ Straights and Drunks is the first song on this EP (128 kbps)

All images is made with my crappy camera. I had really problem getting the colours right and the pictures sharp. So they are not. The sleeve is a fold out sleeve and there is a small flyer with it.

D.S.-13 / Sic Transit Gloria Mundi – Split

Hepatit D – #011 – 1998- 7″

This is the first 7″ release by DS-13 – a split with STGM from Falkenberg Sweden. Well DS-13 sound like DS-13 – that’s means good!. STGM play more old school Swedish HC. As I’m an old fart I kinda like STGM more. Said they did not put out any more on vinyl (that I know about).

DS-13 first song is ♬ Down and out STGM first song is ♬ Pengar Är Inte Allt. Both songs are in 128 kbps.

All images is made with my crappy camera. The sleeve is a fold out but the inside is presented with two pictures As usual you can click on the images to expand them to higher resolution.

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