Absurd – Blodig Stad (1982)

June 18:th – Bootleg Paranoia

Absurd – Blodig Stad

Bullshit Recordz – 002 – 1982 – 7″

So finally it here – have been looking a long time for this Gothenburg hardcore classic. Only 500 copies was pressed. I bought it on e-bay from a seller in Belgium with great feedback. However – first time dealing with this seller and I know that there are new printed sleeves out there and that the lyric insert for this release is messy. Some time ago I bought a bootleg by someone claiming it was the read deal, luckily I got it cheap. Anyhow – as the package came the paranoia started. I have no problem with the record as the original record have Matrix SL – 8211 – A LR/CR (stamped) on the A-side and obviously the bootleg has scratched-out matrixes. So far – so good. But is it the right sleeve and insert? The sleeve should be printed (not laser copied like some copies in circulation) semi-glossy, glued pocket sleeve with medium / thing paper – and it is. The bootleg sleeve is very well made. The original is a little bit lighter and aligned slightly differently. Luckily it is the real sleeve. For the insert I was unsure how it exactly should look, so I asked a couple of collectors to take a picture and mail me. The insert was the correct one also. Puh …my puls is normal again and it time to put the vinyl on the turntable and enjoy the record. Below I have added a picture where you can compare the original sleeve / insert with the bootleg. Can come handily for other paranoid collectors!!! BTW – there a great post about this record on KBD Records – check it out.

The left sleeve the original and the right one is the bootleg

The left insert is the original and the middle one is the bootleg. The right insert is owned by Flakes at KBD Records where the band make a note about a new release on the upper / right. It is most likley a later version issued by the band. I would guess that not all the inserts where copied at the same time.




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