A visit to Trashpalace

Internet is great as you easily get access to everything you are looking for. On the other hand there is nothing like a real record store where you can see the real records, talk about records and listen to releases you have not heard. Trashpalace in Stockholm is just such a place. It’s part of the larger Nostalgipalatset and specialize in punk, garage and metal. They have a huge stock of interesting records – some in the shop and some behind the counter – just ask. Today I picked up three records – Desperate Livin’, Noregs punklag and Jannicke.

June 28:th 2012 – a real record store

Desperate Livin’ – Stilla Natt

Desperate Records – CTR1081 – 1981 – 7″

Finally!!! I have been looking or this one for a while. It was only 300 copies pressed and I heard, but never got confirmed, that some copies got discarded of quality reasons. Every time I tried to buy this record there was no insert inside. I have then passed and waited for an opportunity to get a complete release. Desperate Livin’ was a short-lived band from Stockholm and they made their gigs in the Stockholm region. This EP has 4 great songs and Stilla Natt (128 kbps) is my favorite, aggressive with a rough sound. I don’t know what happened with the members after the band quit – would be nice to hear some more. BTW – it seems like they also made a tape. If anyone have mp3’s of the tape it would cool to have a copy.

The insert came in various colors. It is one piece of paper, printed on both sides

Noregs Punklag ‎– Du Er Eit Svin!

Not On Label – P.S. EN – 1977 – 7″ EP

What the &%¤#!!! Released already in 1977 it was the first punk release in Norway together with Subway Suck first release. This “punkband” had Jahn Teigen as a member (He came the last in the Eurovision Song Consert – twice!!!) and I’m not sure if it’s for real or a joke. “Du Er Eit Svin” (128 kbps) means “You are a bastard” and it’s a cover of Sex Pistols’ “God Save the Queen”. It comes in a brown paper bag with magic marker writing. For me it’s more in the fun category rather than good category. If you want to check out early Norwegian acts I find Olso Børs being the best one. KBD records has a post you can check out.

Jannicke – Svaga Människa / Sin Egen Stil

Scranta Grammofon AB – SAS 126 – 1981- 7″

This is the first release with the Norwegian singer Gry Jannicke Jarlum. She was born in 1962 and she has made a bunch of records, this being the only one with some KBD touch. The songs are also LP released the same year. This record was first released in Norway with Norwegian lettering and was on the hit charts for long time (in Norway). Her later records are more pop / rock. Today she seems to be more occupied talking about ufo’s and aliens. So why buying it? Sin Egen Stil (128 kbps) is a cool song and the sleeve is kinda cool also – right?

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